New FB Plus workout & 2 Week Kickboxing Challenge

Today is an exciting day for FB Plus, as we're pushing both a new workout video & a new 2 week challenge live for August. Here's more about the fun stuff happening today:

NEW 52 minute Total Body Strength Supersets Workout - This is for those days when you want to really throughly work your whole body with strength training. This workout was a sweatfest and I loved it. On a personal note, I plan on using this workout video as a benchmark for my own strength as I work to build it back up.

NEW 2 Week Kickboxing Challenge - This is an intense, sweat filled challenge that uses 3 days of kickboxing and strategically scheduled strength training, Pilates, and HIIT in order to create a well rounded total body plan.

We now have 12 weeks of programming available with FB Plus, and it's going to just keep adding up so that you have more and more to choose from. You'll be able to choose a challenge with the exact pace, intensity, length, training type, etc that you need at any given point.

Here are the 2 Week Challenges we offer so far:

What 2 Week Challenge should we build next? I was thinking Abs, old school workouts, Bored Easily, maybe a 15 minutes/day challenge (I've always wanted to build one of those!)? Basically, the sky is the limit here, and we would LOVE to hear your ideas.

Have you all tried creating your own workout tags yet? What kinds of categories are you creating for yourself? Remember to create a custom tag after you finish a workout right when you're done, so you remember how the workout felt to you and how you might use it again. I get the feeling the tags will be helpful to you when the new big feature launches at the beginning of September...more on that surprise soon.

Have a great weekend!