FB Fit - 8 Week Fat Loss Program to Lose Weight, Build Lean Muscle & Tone Up

Plan overview

Our 8 Week Fat Loss Program uses our online workout calendar to provide a detailed, day-by-day plan of workout videos to quickly and safely change your body and your health. The calendar tracks your progress through the challenging...


Our 8 Week Fat Loss Program uses our online workout calendar to provide a detailed, day-by-day plan of workout videos to quickly and safely change your body and your health. The calendar tracks your progress through the challenging and highly effective cardio, strength training, HIIT, plyometric, Pilates, circuit training, stretching, yoga, balance & agility training workouts, to help you get fit as fast as possible. Many people who complete these programs see weight loss - often 16-24 lbs in just 2 months - reduced body fat, drastic improvements in body tone, endurance, strength, & flexibility gains. Workouts are 5 days a week, with an optional 6th day of stretching or yoga & the workout sessions average out to roughly 55 minutes each (with the exception of a couple of 1000 calorie workout days!). This workout program includes a guide to clean eating that gives you a general but incredibly effective rundown on how to eat during this program for better health & faster results (please note, this is a general guide and not a meal plan). Each day you get a calorie burn estimate as well as frequent opportunities for bonus workout challenges to see results even faster. The vast majority of fitness levels have been able to partake in these programs as you are encouraged to go at your own pace - we have also included beginner alternatives in the first 2 weeks if the regular workouts are initially too difficult. All you need is dumbbells. 

We encourage you to use #FBfit on social media to track your workout sessions, share your progress, find motivation, and connect with people around the world who are following this program. 

Please Note:

  • Workout programs are available immediately after purchase and can be found on the "My Calendar" page under "My Purchased Programs". To add the program to your online workout calendar: From "My Calendar" page, click on "My Purchased Programs" and select "Add to My Schedule" for the program you would like to add to your calendar. Select the date that you would like to start the program; your calendar will then be populated with your program, with each day's workout video(s) waiting for you on each corresponding calendar date.
  • Find the Fitness Blender Guide to Clean Eating for Faster Results on your calendar under Day 0: "Program Guide, Read Before You Start!"
  • Programs you purchase have no expiration date and can be reused
  • Online calendar programs are 100% unique from our eBook/PDF programs (previous PDF programs do not crossover to the new calendar)
  • If you ever have any questions about accessing a purchased program, we are happy to help, email us at service@fitnessblender.com
Plan length
8 weeks
Body focus
Total Body
Training type(s)
Cardiovascular, HIIT, Strength Training, Toning
Reviews coming soon

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01/23/17 10:33pm

55 min


01/23/17 10:29pm

Hi guys, how long is each workout approx? Thanks.


01/22/17 3:40pm

What dumbbells do i need purchase for this 5 days workout? I am a girl, 162cm, 65kg. How heavy should i buy the dumbbells per hand?


01/22/17 6:48am

So excited to start #FBFit tomorrow. Looking forward to an amazing transformation. Will check back in 8 weeks :)

Fitness Blender Service

01/21/17 3:58pm


The ability to move and skip workout days that you have added to your calendar is currently not a feature we have, though we are working as fast as we can to add those features in for you. We will continue to improve, expand, and update the calendar and its features over the next weeks and months, and the ability to move workouts is a top priority. Although, you can always go back to any day and view you video.


01/20/17 10:26am

I love fitness blender workouts and really would like to try this program to give myself more structure. Before I buy though, I just want to better understand how this works. My work schedule can vary week to week with some days being 12 hour days..so can I choose/adjust which 5 days of the week I do these workouts at my convenience or are they already planned out in this program where if I'm unable to do it that day I'm just out of luck??


01/17/17 7:57am


I also live in an apartment, second floor. I have adjusted the jumping sections to better suit the living environment. When they do anything with a jump, as in jump squats I do squat kicks, still feels very effective. Broad jumps, are side kicks and back kicks to me, and jumping jacks are low impact stepping out with my feet and i move my arms really really fast, so its still a cardio move, just focused on my arms.

Good luck


01/14/17 6:50am

@Erynke They have a 4-week plan that does not require any dumbells. It's called "FB Bodyweight".


01/09/17 10:23pm

Hey guys! I hope you'll read my comment :)

I just finished this workout program, and as always I think it was awesome, really smart order of workouts!
Sometimes I try to choose a program for myself but it's not that effective so I stick to your ready made programs.

I want to make a suggestion. I know that the most effective training routine involves weights, but when traveling for slightly longer periods I won't have them. Eg. when I go somewhere for 1 month I won't buy or bring my weights. But I still want to do smart and effective workouts and follow a program. Is there any chance that someday you'd make like a 4 week no dumbbell plan??? It would be sooooo useful! Thank you! ^_^

Fitness Blender Service

01/04/17 11:20am


The only equipment this plan requires is dumbbells.

Fitness Blender Service

01/04/17 11:18am


The ability to move and skip workout days that you have added to your calendar is currently not a feature we have, though we are working as fast as we can to add those features in for you. We will continue to improve, expand, and update the calendar and its features over the next weeks and months, and the ability to move workouts is a top priority.


01/04/17 2:38am

Damn, missed a workout... Is there a way to adjust the calendar?


12/31/16 6:51pm

Does this workout require any equipment at all like Dumbbells? Or nothing and it's just body workout?


12/29/16 2:37pm

Hi! I am curious how much jumping around is in this one before I purchase it. I live on the top floor of an apartment and while I can do your videos with the low impact version, I want to make sure that I purchase the best 8 week program that has the least amount of jumping but is still effective. Thank you!


12/27/16 6:29pm

Used this program last year to drop 10 pounds. worked great..

12/08/16 11:47pm

20 lbs in 2 Months


12/05/16 1:46pm

Hello, friend who commented before me. I have purchased several of FB's programs and I have never ever done the PFT, which involves running a mile. The reason is mostly that I hate running and I'm too lazy to go outside and run in the park. This in no way means the PFT is useless, it's a great way to see your progress, my point is, if you don't do it, it's not terrible either. I just sub the PFT for another workout I feel like doing, as long as it's not overkill considering the workout in the days before / after the PFT. Something like a level 3 cardio and maybe some bodyweight toning or something like that. Don't let the PFT's mile run stop you from buying and doing a program :)

11/20/16 2:02pm

Does this program involve walking outside (the fitness test like the 4-week program)? I'm not up for walking in cold weather where I live (we're on our 7th hour of steady snow here,, and don't have a treadmill inside. Should I just skip that part?


11/15/16 6:17am

@Samantha-It $14.99 for the entire two month program.


11/14/16 9:09am

Hi I am looking to purchase one of the work out plans. It states that the price is 14.99 is that for the whole program, or is it 14.99 each week for 8 weeks?

Fitness Blender Service

11/10/16 1:47pm


Please send us a message @service@fitnessblender.com and we can look into this for you.


11/09/16 4:02pm

For some reason I am unable to sign in through my Facebook account which is where I have my save programs and now I can't access those workouts. Is there a way to fix this?

Fitness Blender Service

10/27/16 4:40pm

@Clo176 please send us a message at service@fitnessblender.com and I can look into this for you.


10/25/16 5:35pm

This is my second day with this program and I can't find the videos under my purchase programs. Can you please help me?



10/20/16 12:07am

Dear all

I'm on the second round of FBfit and would like to leave a comment how it is different when I have begun the first round of FBfit.

Time => It took 90~120M for me to finish (embarrassing..@.@)
As we know it takes roughly an hour to finish the FBFIT workouts but it is for K&D not for me.
I don't want to skip the workout so I had to hit the pause. Naturally, It took much more time to end the videos.
Now, I guess it took 60M to 90M to finish including my break. ^^

At the beginning, I was exhausted so it is impossible to do anything after workout videos ended.
Now I felt much better and have enough strength to do more things . I found myself NOT laying down on my bed anymore ^^

I leave a comment because I don't want you to push yourself too much. Take as much time as you need to. I'm a lazy person and haven't had workouts for many years so It was hard to start workout videos like this.
I guess all you need is time and don't be hard on yourself too much.

Good luck guys and thank you for reading this.

From Shin


10/17/16 10:22am

Dear Kelli and Daniel

This might sound a bit exaggerated, but I promise you that I am telling the truth. Kelli and Daniel, you both have changed my life in ways that I can't just express here enough in words. I have always had the tendency of developing eating disorders and have struggled to maintain a healthy weight. Being fat shamed makes it even harder to develop healthy eating habits to overcome the struggle that many do not understand. I am on week 4 of the 8 week program, and I feel the difference not just physically but mentally as well. I am so thankful for your passion of informing the misinformed and creating awareness about eating whole and healthy foods. I have so much respect for everything you do. I hope to meet both of you in person one day, so I can give you both a hug. Thank you again.

Much love,



10/14/16 5:52am

First, thank you for providing these workouts. As a mom of three young ones it makes life so much easier to workout at home. With that said I have been following fitness blender since April. I have improved significantly. I have never been overweight more of what I call skinny fat. Haha! But in the last few months I have gained muscle and endurance! It's amazing! I wanted to know the best program to follow to work off that last little layer of fat on top of the muscles. Should I do FB 8 week or the FB abs and FB booty bootcamp. Thanks!


10/12/16 3:02am

L.E. sorry guys, i managed to pay with credit card. Sorry and thanks for your great work.


10/12/16 2:31am

Is there any other way of payment? Bank transfer, Credit card? i don't have paypal i won't make one but i want to buy to diferent programs for me and my gf. thanks!

lucky lucy

10/10/16 2:35pm

Hi there I would like to purchase but I have an iPad , does it works for iPads thanks

Fitness Blender Service

10/09/16 12:16pm

@Joy Anne

You can choose any of our programs, in any order that your prefer. If you're not used to working out, you may want to start with the low impact program, and then go from there.

Fitness Blender Service

10/09/16 12:14pm


All of our programs are completely different. All of our calendar programs are 100% original to any of the ones that are available through the e-books.

Joy Anne

10/08/16 6:41pm

Hi fitneas blender!. I wanted to lose the weight i gained during pregnancy and im lost as to which program would benefit me and match m lifestyle.im working at night and most of the time, im just sittung and typing. I go interested with you guys but with so many options to choice, im confused which to start or try first. Hoping for your soonest response.


10/08/16 7:47am

Hi all! Is this program different from the 8 Week Round 5? I'm very confused on all these different programs, ie FIT, Round, etc. Thanks!

Fitness Blender Service

10/04/16 12:13pm


Do you have more than one account? Please send us a message at service@fitnessblender.com, and we can look into this for you.


09/27/16 5:41pm

I bought this program last week. I was going to start today and I can't find anything. Somehow the purchased program is gone. Can you guys please help me to access to it?

09/26/16 2:48am

Hi, I'm looking for a 4 -5 week training program for fat loss and toning up. I've looked at some of your programmes on your website but would like to understand how I can factor in a mandatory 1hr walk everyday (dog) or which programme you would suggest. I have already been on a low-calorie diet and training for past 3 weeks. Thanks!


09/20/16 11:44pm

I have a lot of travel coming up in the next 2 months and am thinking the 8 week plan will be a good way to keep my exercise on track...however my eating will not be good. Do you recommend starting this plan if I am not going to be able to eat well?

Also are most of the workouts with equipment?

Massive FB fan - keep it up guys!

