4-Week FB Strong Round 2 Workout Program Now Available!

Hello FB Family! 

We are so excited to announce that we just released our much-anticipated 4-week workout program: FB Strong Round 2! Free members can own this program forever with a one-time purchase, and active FB Plus members have automatic access through their subscription. 

If you love strength training and the way it makes you feel, you're going to love this program! View it here: 4 Week FB Strong Round 2: Build Muscle, Increase Strength and Feel Great.

Like our original FB Strong, the workouts in FB Strong Round 2 will help you build lean muscle, burn fat, and increase strength, endurance, and coordination. You will likely notice physical changes in your body, too, but remember, you are working out because you already love your body and want to feel strong, capable, and healthy. 

This workout program is 90% strength training, with complimentary short bursts of muscle-building HIIT and Pilates woven throughout. We use a wide range of dynamic strength training styles, including but not limited to: supersets, circuits, intervals, ballistic training, functional strength, and both isolation and total body work. While this program is intense from day one, modifications are shown all throughout, and we highly encourage you to listen to your body and make modifications wherever necessary. 

FB Strong is five days per week with an optional recovery workout on the sixth day, but the online workout calendar allows you to adjust the pace and reschedule to fit your needs. Each workout day comes with a written guide, and we’ve included articles from Experts (Doctors of Physical Therapy, Doctoral-level Mental Health Professionals, Certified Personal Trainers, and Registered Dietitians) to help you learn about topics pertaining to your workouts. 

This program was written and built by Kelli, but we are thrilled to have included workouts with our growing team of trainers and physical therapists. Your trainers are Kelli and Daniel, with appearances by TashaKayla, and Amanda

Whether you’re a long-time fan of our programs or if this is your very first program with us, we hope you enjoy FB Strong Round 2!