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Our New 30 Day Challenge is Out Now! Meet Your Coaches

Fitness Blender's Free 5-Day Workout Challenge: For Busy People, Day 1

30 Min • Lower Body, Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell, No Equipment
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    After we put up our last 5 day challenge “Fitness Blender's 5 Day Workout Challenge to Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle” we got a lot of requests for not only more of them but also one that was geared for those with not a lot of time on their hands. We listened to your requests and have put together our newest challenge, “Fitness Blender’s 5 Day Workout Challenge for Busy People”.  In this workout challenge we have modified the workouts to make them maximally effective while keeping to a 30 minute or less time limit.  Like in our last challenge both of us will be in each video and we will be showing intermediate to advanced modifications so very few people will not be able to find a version of this challenge that works for them.

    To do this workout it is highly recommended that you have a set of dumbbells to choose from however, if you don’t have access to any equipment don’t worry, you can easily modify the exercises to use some other weighted object. In fact, you can even just use no equipment at all and still get in a great workout.

    Workout Structure:

    About this routine: This is a fat blasting HIIT and lower body strength blend that's great for toning the thighs, lifting the butt, and improving the overall shape and tone of the lower body. After a quick cardio warm up, we move right into a HIIT cardio and strength training routine for the lower body. The HIIT portion uses intervals of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, four times through. As soon as we wrap up that intense cardio interval, we move directly into one round of a strength training exercise for the butt and thighs (of varying reps). To get the most out of each short strength exercise, it’s very important to lift as heavily as you can while still maintaining clean form.


    Printable Workout

    (Cardio Warm Up)

    1. HIIT: Kick Up + Lunge
    2. Strength: 8 Deadlifts - Kelli is lifting 48 lbs total, Daniel is lifting 30 lbs total


    1. HIIT: Jump Squats
    2. Strength: 8 Clean & Press (alternating, on each side) - Kelli is lifting 15 lbs total, Daniel is lifting 10 lbs total


    1. HIIT: Ski to Sumo Squat
    2. Strength: 25(ish) Kettlebell Swings (yeah we lost count!) - Kelli is lifting 21 lbs total, Daniel is lifting 10 lbs total


    1. HIIT: Plank Jacks
    2. Strength: 8 Bridges - Kelli is lifting 30 lbs total, Daniel is lifting 0 lbs total


    1. HIIT: 2 Knee Switchfoot
    2. Strength: 8 Double Dip Squats - Kelli is lifting 18 lbs total, Daniel is lifting 0 lbs total

    Find the rest of the program here:


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