Fitness Blender's Free 5-Day Workout Challenge: Strong and Lean, Day 2

62 Min • Upper Body, Upper Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell


    Day 2: Cardio and Upper Body Strength Workout

    While we're letting our lower body muscles recoup from the previous workout, we're going to do cardio intervals, mixed in with strength supersets for the arms, shoulders, and upper back.

    People are constantly asking how to lose fat from certain parts of the body - most often, from the midsection, thighs, or arms. The truth is that the best way to reduce fat from any of these places is with routines like the ones you see in this 5 Day Challenge (or our workout programs). You cannot spot reduce fat. However, a smart combination of total body strength training, HIIT and cardio (again, like you see in this challenge and our programs), are incredibly effective for lowering body fat. They're also ideal for improving the health and overall function of the body, as they focus on not only fat loss, but also endurance, building lean muscle and strength, flexibility, agility, balance, etc, etc. 

    Choose your difficulty level today, based on how you feel today. You can stick with the easier modifications if you're feeling tired, or you can move faster and more powerfully than we do to really make those muscles work. You can also move back and forth between the modifications as you need to. Whatever you do, make sure to stay present and to push yourself the entire time - all while listening to your body. Turn on some music that motivates you, and get to work.

    Workout Structure:
    - Upper Body Strength and Cardio Mix
    - Body Weight Burnout Round

    - Dumbbells (optional)
    - Exercise Mat (optional)

    Warm Up and Cooldown:
    - Both Included

    Warm Up: (5 Minutes; 30 Seconds Each)
    - Boxer Shuffle
    - Shoulder Rolls
    - Side Step Arm Cross
    - Front Reach + Chest Reach
    - Side Bend and Reach
    - Toe Touch and Lateral Swing
    - Arm Circles (Alternating)
    - Lunge with Lateral Raise
    - Walk Down
    - Jumping Jacks

    Upper Body Strength and Cardio Workout
    Chest Fly
    Bent Over Fly
    Fly Jacks

    Overhead Press
    Dumbbell Pullover
    Push Pull Squat

    Water Break

    Hammer Curl
    Tricep Kickback
    Kickout + Twist

    Close Chest Press 
    Close Row
    Walkdown Pushups + Jumping Jacks

    Lateral Raise
    Side Pullover
    Butt Kicker Drops

    Water Break 

    Bodyweight Burnout: (7 Minutes; 45 Seconds Each)
    - Push Ups
    - Switchfoot Jumps
    - Traveling Push Pulls
    - Jab Cross Jab, 2 Knees & Switch
    - Tricep Dips
    - Mt Climbers
    - Arm Circles
    - Up & Out Jacks


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