NEW: 4 Week FB Fit30 - All Exclusive Workout Videos: 35 or 45 Mins/Day

Good morning FB Family!

Happy new program day! Late last night we published the brand new 4 Week FB Fit 30 - if you have an active Plus Membership or Plus Pass (both on sale right now), it’s already in your account under “My Programs”.

4 Week FB Fit30 - All Exclusive Workout Videos: 35 or 45 Minutes a Day

This is the first FB program ever to use all exclusive workout videos. FB Fit30 follows the theme of both FBFit and FB30; each day you'll get to choose between a 35 or 45 minute workout (two programs in one!).

The main training style in FB Fit30 is strength training and HIIT cardio, but it also includes functional training, both isolation and total body work, fundamentals, balance and coordination, Pilates, stretching, flexibility and yoga. Because you have 2 unique workouts to choose from each day, you’ll also get to shape the exact training emphasis to fit your needs and goals.

Watch the vlog for these new releases (and say hi to Loki)

Note: because this program uses all exclusive Plus workouts, this program is only available with a Plus Membership or Pass and so cannot be outright purchased.

Your trainers are a team of Certified Personal Trainers and Doctors of Physical Therapy; KelliDanielTashaKaylaAmandaNicole and Marina. I built the program and wrote the daily guide, walking you through the weeks and sharing curated Expert content along the way (in case you have time to learn about something new).

I’m planning on starting Day 1 tomorrow morning and will be checking in with the Community throughout - I cannot believe how well that kept me accountable in January while completing FB Strong with so many of you. Last time I finished Strong in 4 weeks, which had never happened before (I typically rely heavily on the reschedule button). My goal this time with FB Fit30 is to finish it in around 6.5 weeks. I’m going to do my best but of course also stay compassionate with myself and give myself the permission to take days off (there’s a lot going on in life/the world right now and stress is high). But I’m looking forward to the challenge, the structure, the Community camaraderie, and trying all of these new workouts.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be sharing a new free workout with Daniel, and 4 additional new Plus workouts throughout the week (along with a new meditation and recipes!). Don’t miss it.

PS I don’t know if you noticed or not but at the end of last week we also quietly launched our new 1 Week Meal Plan and our customizable system that lets you choose between a mindful eating approach, or being shown calories and macros. If you have Plus, it’s waiting for you under “Meal Plans” - add it to your calendar, try it out and let us know what kind of meal plan themes you would like to see in the future (note there’s a link to a feedback survey on both Days 2 & 7 of the plan). Just like we’ve done with Plus Workout Programs and Challenges, we plan on continuing to release new rounds of the meal plan so that we can cater to different needs and eating styles.

We took all of your feedback on our previous meal plans and poured it into this new system. A Registered Dietitian and Recipe Developer - with constant feedback from Daniel and myself, the rest of our great team and a small group of wonderful FB beta testers - have planned 3 delicious meals and snacks each day. There’s a shopping list and a daily guide that walks you through how to build a better line of communication between your body, your hunger and the way that you eat. This guide has been built by a RD and reviewed by multiple Doctoral Level Mental Health Professionals.

Reminder that both FB Plus Membership and Passes are on sale now through March 21, 2022.

I hope that you’re excited about this new program and meal plan! Are you starting today, tomorrow, next week? Have fun, work hard and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for working out with us,