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FB Plus adds brand new features, functionality, and tools to help you get the most out of your workouts. You’ll be able to turn on and off features to customize it to fit your own personal fitness journey and preferences. As FB Plus grows, there will also be unique videos, content, and challenges.

Features We Hope You'll Love

  • Available Now!
  • check_circle Ads-Free Website and Videos
  • check_circle Surprise Me Workout Selection Tool
  • check_circle Statistics for Your Activities
  • check_circle Enter and Track Custom Workouts
  • check_circle Exclusive monthly workout videos starting January 1st 2020
  • Coming Early 2020
  • radio_button_unchecked Trackers to See Your Progress
  • radio_button_unchecked FB Plus Videos, Content, and Challenges

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What is Early Access?

FB Plus is a huge project so we're opening the doors early to give you instant access to new features as they go live. You'll have the ability to influence FB Plus through feedback about what’s working and what’s not, as well as by requesting and voting on new features. If you prefer to wait for more features and see what other members think, stay tuned. There are a lot of features planned in the next few months and throughout 2020.

Does FB Plus impact my free membership or programs/meal plans I already own?

FB Plus doesn't replace your free membership, programs, or meal plans. FB Plus is meant to supplement all the content you already use or own. You can keep using Fitness Blender the way you always have with no new cost.

Does this mean free membership won't get new updates and content?

Not at all. Our free membership is still the core of our business and reason for being, so new workouts, healthy living content, recipes, and website features are always in development.

Do I have to sign up with a contract?

No way! You can sign up for one month at a time, or you can choose discounted monthly or yearly options with auto-renewal. Cancel at any time with just one click from your FB Plus account page.

What if I cancel before my next billing period?

FB Plus allows you to buy a month or year of time in advance. If you cancel your account, you will still have access to all the features until the end of your billing cycle. If you signed up with recurring payments, your account won’t automatically renew.

Do I have to become a FB Plus member to continue using Fitness Blender?

No. You will be able to access Fitness Blender as you always have. With your free membership, you will still have access to all of the great content and functionality you are used to.

Will there still be new workout videos that are free? How often?

Yes, Fitness Blender will continue to put out new content on a regular basis. However, with other content and website features to work on too, we won’t post as frequently as before.

Will I still have access to Workout Programs that I have previously purchased?

Absolutely, once you have purchased a Workout Program, it is yours to keep and can be reused anytime, with no expiration date.

Is FB Plus a subscription?

We wanted to make FB Plus as flexible as possible, so you can use it as a monthly or yearly subscription, or sign-up for a single month at a time — it’s up to you.

What are the differences between the new player and viewing on YouTube? Will I still be able to watch videos on my TV? Will I be able to download videos?

The player is different than YouTube, but you will still be able to watch videos on your TV. Please see the system requirements for supported devices and casting options. Chromecast and Airplay are supported if the browser or device natively supports it. Videos cannot be downloaded at this time.

How often will new features for FB Plus be released?

We don’t have an exact timeline, but the new features we already have planned will keep us busy for quite some time. You can expect the first “new” features for FB Plus to be released within weeks of launch.

Will FB Plus be prioritized over “regular” Fitness Blender?

No! Our primary goal is to remain true to our long-standing mission to make health and fitness attainable, affordable, and approachable. We want as many people as possible to have access to reliable fitness content.

Do I get access to all Workout Programs and Meal Plans if I sign up for FB Plus?

Workout Programs and Meal Plans are separate from FB Plus (and therefore not included in the cost of membership). The best way to think about FB Plus is that it is an “extra” or “addition” to your regular Fitness Blender account, adding new features, functionality, and tools to your account, regardless of whether you have purchased Workout Programs or not. We will continue to develop new Workout Programs and Meal Plans for purchase, and FB Plus will eventually include new content, videos, and challenges.

What does Early Access mean?

In short, it means that FB Plus is still in development. We want to focus our efforts on the features and tools you like the most. To do that we’re including you in the process by releasing new features as they are ready so you can use them right away and give feedback about what’s working, what’s not, and what features you want next. FB Plus is highly discounted during the Early Access Period.

Who is Early Access for?

Really, Early Access is for everyone, but it may be particularly attractive to users who want to “pay-it-forward” by supporting Fitness Blender as we develop new content and functionality. We are constantly listening to our users, and appreciate all of the great ideas, suggestions, recommendations we get — we truly feel like we are in this together with all of you. Early Access is an opportunity to take this to a new level, where you actually get to try out new features and influence how they evolve. It also helps us, of course, keep the vast majority of our content free, as with sales of Workout Programs and Meal Plans.

How long will the Early Access discount last? Do I always pay the discounted price if I sign up during Early Access?

The discount is ONLY for the Early Access period as a thank you for signing up while the features are limited. After Jan 31st 23:59 PST, prices will return to normal.

I’m confused by the pricing. Why is it more expensive to pay for the year than by month?

The Early Access period is discounted until Jan 31, after which time we’ll be moving to full pricing. Signing up for a year still offers a nice discount over monthly auto-renew once the full price goes into effect Feb 1.

It doesn’t sound like there is much functionality with FB Plus Early Access — should I sign up now or wait until more is available?

You’re absolutely right; at launch, FB Plus will be modest in relation to where we are going to take it. In fact, with all that we have planned, the list of what is currently available and what is coming soon is just the tip of the iceberg. For many of you, waiting until the feature set is a bit fuller may make more sense. We don’t want anyone to be disappointed by what they get! However, by joining FB Plus during the Early Access period, you receive a deep discount, instant access to new features as they go live, AND the ability to influence how FB Plus evolves. We will be reaching out regularly, requesting feedback and allowing members to vote on new features. If this isn’t for you, we’ll be updating the Community regularly on FB Plus progress and you’ll be able to join at any time.

Video System Requirements

In order to provide ads-free video, FB Plus uses a video player with specific browser support. If you experience problems with playback, please make sure you are using one of the browser/device combinations listed.

If you aren't sure your setup will work, you can test the new video player before signing up.

Browser Supported Notes
IE 11 Windows 8 Tablet supported
IE's Compatibility mode is not supported
IE's Enterprise mode is not supported
Microsoft Edge 15+ For Windows 10N/10KN, you can install Microsoft's Media feature pack.
Chrome Desktop (Win, Mac) Last Four Versions
Firefox Desktop (Win, Mac) Last Four Versions
Safari Desktop 9+
Safari Mobile 9+
Chrome Mobile Last Four Versions
Google no longer supports Android 4.x and older with the Chrome browser.
Chrome OS 33+

Casting is limited to what the browser or device natively supports: