List of workouts for pregnancy - little impact and little mods - but a big calorie burn and muscle work


So, i put 'for pregnancy", but this probably would be good for people who need to slow down on the impact, too!

Yesterday I was searching and selecting a list of workouts with less impact. As some that have seen my previous posts know, I still some HIIT, cardio and regular impact workouts. But with 26 weeks now, I'm preparing to cut the impact. And one problem that I've found, tho, is that just the "low impact" label usually can lead to too easy workouts, and I still want a good burn. I also wanted to separate some workouts that wouldn't demand too many modifications (some mods is ok, but having to modify almost the entire video is a bummer).

So, as I've seen some pregnant girls asking for tips like this - and this might help not pregnant women, too - I think would be useful to share the workouts I select with you guys. =)






=> SHORT FB routines (max 10 min):

SO, IT IS QUITE A BIG LIST, I KNOW! Enough to do some months of planning without having to repeat that much workouts!! I hope it help someone :)

Many of the workouts STILL have some impact moves, but just a few, so you might choose to do it, or anyways, it will be easy to modify!