09/14/16 3:54am


I'm new here 33 year from Belgium, and eager to start after testing a few free videos.
My wife and I started eating cleaner 2 weeks ago, and we can see the difference already whitout changing anything else.
Because off that I felt like doing some sport again (after 15years of nothing). I'm not fat, but I wouldnt mind loosing some belly fat. Because of my work I dont have time for an exspensive gym, so I started looking for home workouts and found you guys.
Now I also want to motivate my wife joining me on this 8 week expierence. She however is a bit scared after several different dieets and falling back every time. See doesn't see the point in it anymore.
Now Im wondering how hard this 8 weeks are? Is it doable for some one whit no sport expierence? I dont feel like draging my wife in to something she cant handle. :)

Thanks, for al the work you 2 already did!


09/12/16 11:25am

how can I pay through paysafe? i want this program but i cant have money on paypal right now, its impossible for me .. please, is there any way? :(

Fitness Blender Service

09/08/16 11:10am


This program has a little bit of everything! Cardio, strength training, HIIT, plyometric, Pilates, circuit training, stretching, yoga, balance & agility training workouts, to help you get fit as fast as possible.


09/08/16 7:32am

Is this mostly cardio based? I'm looking for a program that has at least 3 days of weights balanced with cardio, yoga, etc. I wanted to make sure before I bought this. I'm looking for bikini body but realistic for being almost 44.

Fitness Blender Service

08/27/16 1:07pm


Thank you for your interest in our Workout Programs. The free videos found on our site and on YouTube are the same videos used in our programs. The programs are a guide that take you through the best combination of videos for a specific result.

Each program is not only a day by day guide on which videos to do in what combination but also has a basic nutrition guide (as well as other helpful information) to help you get the most out of your workouts.

If you don’t think you need the in depth guidance that our programs provide you can always build your own routine using our Calendar feature by opening a free FitnessBlender.com account.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Fitness Blender Service

08/27/16 1:06pm

@Justyna S. Follow these instructions:

1. Go to www.fitnessblender.com
2. Login to your account (the account you purchased the program(s) with)
3. Click on “My Calendar” if you are not already on the “Calendar Dashboard” page
4. Click on “My Purchased Programs” in the menu to the right of the calendar itself
5. Click on the program that you want to add to your calendar (this will take you to an “Add Program" version of the calendar)
6. Scroll down the page to the calendar and Click on one of the “Add” buttons corresponding to the day you want your program to begin

Once you select a day you will be taken back to your calendar with the program populated. Notice that there is an extra day before your selected start day that explains how to use the program along with extra helpful information.

7. Click on one of the days (or blue popup box) and it will take you to a detailed view of that day with links to each video page.
8. Click on the link next to the video picture to be taken to that videos description page where you can watch the video.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if this does not work for you.

Fitness Blender Service

08/27/16 1:05pm

@hop-trop! Please send us an email at service@fitnessblender.com and we can look into this for you.


08/22/16 2:13pm

Hello, I ordered this program, but still don't have an email, maybe I wrote the wrong email. Please help!


08/18/16 3:18pm

Are these new workout videos or it is a combination of the videos that are free to access on your site?

Justyna S.

08/17/16 1:22pm

I just bought this program and I see on my purchased list, but I don't now how can I start/open it this program?

Fitness Blender Service

08/16/16 7:47pm


Our workout programs include a guide to clean eating that gives you a general but incredibly effective rundown on how to eat during this program for better health & faster results. You can find it on day 0, which means the day before day 1 on your calendar.

Fitness Blender Service

08/16/16 7:46pm

Workouts are 5 days a week, with an optional 6th day of stretching or yoga & the workout sessions average out to roughly 55 minutes each (with the exception of a couple of 1000 calorie workout days!)


08/16/16 9:21am

What is the average length of the workouts in this program, I'm trying to decide between this and FB30 because I don't usually have a lot of time, but 45 minutes would be ok and an occasional longer one would be fine as well.


08/11/16 10:50am

hey i want to buy this program. however payment is done only through the paypal. this is problem for me because i am living in Turkey but paypal is not valid in my country? how can i buy this program?


08/09/16 8:06am

If I have done FBBooty and FBFlex together already, will FBFit be duplicative? For runners that did this, FBBooty (with jump squats, lunges, etc) and running around my hilly neighborhood started hurting my knees, will FBFit be high-impact? How did your knees do?


08/08/16 8:21pm

Hi! I have purchased this 8 week fat loss program but cant find the nutrition guide @fitnessblenderservice can you please help me?


08/02/16 8:09pm

Are the videos in the program exclusive or this is just an arrangement of free videos?

07/25/16 7:31am

I want to try this but I have elbow injury and limited to certain workouts. I can't do traditional version of planks and push ups that put pressure on my elbow. Please advice any other kind of exercise that I could do instead of planks and push ups.


07/19/16 1:17pm


are most of the video's 45 -55 min just want to make sure I can do that in the mornings

Thanks, Risa

Fitness Blender Service

07/12/16 1:14pm

@pgupta Please send us a message at service@fitnessblender.com and we can look into this for you.


07/11/16 3:36pm

I purchased FB30 8 week program, unfortunately kettle bells are needed after a few weeks. It said you can use dumbbells but its very awkward to do many of the exercises. Does this program need kettle bells also?



07/02/16 8:31am

Before I purchase this program, I would like to know, can the workouts involving squats and jump squats be modified for those who have bad knees?


06/29/16 4:09pm

Any one know what to add for day 21 since my program repeats day 20 - Optional Stretch? My program doesn't have a day 21? Thanks!


06/24/16 7:06am

Fat loss programme Round 5:
Great plan! I'm 6'3" and was 15 stone 2 pounds. I've lost half a stone (but gained muscle so that's not representative of fat loss) the below should however should illustrate what this plan can do more accurately. I'm not boasting about the actual total figures (everyone's different), I'm just blown away by the gains I've made. I feel energised, healthier and happier. Thank you Kelly and Daniel for this amazing resource!

