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NEW 4-Week Upper Body Program FB Flex 2 + 5-Day Faster with Tasha

Fitness Blender's Free 5-Day Challenge

Fitness Blender's Free 5-Day Challenge FB Strong Free

37 Min/Day • 1 Week
  • Daily Duration Avg. 37 Minutes
  • Min. 35 Minutes
  • Max. 40 Minutes
  • Body Focus Total Body
  • Training Type Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning, Yoga, Mobility
  • Equipment Dumbbell, Exercise Band, Kettlebell, Mat, No Equipment


Welcome to Fitness Blender's Free 5-Day Challenge: FB Strong Free!

To get this year started off right, we are publishing a new free workout video each morning for the first week of January; five days of intense workouts, 1 recovery day workout, and a rest day meditation. We are so excited to be able to offer this new challenge, and we are really excited that we were able to build it with our team. It's going to be a fun week! 

Fitness Blender's Free 5-Day Workout Challenge: FB Strong Free
designed by Kelli with content from our team of creators designed specific to this free challenge.

  • Day 1: Lower Body Strength + HIIT with Kelli & Daniel
  • Day 2: Upper Body Supersets with Cardio Bursts with Tasha
  • Day 3: Bodyweight Core and HIIT Cardio with Kayla    
  • Day 4: Upper Body Compound Strength Sets with Brian
  • Day 5: Lower Body Strength Training with Amanda    
  • Day 6: Yang/Yin Yoga Flow: Active Recovery for Mindful Strength-Building with Marina (optional)
  • Day 7: Post-Challenge GM for Relaxation and Workout Recovery with Haley (optional)

Add this Free Challenge to your calendar TODAY! and Day 1 with Kelli & Daniel will be released and available at 7AM EST on January 1st!  Then each day of the week the next video will release at 7AM EST. 

If you like this Free Challenge, we also have a brand new 4 Week FB Strong Program that uses all exclusive Plus workouts, in the same training style as the 5 day challenge: 4 Week FB Strong: Round 3 to Build Muscle, Increase Strength, and Feel Great from Kelli, Tasha, and Nicole.

If you are a FB Plus Member or current Pass holder FB Strong, Round 3 is waiting for you.  If not, consider a Plus Membership or Plus Pass currently ON SALE for 30% off for new members.

Want to Know What to Eat While Strength Training?
Our new 1-week Meal Plan is all about what and when to eat to best support your body while engaging in a strength training routine. In order to make progress, you must refuel your body. This meal plan offers protein-packed recipes and helpful tips for how to properly refuel after rigorous strength training workouts. It's the perfect companion to this program.