New 4-Week FB Benchmark Program and a Sale on FB Plus!

Exciting news! Well actually, two pieces of exciting news: 

  1. We just released a brand-new 4-week workout program on FB Plus: FB Benchmark!
  2. FB Plus Subscriptions and Passes are 30% OFF for new users!

FB Benchmark is our FIRST program built by Tasha! During this four-week program, you will utilize a mix of strength training, cardio, and core routines to benchmark and improve your performance across eight popular exercises included in many Fitness Blender workouts. The program begins and ends with Tasha's Benchmark Workout for Total Body Strength and Conditioning, to help you measure your progress between the beginning and end of the four weeks. 

We are so excited to offer a program that includes videos from the entire Fitness Blender Team of Certified Personal Trainers and Doctors of Physical Therapy: Kelli, Daniel, Tasha, Kayla, Amanda, Nicole and Marina. Workouts average 32 minutes per day with a range of intensity levels, mostly level 3 and level 4 workouts. 

As for the sale: new users can get FB Plus Subscriptions and Passes for 30% off now through 11:59 PM PST on May 23, 2022. FB Plus gives you access to over 200 exclusive workouts with a wide variety of training styles and focuses, 30 unique workout challenges and programs (including FB Benchmark), 20 mental wellness and guided meditation videos, our brand new customizable meal plan, valuable calendar features and functionality, and so much more. 

Whether you’re a long-time fan of our programs or if this is your very first program with us, we hope you enjoy FB Benchmark! Make sure to head on over to our Community page for camaraderie and accountability — Tasha will be doing the program along with you! And if you're new to Fitness Blender, we hope you test-drive FB Plus by taking advantage of this amazing sale. 

Thank you so much for working out with us!