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FB Fit Round 4: Strength, HIIT Cardio, & Mobility

FB Fit Round 4: Strength, HIIT Cardio, & Mobility Intense, Lengthy Workouts: Our Most Challenging Program Yet?

48 Min/Day • 4 Weeks
  • Daily Duration Avg. 48 Minutes
  • Min. 39 Minutes
  • Max. 70 Minutes
  • Body Focus Total Body
  • Training Type HIIT, Strength Training, Mobility, Cardiovascular, Plyometric, Stretching/Flexibility
  • Equipment Dumbbell, Mat


You asked for a tough program with long, challenging workouts, and we think we have delivered with this new round of FB Fit!

FB Fit is our program that uses the longest workouts, with an eye on intensity as well. This is not a program for beginners, and even intermediate exercisers will find this thoroughly challenging. 

Workouts have a heavy emphasis on strength training but HIIT cardio, mobility, Pilates, and stretching also play important roles. Each of the 4 weeks includes 5 intense training days with an optional recovery workout on day 6. We also offer 2-3 carefully selected, completely optional, Extra Credit Challenge Workouts each week, if you've got the extra time and energy (note that the workout average estimates reflect the main workout length and do not include these Extra Credit Challenges).

Training Schedule
Week 1: Average length of workouts: 43 minutes / Average Difficulty: 3.5
Week 2: Average length of workouts: 49 minutes / Average Difficulty: 3.8
Week 3: Average length of workouts: 52 minutes / Average Difficulty: 3.6
Week 4: Average length of workouts: 48 minutes / Average Difficulty: 4.6

As you can see, either the average workout length or difficulty will increase each week, giving your body the subtle, yet progressive overload it needs to make changes. While the intensity is pretty high, the workouts are programmed in such a way that they complement one another in a smart, effective way. 

We encourage you to push yourself where you can while paying close attention to your body and how you feel, even if that means modifying or taking an extra rest day. Modifications are offered in almost every single workout in order to tailor the experience to what you need.

This round of FB Fit uses 100% exclusive Plus workout videos you won't find anywhere else, and features workouts from Kelli, Daniel, Tasha, Erica, Nicole, Amanda, Brian, and Kayla. This program was designed by Kelli and written by Nicole