Fitness Test 18/4/16

Run 1 mile - 8:30
Push ups - 34
Squat - 40
Plank - 1:13
Sit and reach -5cm

Fitness Test 24/6/16

Run 1 mile - 7:15
Push ups - 44
Squat - 72
Plank - 1:42
Sit and reach -17cm

06/18/16 4:21pm

I'm only 4 weeks into this program and I have to already rave about it. I lost a pant size already. I have not lost weight, but inches. I eat clean and I eat A LOT, so I figured I would not see dramatic weight loss at first. The scale does not mean everything. I want to be healthy, feel good, and not struggle with my clothes and this is exactly what is going on with this program. I will adjust my caloric intake if I see fit, but right now this is really working for me. If you are brand new, I highly recommend the beginners programs, if you start this and feel it is too difficult. You will get some momentum, and also some ideas to adjust certain exercises that you can't yet get the hang of (even in they do not show them. I bet you will learn a bout muscle groups using these programs) LOVE IT!

06/15/16 5:39pm


I was wondering if doing this program with FB Booty and/or FB Abs would be ok?

Thank you!


06/09/16 10:58pm

I finished all the programme.. tomorrow i only have left the tests.Iam really happy with the results.i lost 8 kg jn 2 weeks wih trg hard and eating healthy. I toned up my legs and increased strength in my upperbody. I lost a few cm from abdomen circumferance.Iam thinking of buying the abdo programme as i want to tone up my stomach. I reccomend this programme to people that have time or are Ready to make sacrifices like me and wake up early... since some workouts take long. Well done and tha ks


06/02/16 7:33pm

Designerzahra, I'm at the end of week 3 and this is tough, but in a good way! I'm in that tough spot- I'm working my tail off, but all I feel is tired. I know I'm getting so much stronger and am building better endurance but I'm not really FEELING all the improvements just yet. I'm excited because I know that will change soon! Thank you for the encouragement!

So far, would I recommend this program, having only done 3 weeks? Yes! I would suggest that while doing this program, you need to ensure that your diet is good (I didn't say perfect, but good) AND that you make sure that you get the rest that you need. Don't shortchange yourself on rest/sleep and taking a rest day (either earlier than scheduled, or an extra day). Every so often I say to myself, "I'm really doing this! OMG I'm so fit and strong." This program is kicking my butt, but I keep showing up and get surprised at how much I enjoy having K&D do that!

Fitness Blender Service

05/31/16 10:00am

The free videos found on our site and on YouTube are the same videos used in our programs. The programs are a guide that take you through the best combination of videos for a specific result.

Each program is not only a day by day guide on which videos to do in what combination but also has a basic nutrition guide (as well as other helpful information) to help you get the most out of your workouts.

These programs are viewed from your calendar on our website, so you will need to have internet access.


05/22/16 6:57pm

I travel a lot and some of the places i travel to don't have a stable Internet access. So i was wondering if i purchased a program, would i be able to access it without wifi?

05/21/16 3:11am

Hello you all,
There's someone who can tell me the difference between this programs and the ebook programs?? And I also wold like to know if I have to be using Internet access every time I will workout?? Or there's any way I can download the videos to my phone?

05/20/16 3:20pm

Hello everybody!

Can anyone telle me the difference between those program and the free videos on Youtube?

I mean, are they the same videos on Youtube and in these programs?????


05/16/16 10:53am

Dear SuperSel,
Thank you for your comment. don't be nervous, you will love this program . so far so good everything is good, i didn't loose to much (about 4 pounds in 4 weeks, i will be patient). sure it is hard the first weeks, but after that it will be lovely to work with them. i will definitely continue working out with fitness blender, i love it , and i recommend it.


05/14/16 11:32pm

Designerzahra, thanks for your kind words! I am glad my words help you out too! I hope you continue with the program and share how you did overall!

I start this program on Monday and I am more than a little nervous! ;-)

(PS: I've read good reviews on FB Abs on the FB Abs page. Also good things about Booty Camp and Upper Body too.)


05/12/16 11:15am

Dear Cupcakes,
no you can use your purchase anytime even after 2 months . i did purchase the FB Fit round 1 about 2 months a go but i didn't start the workout right the way, it been only 3 weeks from today that i start working in this program . the schedule designed for this program is over but i still can go back any time to the first workout. fitness blender is the best .i love it and i will recommend it. love you fitness blender.
did any body tried the FB abs and cores 4 weeks ? is it worth it to try?


05/10/16 9:57pm

Hi ~ everyone..
I've been doing fitness blender workouts for almost 4 months... and It is the best workouts I've ever done.
so I'm thinking to buy one of the program. FB fit I guess..

I'm wondering if I buy this programs ..
I can repeat the purchased program whenever I want or it's gone after 2 month later from my calender.

and if I miss the workout schedule .. it is still in my calender or deleted .

I'm looking forward your kind reply ..thank you

From Shin
Seoul, South korea

Fitness Blender Service

05/10/16 1:49pm


If you're still unable to locate your purchase, please send us an email at service@fitnessblender.com and we can look into this for you!

Fitness Blender Service

05/10/16 1:48pm

We are sorry for the inconvenience in managing your calendar on Fitnessblender.com. The ability to move and skip workout days that you have added to your calendar is currently not a feature we have, though we are working as fast as we can to add those features in for you. We will continue to improve, expand, and update the calendar and its features over the next weeks and months, and the ability to move workouts is a top priority.

Thank you for your patience, we will update the calendar function as soon as we can.


05/07/16 2:02pm

Dear SuperSel,
Thank you for your advice . your comment made me feel better, and will help me a lot. again thank you very much.


