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NEW 4-Week Program: FB Booty Round 3 - Fun and Intense Lower Body Training

FB Plus Challenge: Kickboxing

FB Plus Challenge: Kickboxing

38 Min/Day • 2 Weeks
  • Daily Duration Avg. 38 Minutes
  • Min. 26 Minutes
  • Max. 51 Minutes
  • Body Focus Total Body
  • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Strength Training
  • Equipment Dumbbell, Mat


Many of you have been asking for a kickboxing plan (including our coder Brandon) and we think you're going to love this challenge - even if you're not a huge fan of kickboxing. This intense challenge was developed to provide just the right amount of cardio kickboxing fun while still being a fantastic total body cardio and strength routine.

What makes this a "kickboxing" routine is the fact that each week you have 3 days of cardio kickboxing with the other two days strategically chosen to balance out your training for a well rounded overall routine. This may be heavy on the kickboxing but it is still effective for your entire body to build strength, cardiovascular endurance and burn fat. 

You can do these workouts without any equipment, but having a pair of dumbbells will come in handy to get more out of the strength sections and a good workout mat is recommended for those who are working out on a hard surface. Each day ranges from 26 - 50 minutes and averages out to 38 minutes per day. Other than the recovery workouts, each day's difficulty is 3-5 out of 5, so get ready to work hard (we always recommend making modifications to make it work for you - listen to your body!).

Training Styles: Cardio Kickboxing, Strength Training, Pilates, HIIT, Abdominal Training, and Optional Recovery Workouts

  • Intense Cardio and Controlled Strength Training
  • No equipment necessary (though dumbbells and a mat are suggested)
  • Different workout video each day
  • Warm up and cool down always included
  • Week 1 has a couple of flex days - you'll get to choose between two different workouts, depending on what works best for you