Workout Details

  • Duration: 35 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 217-473
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Equipment: Dumbbell
  • Training Type: Strength Training, Toning
  • Video Player: View on YouTube
Body Focus Total Body

Total Body Strength Workout for People who get Bored Easily - Total Body Burnout

You guys have been begging for a total body strength workout that uses our signature “bored easily” format, and we’re happy to deliver; there are no repeat exercises in this entire routine.

This is the kind of strength workout that leaves you sweaty & out of breath, as if you were doing a cardio workout. That’s exactly why I love it; you’ll be burning fat and building lean muscle simultaneously, all while improving your overall bodily control and coordination. 

The benefit to our bored easily workouts is that we have strategically formatted these workouts so that even though you’re not doing any repeat sets of exercises, you’re still working all of the targeted muscle groups more than once. For example, we don’t just do one glute/thigh exercise and then abandon that muscle group. In fact, most of these intervals target the butt & thighs; from different angles, in different ways, and in various planes of movement. This is a total body workout & upper & lower body muscles are targeted in a minimum of 3 intervals. So even though you’re not doing 3-4 sets of the same exercise, you are definitely still throughly working each muscle group. 

There are benefits and advantages to each training style, which is why we mix it up so often and offer so many different training styles and workout formats. 

For example, an advantage of total body strength workouts is that you can use them to cut down on the number of workouts you do a week. For instance, instead of hitting upper & lower twice a week, you could do 2-3 total body lifting sessions. This saves time and it builds a different kind of strength than the kind you do when you’ve isolated a single muscle group with a single movement. With these compound movements, you’re also going to be working your core in a very thorough, very functional way. The combo moves also build balance, coordination, and functional strength. The slight disadvantage is that when you’re working multiple muscle groups at the same time, the amount of weight that you lift is going to be limited to the maximum of your weakest muscle group. For instance, you are likely able to squat a heavier weight than you lift for the overhead press; when you put these exercises together, you’re going to be lifting the max for your upper body but likely not quite tapping out the strength of your lower body. Again, this is why our workouts (and especially the workout programs we build for you) are so incredibly varied.

If you feel like you could do another workout after this one is finished, I would highly recommend stepping up your intensity; check your form, and if that’s solid, increase the amount of weight that you’re lifting. Remember, more is not necessarily better with exercise; if you're not worn out by the end of this workout it's likely that you need to work harder, not longer.

Turn on some music that motivates you and get ready to work hard!

Workout Structure

  • Dynamic total body strength supersets
  • Equipment: Dumbbells
  • Warm up & cool down included

Printable Total Body Strength Workout
Warm Up (25 seconds each)
Boxer Shuffle
Overhead Stretch & Toe Touch
Chest Stretch + Toe Touch Kick
Lateral Step Pulls
Crossover Toe Touch + Torso Twist with Chest Opener
Slow Burpee
Good Morning
Fly Jacks
Butt Kicker Squats

Total Body Strength Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily 
45 Seconds on, 20 seconds rest

Reverse Lunge Close Row (alternating)
Squat + OH Press

Curtsy Lunge Curl
Swing + Overhead Tricep Extension

Forward Lunge & Reverse Leg Lift + Tricep Kickback

Side Lunge Ventral Raise

Water Break

Calf + Lateral Raise

Fly + Bentover Ventral Raise
Chest Press + Bridge 

Toe Touch + Leg Drops (weighted)
Russian Twists + Kicks (rotate each direction, then extend at knee, weighted)

Recline Situp + Incline Press
Pullover + Chest Fly Bridge

Push Up + Row + Extension

Burnout (same time structure)
Jump Squat
Reverse Fly
Push Ups

5 Minute Cool Down & Stretch

Which interval was most difficult for you and which one made you feel strongest? Are there any exercise combinations that you would like to see in our next total body workout?