05/07/16 9:00am

Is there a way to adjust the calendar if you miss a day?


05/06/16 5:38am

I just bought this program but its not showing on my purchased list.
Do I need to wait for it to be updated? I was hoping to start the plan tomorrow!


05/05/16 9:41am

Designerzahra- yes it is normal for your body to retain a lot of water if you've: increased your activity, or added weight training to your regimen (this also includes if you've weight trained before, but increased your weights,) After about 3 to 4 weeks, your body releases this water. It looks like you're gaining, and it obscures your weight loss for a bit.

Also, keep in mind, muscle weighs more than fat. If you want a more accurate measure of your progress, measure parts of your body every 2-4 weeks, weigh yourself 1-2 times over the 8 weeks (or else you'll go insane), do the fitness test at the start and end of the program, pay attention to how your clothes feel, and how well you do tasks that used to tire you out. Good luck!


04/30/16 10:43pm

i been in this program for about one week and i gained so far 2 pounds . well i purchased this program so i can lose at lest 20 pounds but it seams that i am about gaining weight can somebody tell me is that right or normal because i don't want to gain weight .


04/28/16 8:22am

I can not find the program I purchased.I ask for your help


04/28/16 8:10am

I've been a user if FB for a few months, i would to give a go to this program because I knew "by heart" the 5 days challenges and I was bored to switch from one video to another to create my full training.

I have to say i'm a bit disapointed, this program does not offer very exclusive video content. It is "just" a compilation of public videos put on a calendar.
I was expectif videos to be full, not to have to switch videos during training. It is not possible to switch training from a day to the next one, so the calendar view quicky become useless. The "workout complete" flag is rarely available (i still do not understand its usage).

As a conclusion, i want to repeat that I love this website, that the training you are providing for free are amazing. I do not regret giving you 15 bucks, but i prefer to think it is for all videos i've previously watched rather than for this program.


04/27/16 1:13pm

JUst started this program a week ago and I lost 3 pounds. I have been eating a lot less junk and trying to eat more fruits and veggies and lean meat and drink only water! so far this has been great for me! just started day one of week two and im so tired! great work out! im giving myself a goal of 10 pounds to lose in this 8 weeks and if I do more thats great! after these 8 weeks im going to get round 2! thanks so much for these amazing work out plans!


04/23/16 11:09am

Are there many or just a few workouts in this program where you need dumbbells?


04/04/16 11:35am

To the person who commented on 4-1-16: Only their programs cost money, and it's very very affordable. Programs are great if you want structure, but you can literally build your own workout routine for free on this site. Just become a member and start saving your videos to your favorites and use the sites calendar to schedule your workouts!! This site is amazing!

04/01/16 5:27pm

waaahhhh. i thought it was free.. lol. anyway, thanks for the videos from youtube. that helps a lot tho


03/27/16 5:32pm

Besides the weight loss, does this program actually tone the body more? I'm still debating on doing it because I don't want to lose TOO much weight & actually gain some muscle.

03/27/16 3:10pm

@Ladies4christ -that happened to me after a couple of weeks using FB but I spoke to a personal trainer friend and he told me to correct my form. I was tensing my stomach muscles outwards instead of inwards when trying to keep my core tight and that was changing my shape in the wrong direction. It took about a week to get into the habit of pulling my stomach in whilst doing the workouts and a couple of weeks later my abs were holding my stomach flat instead of sticking it out.


03/25/16 10:19pm

I'm really interested in starting this programme but before buying it I wanted to know if dumbells are essential to most of the videos. I have dumbells of only 4 pounds each, so will that make a big difference to how effective this programme is? Please let me know so that I can start a programme quickly!


03/19/16 4:15pm

Would I be able to modify when I get to workout? I take dance classes that are pretty intense on Wednesday and Saturday, so I'm not sure if I'd want to (or be able to at least on Wednesday) do an extra workout. Saturday may be more adjustable but Wednesday would be difficult for me.

03/04/16 10:34am

Hi :) What workout/programme do you recommend if I don't want to lose weight but just stay fit and maybe tone?
PS: I found you on YouTube and think what you do is awesome. Thank you for sharing your hard work with everyone!

Maria Margarita

03/02/16 1:12pm

I want to buy it, i just want to know if you need internet connection while working out. I would like to work out at the club condo's gym to use their dumbells ans stuff and there is not wifi there. How can i see and overlook of this plan before paying?

Thanks very much


02/27/16 2:18pm

As a personal trainer myself with a high fitness level, I found many of these workouts challenging. However, even with modifications to low impact versions of certain exercises, I was still able to develop new muscle and increase my endurance as well as strength in both my lower and upper extremities.


02/24/16 1:56pm

@Minh Anh....I would suggest trying the low impact first. I tried doing this first and couldn't as an absolute beginner. I did the low impact one twice through and then went back into this and was able to finish. I probably could have done it after the first time through the low impact one but I was so pleased with the results that I wanted to do it again. By then I was just ready for more of a challenge.

Minh Anh

02/16/16 8:14am

Is this program suitable for an absolute beginner?


02/16/16 12:27am

@Tayclay3: It is the same free workout which you can find it on website / youtube. The only difference is they put all the free workout into a calender. So you know which day you should train which part of your body or have a better track/motivation on the training plan.

But basically, the videos are the same.

