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Fitness Blender's Free 5-Day Workout Challenge: Strong and Lean, Day 1

59 Min • Lower Body, Lower Body
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    • Training Type HIIT, Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell
    • Membership Free


    Day 1: Fat Burning HIIT Cardio and Lower Body Strength (59 minutes)

    Welcome to Fitness Blender's free 5 Day Challenge! This particular workout challenge leads you through 5 intensive days of workouts that you can do in your own living room. The workouts average roughly 55 minutes a day and mimic the training style you find in our 8 Week FBfit Programs (new FBFit launches 1/11/16!). We've provided both advanced & low impact/intermediate modifications throughout all five days of this challenge. All you need for these workouts is a set of dumbbells, but you can always get creative if you don't have equipment (we've heard of people using everything from soup cans, gallon jugs filled with water, bags filled with books, bottles of wine, etc - so don't let lack of equipment stop you). If you work hard and complete this 5 Day Challenge (along with a healthy diet) you may see and feel a small difference in your body by the end of the week.

    If you enjoy this challenge and want more like it, let us know & please share with friends & family! If you're looking for a challenge that lasts longer than 5 days, check out our 4 & 8 Week Programs that lay everything out for you in an even more detailed format.

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    Are your legs due for a thorough working over? If you answered “yes!” then you are in luck. This routine is a combination of leg intensive HIIT routine followed up by a lower body strength routine to really finish off those butt and thigh muscles. We will be demonstrating a harder and easier version of each exercise so follow along with the version you are comfortable with while still trying to challenge yourself.

    This one stop routine starts with a warm up designed to target the muscles that will be used throughout the workout. Once done with the warm up we jump into 15 minutes of butt and thigh intensive HIIT cardio in a tabata style interval of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. We go through 3 sets of 5 different groups with two exercises each with no extra rest breaks.

    After getting a good leg burn and challenging our cardio threshold with the HIIT we move onto the lower body strength section which is 3 groups of 2 exercises each in an AB pattern of 3 sets each. Each of these lower body exercises will be done slow and controlled to really burn out the legs. Pick a weight that is challenging for you but still allows you to complete each exercise with clean and controlled form.

    After this strength section all we have left is to go through our cool down stretch to earn our Workout Complete. Have fun and challenge yourself with this routine and when you are done be sure to go on social media and let us know you got your #fitnessblender #workoutcomplete.

    Workout Structure:
    - HIIT Section
    - Lower Body Section 
    - Warm Up and Cool Down both included 

    - Dumbbells

    Warm Up Cooldown:
    - Both Included

    Warm Up: (5 Minutes) 30 Seconds Each
        •    Side Step & Lateral Arm Swing
        •    Torso Circles
        •    Knee Up Torso Rotation
        •    Leg Swing L
        •    Leg Swing R
        •    Squat Push Pull
        •    Side Lunge and Reach
        •    Lung and Ventral Raise
        •    Boxer Shuffle
        •    Butt Kickers
        •    Jumping Jacks

    HIIT (15 Minutes) Tabata; 20 Seconds On, and 10 Seconds Off; AB, AB, AB; 3 Sets each group
        •    Jump Squats
        •    Mt. Climbers

        •    Jumping Lunge
        •    Pendulum Swings

        •    Burpee
        •    Switch Foot Runners

    Water Break

        •    High Knees
        •    Squat Pops
        •    Lateral Jump
        •    Squat Jacks

    Lower Body Strength: (~27 Minutes) 8 exercises, 2 sets of 10 each
        •    Single Leg Deadlift L&R
        •    Ski Squat
        •    (20) Curtsy Lunge L &R
        •    Super Slow Squat

    Water Break 

        •    Deadlift
        •    Alternating Side Lunge

        •    Sumo Squat
        •    Hip Raise Weighted

    Cooldown: (8.5 Minutes) 30 Seconds Each
        •    Toe Touch
        •    Quad Stretch L
        •    Quad Stretch R
        •    Inside Thigh Stretch L
        •    Inside Thigh Stretch R
        •    Plank Calf Stretch L
        •    Plank Calf Stretch R
        •    Down Dog
        •    Cobra
        •    Cat to Cow
        •    Butterfly Stretch
        •    Hip Stretch
        •    Deep Glute Stretch L
        •    Deep Glute Stretch R
        •    Torso Stretch L
        •    Torso Stretch R
        •    Full Body Stretch

    Calorie Burn:
    Depending on if you are doing the hard version of the exercises, the easier version, or a combination of both your calorie burn could be drastically different. This routine burns roughly 5 calories per minute on the low end and 14 calories per minute on the high end. Through this entire routine you can expect to burn anywhere between 290 to 696 total calories though a few people could be higher or lower than this range.

    If you're enjoying having your workouts planned out for you, we highly recommend checking out our workout programs. The 8 Week FBFit Programs are what most closely resemble this challenge, and the 8 Week FB30 Programs are also similar but require only 30 minutes of your time, instead of 50 (a great option for busy people). 

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    Thank you for working out with us!

    Kelli & Daniel