70% off 4 of our Workout Programs

Fitness Blender Family!

We have an exciting announcement today.

As you know, earlier this year (after COVID hit), we decided to discount several of our most popular Workout Programs to make them even more accessible and affordable. After two rounds of discounts and many requests, we’ve decided to do another!

You can read more in our full Blog post here: Workout Programs Discounted by 70% to Help You Remain Healthy and Active, but from now until September 30, we’re offering the following programs, reduced by 70%:

We know that it's just a small gesture, but we want to make sure that our programs are as accessible as possible to as many people as possible, during a difficult time for many.

If you’ve ever considered getting a program or if you know someone who may have been considering a program, now may be a great time! Please share with anyone you know who has been thinking of starting into a workout routine. We also have over 600 completely free workout videos, as well as FB Plus, which includes exclusive workout videos and all access 2 Week Workout Challenges, recipes, and lots of extra site features (customizable workout tags, Surprise Me, notes & workout history, detailed workout stats, completely ads free etc). 

We take a lot of time and care in creating these programs and we really hope that by reducing these four programs to only $4.50 for the next several weeks, we can set you up with a plan of action and help you keep moving. One of my favorite things about our programs is that they are yours to keep, to use and reuse whenever you want. Having a month’s worth of workouts planned out for you is invaluable, and a lot of times, taking out the guesswork can remove a significant hurdle when it comes to motivation.

We truly appreciate our entire Fitness Blender family. Thank you so much for trusting us with your workouts.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone; do your best to stay active, and eat in a way that makes you feel great..however works best for you!

Kelli & Daniel