02/15/16 11:16pm

I see that there 2 videos one 40 minutes and other of 30 minutes and extra credit videos for a day (total 3), So should I be doing all three at a time or stretch it anytime on a day ? Some one reply :)

02/03/16 6:53am

im on day 4 out of 5 of the free workouts im wondering how many of you purchased this after day 5 and is it worth it


02/01/16 10:29am

I am on Day 5. I recently had some medical issues that caused me to not be able to workout for 6 months. Prior to, I was in shape, worked out 5 times a week, and could run a few miles on a whim. After being sedentary for half a year and dealing with medical issues, I lost so much strength, endurance, and flexibility, along with gaining about 20 pounds. I was very disheartened. When I went to the gym I would leave due to feeling lost and defeated. I started this program in the comfort of my home, and after 5 days I already feel more confident and strong! I had been eating whole foods, no sugar or processed foods for a month already, and combined with my exercize I've already lost two pounds as well as about three inches! I am so excited. I highly recommend this program. It is not EASY at all, so don't get overwhelmed or feel defeated, just take a break and get back into it when you can, but always try to push yourself. Thank you for helping me gain confidence, endurance, and strength!


01/31/16 5:04pm

Are the workouts in this program different from the app or are they the same, but just put in calendar order for you? I'm thinking of buying, but don't want to buy if it's already the same free workouts and just taking the guess work out.


01/19/16 5:18am

@Avicini10: It depends on if you have warm up and cool down at your main workout of the day. Sometimes , there are four different videos because 1) for warm up , 2) for main workout (which not included warm up and cool down), 3) for cool down . 4) the fourth one could be cool down or extra credit earn ( it is optional).

I hope its helpful.


01/18/16 8:39pm

What is the difference of purchasing this and doing the free 5 day challenges over and over again? Does it really make.that big of a difference?


01/16/16 12:16am

Hi can someone help me ? I just bought this program. And I can see the videos in my calendar. But how can I get them on roku? Also , each day I see has like four different videos. What one do I do? I'm a little confused about that. Do I do all of them? Lol thank you if someone can help!


01/15/16 5:18pm

@ladies4Christ I experienced that too last year and I had to stop their workouts because I found out I had diastasis recti. That is separation of your abdominal walls. That could be your problem and certain exercises are not good for it like crunches, sit ups,planks and others. If you do those exercises, it would get that condition worse. I did a program for three months that helped me close the gap. It is called MuTu system. Now I'm back with fitness blender because my body has healed. I hope it helps.


01/10/16 11:26am

Hi, I really want to do this program. I just purchased it by c.c number and it went to my calendar for a second then disappeared. I checked my bank statements and I see the charge, but I still can't see the program. So, someone out there help me. I've already emailed fitness blender.


01/05/16 10:53am

Prgreen2013 I use our roku and watch the videos on the youtube app. Works perfectly! Same videos on youtube they are just scheduled for you when you purchase program. Hope this helps.


01/04/16 1:05pm

I use a roku and want to purchase this video but I'm not sure it would work with that or if i have to use a computer. Any advice on this?

01/04/16 1:40am

Is this for male and females?


01/01/16 5:12pm

if you skip a day, are you still able to access that workout the next time you workout?


12/29/15 11:45am

@rebeccajiang All of the programs (eBooks & calendar) are 100% unique from one another - no two programs are the same. In terms of forums, I would recommend downloading the free fitness blender app!


12/28/15 1:11am

I'm new to this website. Is the only difference between the Ebooks 8 Week Programs and FBfit whether or not it syncs with the online calendar? I feel like I am reasonable fit. I play badminton twice a week for 9 months out of the year and I go to the gym once or twice a week on most weeks and am just looking for something to fill in the days in between or for when I don't feel like getting out of the house. So I know I am not going to follow the program exactly day by day, but I thought having a curated program will provide more structure than just me browsing videos until I come across a title I like.

Also, is there a FB forum? I've got some questions about purchasing dumbbells.


12/27/15 9:43am

i need this ! but in € ..


12/23/15 9:42am

@nightowl6927 you shouldn't have duplicates - have you added the workout program twice? Remember you can always email service@fitnessblender.com if you need more help.


12/20/15 8:18pm

Out of curiosity...why are there duplicate workouts in my calendar?


12/18/15 5:58pm

Started the challenge today December 18, 2015.
38 y/o female
154 lbs
1 mile run: 10:21
push ups: 20 full
push up half: 10
Squats: 50
full plank: 2:05
sit and reach + 1.5 inch

can't wait to see where I am in 8 weeks.


12/05/15 11:17pm

I wanted to ask what kind of dumbbells do I need to use?


12/05/15 1:27am

Here are my results before and after FB Fit:
Female, 33 years, 172 cm, pear shape

before: 11th Ocotober 2015

1mile run (1,62km): 09:55 min
push ups: 12
half push ups: 25
squats: 100
full plank: 1:13
sit and reach: -3cm

weight:87,6 kg
measurements: calf 41cm, thigh 73 cm, hips 122cm, waist 89cm, chest 93cm, arm 37,5cm

after 8 weeks: 5th December 2015

1mile run (1,62cm): 08:35 HURRAY!
push ups: 15
half push ups: 28
squats: 150
full plank: 1:34 ,wanted to do 2min but I'm too sore :D Damn!
sit and reach: +-0

weight: 87,8kg
measurements: calf 41cm, thigh 73 cm, hips 122cm, waist 83cm, chest 94cm, arm 37,3cm

So.I did each workout. Didn't skip any of them. But not loosing any weight is totally my own fault. I've been drinking wine in the evenings and not really checking what i eat at all. But the most important thing is that i feel so much better and fitter. 1 mile run doesn't lie! I've got 4 more workout programs waiting for me. Can't wait to start the next one.

So don't just wait the magic happen to you when doing this program. For sure you will feel awesome anyways, but if you are willing to loose weight- focus on you diet. Don't starve yourself, but eat clean and healthy and drink a lots of water. These are also my advices for myself for the next round :D

Enjoy the workout! Be happy that you're able to do that. Love yourself, be ambitious and pamper yourself with a nice massage once in a while.


