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FB Abs Round 3: 4 Weeks of Intense Core Training

FB Abs Round 3: 4 Weeks of Intense Core Training Intensive Core Program for Strength and Mobility

34 Min/Day • 4 Weeks
  • Daily Duration Avg. 34 Minutes
  • Min. 26 Minutes
  • Max. 45 Minutes
  • Body Focus Core
  • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Strength Training, Toning
  • Equipment Dumbbell, No Equipment


Build a strong foundation for daily movement as well as your performance-based goals in this 4-week core-focused program! Your core muscles (abdominals, glutes, hip flexors, pelvic floor, and several back muscles) offset excessive loading of the spine and provide stability and support for strong, efficient movement of the limbs in the upper and lower body. Strengthening the core muscles improves your mobility, allowing you to move with fluidity and lessen your chances of injury as you navigate your fitness journey. Core mobility workouts allow you to safely move through a full range of motion while zeroing in on both primary and supporting muscles to improve mind-muscle activation and note imbalances in strength and movement. Thus, improving your core mobility improves your core strength (and vice versa).

Who is this program for?
Oftentimes, we forget to give our core a little extra attention as we cycle through our weekly training schedules — even though we know that this central area of the body is the root of optimal movement. If you find yourself avoiding core workouts or not quite knowing how to fit them into your multi-focused workout regimen, this program is a great option for you! Whether you’re looking to improve your performance and movement as an athlete or avid exerciser, FB Abs Roudn 3 provides curated programming for anyone with a baseline level of core strength and fitness in search of a structured workout plan tailored toward improving core strength and mind-muscle awareness. Although core work is inherently a part of every workout, including routines that specifically target these muscles for strength, stability, coordination, and mobility will improve your abilities across all activities as well as up the enjoyment factor of movement altogether.

What to expect  
The primary focus of the program is core-focused workouts, but other workout modalities are also included to functionally challenge the core with total body exercises. The weekly breakdown of workouts is as follows:

  • 3 core intensive workouts
  • 2 optional supplemental workouts (strength, cardio, and/or HIIT workouts focusing on the upper, lower, and/or total body)
  • 1 optional active recovery workout at the end of each week (such as yoga or mobility)

The supplemental and active recovery workouts complement the 3 core workouts of the week and are optional, giving you the flexibility to include them in your training based on personal goals and preferences, time availability, and fatigue levels. Most workouts are level 3’s and 4’s with an average time commitment of about 34 minutes per day. There are a few extra credit options sprinkled throughout the program as well!

Equipment needed
The main attraction of the program, the core-focused workouts, don’t require any equipment other than an optional mat! If you choose to complete the optional workouts, light and moderate weight options are not required but could improve the effectiveness of these workouts.

Your trainers
FB Abs Round 3 features all exclusive FB Plus workout videos from Certified Personal Trainers and Doctors of Physical Therapy, including 4 brand-new workout videos! Meet your trainers: KelliDanielTashaKaylaAmandaNicoleBrianErica, Marina, and Aly

Whatever your reasons for conquering this program, remember to have fun and modify the schedule to meet your needs and mindset shifts along the way! Enjoy the process of experiencing your abs grow stronger and increasingly capable of helping you tackle your fitness goals. We hope that you’ll share some snippets of your journey with us!