100 Rep Lunge Challenge - Thigh Toning, Butt Lifting Lunge Workout

8 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment


    The last time we put out a new 100 Rep Squat Challenge, we heard requests for a lunge challenge of a similar structure. I really liked the idea and so, here we are.

    I will admit that I took the easy way out for this squat challenge and counted a lunge on each leg as a rep, which cuts our total repetitions by half. We have been working long, hard days on renovating and moving into our new home and building our new studio (we'll still be filming in our garage, just a larger, more comfortable one!) and my energy levels are pretty low. Not a lot of sleep and six weeks straight of 12-14 hour days will do that to you, but at least we're nearing the end of our biggest projects.

    If you like this 100 Rep Lunge Challenge, make sure and let us know and I will make you a new one, with double the reps if you would like more of a challenge.

    The lunge variations in this lower body workout are excellent for targeting the glutes and thighs from various angles, which makes it especially effective for toning and shaping those muscles.

    Ways to make it harder:
    - Hold onto weights
    - Do the entire video 2-3 times through
    - Contract your muscles the entire time
    - Use a full range of motion

    Ways to make it easier:
    - Use a smaller range of motion
    - Cut the jumps out of the plyometric based lunges
    - Cut out a few of the last repetitions
    Workout Structure
    10 Different kinds of lunges
    10 Reps each
    No Equipment
    No warm up or cool down; both are recommended

    Printable Lunge Challenge
    1 Long Lunges
    2 Warrior 1 Lunges
    3 Reverse Lunges + Lifts
    4 Curtsy Lunges
    5 Side Lunges
    6 Reverse Lunges + Kicks
    7 Crossover Lunges
    8 3 Split Jumps + Lunge
    9 Double Pulse Lunges
    10 3,2,1 Lunge Hops

    How often can I do Fitness Blender's 100 Rep Lunge Challenge?
    This workout can be done 3-4 times a week, just make sure that you are never doing it on very sore muscles - healing is an important part of fitness, so you really don't want to do any kind of workout challenge every day of the week (despite what all of the viral squat challenges would lead you to believe, working those same muscles day after day can actually end up decreasing the size of your booty - keep that in mind if that's the goal you're after).

    What other Fitness Blender workouts should I do this with?
    This is a pretty short workout, so you can make your sweat session more effective and a more efficient calorie burner if you add some of our other routines onto your workout. You can do this Lunge Challenge after one of our longer lower body strength workouts (to really burnout those butt and thigh muscles like crazy!), you can do this after a cardio workout, or even at the end of an upper body routine, so that you can target both upper and lower body muscles.

    When you're finished with this workout, make sure that you make healthy, clean eating choices for the rest of the day (having a meal or at least a generous snack asap when your workout is finished), drink lots of water, and come back to FitnessBlender.com tomorrow for a cardio or upper body workout!