Workout Details

  • Duration: 16 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 84-210
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Equipment: Bench, Dumbbell
  • Training Type: Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning
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Body Focus Upper Body,  Core

Alternating Repetition Upper Body Workout for Strength Coordination and Control

Strength training just to gain strength should only part of your goal. You should also be focusing on building control over that strength as well and this short routine does just that. Not only have we made this one quick but we have stripped it of a warm up and cooldown so you can easily add it onto any routine you want to double up on some more upper body work or to have a nice strength finish to a cardio routine. Either way this routine will challenge your coordination so you will need to pay attention.

First, this strength routine will be based off of timed intervals instead of number of repetitions. This gives you more flexibility on whether you want to focus more on mass building or toning or somewhere in between. To focus on toning use lighter weights and move a bit faster for each repetition; so you can get in a few more repetitions overall. To focus on mass building pick as heavy a weight as you can control and move more slowly shooting for 6-8 repetitions per set. Or you can always go somewhere in between and get a bit of both toning and an increase in strength.

On top of being able to pick your training goal with this routine, it will also challenge your control and coordination by doing simultaneous alternating repetitions. This basically means that as one side extends the other retracts causing your brain to have to do more work not only in controlling the motion but also in controlling the uneven leverage from left to right. Because of this style of movement, this style of routine also trains your core more intensely than a traditional strength routine.

All of this equals up to a routine that is easily modified for goal, more challenging mentally and more challenging for overall control and balance. So be sure to start with lighter weights than you would normally, for a strength routine, to see how it treats you, then you can always increase your weights the next time you try it.  I will warn you that some people love these routines because they are more mentally challenging and others hate them for the same reason. So go into this with an open mind and give it your best, see how you like it and let us know in the comments below.

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Workout Structure:
- 3 Groups of 2 Exercises
- 2 Sets Each Exercise, in AB,AB Pattern
- Intervals of 55 On and 20 Off

- Dumbbells
- Optional Bench

Warm Up / Cooldown:
- Not Included


Group 1 (5 Minutes; 55 On, 20 Off; 2 Sets Each)
- Chest Fly
- Bent Over Fly

Group 2 (5 Minutes; 55 On, 20 Off; 2 Sets Each)
- Front Raise
- Pullovers

Group 3 (5 Minutes; 55 On, 20 Off; 2 Sets Each)
- Tricep Kickback
- Hammer Curl

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