11/30/15 9:53am

I just finished this program today and I have to say it's probably my favorite one from Fitness Blender. I've gotten more results from this one than any other!!! However, I should also mention I've been working out with them for months now, and this program is really really hard. I don't think I would have been able to finish it in the beginning.

If you are crazy and want to lose 20 pounds in 2 months I'd use this one, but if you're just trying to get back into shape this one is going to be discouraging compared to some of the other Fitness Blender programs.

I think a beginner might be better off starting with their Booty Boot Camp (that's what I started with and it was very effective but manageable) or their Low Impact Program. This one is for people who are REALLY willing to work out hard. You will get several 60+ minute workouts, and more than one 1000-calorie workout which can take up to an hour and half. You will be using your back and your knees quite a bit, which can be a struggle if you were sitting as long as I was before I got started. But if you're already in shape and want to take your results to the next level, this is it!

To nainibose, the sales price is reflected now! This program is normally $9.99.


11/23/15 9:53pm

After using several vdo on your youtube channel, I finally got a chance to buy this program. Shall start today and will record my result!


11/23/15 6:11pm

The holidays are coming up and I'm purchasing this in hopes that if I have a schedule, I can stick to it! I've been doing these videos for about 3 years now. I've lost 25 lbs, down from a size 6 to 0 (I'm 5 ft and very petite to start with), increased my strength and such a healthier lifestyle. Thank you so much Kelli and Daniel for everything you guys do! My friends all call me "the super fit chick" and I'm the healthiest I've ever been! You guys rock and are so inspiring.


11/11/15 4:29pm

Just answering a question a lot of people have asked on here. The difference between this program and the other two eight week programs is that this one has workouts that range from 35-90 minutes long. The other eight week programs are called FB30 because they are thirty minutes or less a day.


11/10/15 11:47am

I just bought this program. I am 41 years old, 216 pounds, diabetic female with emphysema. My doctor has instructed me to weigh 193 by February 3, 2016. This program will take me into the New Year. At that time I plan to purchase a 4 week plan to get me up to the Feb. 3 doctor appointment! (Come support me on MyFitnessPal. My name is ToughHippieChick just like it is here.)
I am so excited about starting the Fitness Blender programs. I've been doing the workouts on and off and love them enough I'm really ready to dig in now!


11/10/15 8:17am

This program is amazing! I absolutely love it. It is everything it promised it would be. I didn't expect to lose much weight because my diet is horrendous, but I did lose 7lbs. I know I lost way more fat than that (gained muscle) because I can SEE the difference in my body. DO NOT pay attention to the number on the scale when doing this because it is not accurate!
The proof that this really works is here:
PFT Results:
Push Ups-6 half
Squats- 50
Plank- 1:09
Sit&Reach- +1 in.
10/6/15 (after 2 rounds of low impact and 1 round of fbfit)
Mile- 13:05
Push Ups- 20 half
Squats- 100
Plank- 2:39
Sit&Reach- +4
As I said I also lost 7 lbs and I went from a very tight size 14 jeans to a pretty loose fitting size 12 (probably fit into a 10). I was buying XL shirts and now large or medium. (kept the boobs...maybe TMI but worth mentioning for women lol) Everything is a lot more toned, less flab everywhere and a lot less visible cellulite. I am so much stronger and more energized. I have been lifting pretty heavily and am NOT bulking up- just getting more toned and defined.
If my diet had been better(working on it!!) I know I would have shed way more fat. I recommend doing the low impact beginner program before this if you aren't used to lifting weights and HIIT. Thank you Kelli and Daniel for these awesome programs!


11/04/15 12:39pm

What is the difference between this program and one of the 8 week fat loss program rounds? I'm unsure which one to go for


10/06/15 8:18am

I got this program, but I am not sure lf it's the round 4 or 5, I want to buy a different than this one, because l almost finish. How can l make sure?

10/01/15 12:45am

I've been wondering - if, for example, on day 3. there is some HIIT training and optional extra 10 minute abs workout, is there any difference whether I do HIIT workout first and the abs workout later, or conversely?


09/28/15 1:16pm

I'm on my 11th week (round two of the FB Fit 8-week program) and my stomach is larger. I eat really clean and although I enjoy a glass of wine and popcorn from time to time, I don't over indulge. Also, I've only lost 3 pounds in 11 weeks. Do others experience this?


09/24/15 11:15am

09/15/15 1:27pm

I'm just still not sure what to do when you are not able to do 5 days straight... with my job that's just not possible. if you miss a day will the calendar adjust itself or...?
but I love all your workout plans nontheless ;)


09/15/15 12:01pm

I'm just still not sure what to do when you are not able to do 5 days straight... with my job that's just not possible. if you miss a day will the calendar adjust itself or...?
but I love all your workout plans nontheless ;)


09/03/15 7:52am

This is a great program! I love it. I think it started a little slow for my workout level, but then it got going. Suggestion: Could the calendar show a star or something when you mark a workout as complete? This would help me track which weeks I've been successful.


08/27/15 9:30am

@Joy it depends on your fitness level. Are you already experienced? I'd say generally no higher than 40#


08/26/15 5:17pm

Question about weights, I know everyone is different but generally how much weight would you use for this program? For a 21yr female, would it be generally no higher than 30,40,50#??


08/26/15 10:24am

@phepiko @Carina write service@fitnessblender.com for one on one help with any account questions.


08/25/15 11:48am

I just bought this program but don't have access to the ideas. Can you help please?


08/24/15 11:54am

I bought the 8 week Fit program, a few weeks ago. When I look in my purchased work outs, it's empty, and I can't find my purchase anywhere anymore. Anyone else have this problem?


08/18/15 4:34pm

I just finished two rounds of FBBooty and FBAbs, and I loved the results. Is it ok if I continue with this workout program? Am I gonna lose the resutls from the other workout plans?


