Workout Programs Discounted by 70% to Help You Remain Healthy and Active

Workout Programs Discounted by 70% to Help You Remain Healthy and Active

This discount ended September 30, but we still have great "regular" prices on our Workout Programs and Meal Plans, and we'll have our traditional Cyber Monday deals later this year too. #discountcomplete

How are you, Fitness Blender Family?

We hope that everyone has been continuing to stay safe, healthy, and active over the past few months. We know that it’s always easier said than done, but getting regular exercise can help improve mood and immune function, so we hope you’ve been doing your best to keep exercise a part of your life.

In fact, working out has always been an important part of our stress-management toolkit, which seems more important than ever right now.

Luckily, remaining healthy and active at home doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive.

For over a decade now, we’ve offered free, professional fitness content, which has grown to include over 600 home workout videos, over 200 healthy living articles, and over 200 healthy recipes. Put all of this together with our amazing Community and customizable online calendar, and you’ve got everything you need to get (and stay) in great shape, regardless of the situation.

In addition to all of the free content we offer, we also have two other resources that have become invaluable to thousands of our dedicated users—full Workout Programs and our newest offering, FB Plus.

Workout Programs are great if you’re looking for more guidance during your fitness journey, as they provide day-by-day instruction, taking all of the guesswork out of how individual workouts should be sequenced toward certain fitness goals. Once purchased, these programs are yours to keep, to use whenever you like! Pro tip: these programs work in conjunction with both our free and FB Plus memberships!

If you’re looking for even more tools to help you monitor your progress and organize and plan your workouts, you might want to consider joining FB Plus, which comes with some great exclusive workout videos, 2 Week Challenges (structured similarly to programs), and recipes. It also offers additional features: detailed workout stats/trackers, the ability to create custom workouts and tags, and a whole range of other amazing tools. Spoiler alert: we’ve got a great new FB Plus feature coming your way in the next few weeks that you will absolutely love!

So, as you can see, Fitness Blender has you covered, with both free and low-cost options that can help you stay active and fit!

Earlier this year, after COVID hit, we decided to discount several of our most popular Workout Programs to make them even more accessible and affordable. Well, after two rounds of discounts and many requests, we’ve decided to do another.

From now until September 30, we’re offering the following programs, reduced by 70%:

So, if you’ve ever considered getting a program or if you have friends and family who may have been considering a program, now may be the time! For only $4.50 you can get four weeks of expertly-curated fitness content, which you can use now, or whenever you want, as many times as you want. 

We truly appreciate our entire Fitness Blender family; thank you for trusting us with your workouts. Stay safe and healthy, everyone...and get those workouts in, however works best for you!

Kelli & Daniel