08/15/15 6:12pm

Just finished the first week of this program and I have to say I am in love! The first workout day was the hardest (not the fitness test), and I was constantly out of breath. But I could already see results the second workout day, because it was just as hard a workout but I had so much more stamina and energy to keep going!

I can already see improvement in my strength and flexibility, and although there aren't any outward changes yet, I'm excited to keep up with this program so that I can see what changes do occur. Along with eating properly, I have lost two pounds this week, and I am feeling more motivated than ever to keep workout out to get fit. Thank you so much!


07/30/15 12:18am

Hello. I have a big problem. I can't pay anymore , i don't know what happend. I bought all your programs till now, and now i tried a month ago, and the same story the transaction failed even if my paypal account is right. I don't know what to do. I tried today ten times and the same story.

07/17/15 1:33am

Just come to the end of this program. I feel amazing. I was fit to begin with and had been constructing my own workout plans with FB workouts, but I'm so glad I purchased this one and followed it through. It's meticulously thought out and I loved clicking on my calendar to see what would be in store for me that day.

My flexibility, strength and stamina have increased in ways that I can feel as I move through my daily life. My weight fluctuated and has more or less stayed the same but I am looking and feeling so good, it finally allowed me to ignore the scale - it's not an accurate indicator of health and well being. And I have some excellent muscles to show for my hard work - onward and upwards!


07/15/15 2:10pm

I am going camping for 3 days and missing 2 workouts in this program. I plan to hike 2-3 times and "maybe" run a couple times. Would you makeup the workouts you miss or just start back in on the scheduled day?

07/06/15 6:48pm

Does this contain food control ?


07/03/15 1:09pm

To MAGAMADI (I hope you see this), I'm from Mexico too and they sell Powerblock dumbells (the ones Kelli and Daniel use) at a store called Pro Fitness in Monterrey. They ship them to wherever you are, you can buy them online. Also, now that Amazon is in the country you can also find them there. I think the prices are very similar, they cost around 7000-9000 pesos (there are different sets), but I think they might be worth it if you're planning on working out at home for a long time. Saludos! :)


06/30/15 2:35pm

How many dumbbells/how much weight is required for this program? I'd like to know before I purchase.


06/22/15 8:14pm

About to complete the whole program and I totally recommend it. I'm so happy with the results! Thank you so much Daniel & Kelli, we love you guys


06/22/15 8:14pm

About to complete the whole program and I totally recommend it. I'm so have with the results! Thank you so much Daniel & Kelli, we love you guys


06/20/15 12:20am

I just completed week 2 of the programme - and its great! I am recovering from an eating disorder so I just do the workouts and are not trying to restrict myself in the calorie intake and its been working really well so far!
I definitely love how the focus is on health and toning up and thats my primary goal now! not using any scales etc. ! what i also love about the programme is that it gives you quite challenging workouts in an amount that stops me from overexercising!
I am so glad I found you guys!


06/02/15 2:13pm

Quick question - I'm going to start with one of the 4 week programs. This one says you need dumbells - I prefer resistance bands for now - are all the exercises adaptable to use resistance bands instead?


05/28/15 8:23am

I'm on week 2 of this program, and I am loving it so far! I've found the workouts challenging, but doable. I really love the variety of workouts, and that my exercise routines are laid out for me day-to-day. 3 lbs down already!

Irena je super

05/26/15 11:03am

Hello, I'm on my third week now, and I already finished 4 week program before starting this one. However, I still have knee pain after doing lower body exercises. They last for day or two. At the beginning I assumed it would get better with time, but it didn't. Does anyone else experienced any joint/knee pain? Should I stop doing lower body exercises?


05/25/15 2:27pm

Hey guys,

1 week left. The variety and plan has been the most enjoyable i've done. I would really like to continue on from here, would you suggest re-doing this plan or undertaking another? My abs are beginning to show and have lost quite a bit of weight, i would like to push on to start getting more definition and abs as well as strength.

Let me know what you suggest!




05/23/15 10:21am

did anyone loose weight?


05/18/15 8:54pm

thank you so much! it has been 3weeks now, I love this work out. time flies just following this program. thank you for making this so affordable too! can't wait to see what workout is waiting for me tomorrow. thank you so much !


05/17/15 6:33pm

I finished this a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. So much so that I'm buying a few more programs tonight. What better endorsement can you ask for! A return customer!

Why buy this:
~I saved SO much time picking out routines, that all my itself was worth it.
~It's cheap. I mean really folks. Super cheap.
~They pushed me just a little longer than I was doing which was great.

My legs were better at the end. Now, time to get some mass and do the muscle building.


05/10/15 10:27am

Is the difference between this workout at the FB30 - 8 Week Fat Loss For Busy People: Lose Weight, Tone Up, Build Lean Muscle, basically the duration of each workout day?
What is the main difference?


05/08/15 9:06pm

Hi people, hi Daniel and Kelli a quick quest, What kind of dumbbells should I buy ? I've been doing some workouts of yours without any equipment, but I would like to start for real. I'm from Mexico, so I'm not sure what kind of dumbbells should I go to look for, yours are fabulous, but I do not think I can find those here and due to my budget I can not buy several weights, please, what are your suggestions?


05/05/15 11:26am

Got the same problem like @Phaluma~
Bought all your other programs over LULU but I dont have a Paypal account. I really want to continue to support you through buying your programs but an alternative paying method would be much appreciated!


04/29/15 9:00pm

Nevermind, I got it.


04/29/15 8:58pm

So, I'm kind of confused...is this program different from this http://www.lulu.com/shop/daniel-segars-and-kelli-segars/fitness-blenders-8-week-fat-loss-program-to-lose-weight-tone-up-fast-round-5/ebook/product-21783633.html? I'm guessing it is but it confuses me. What's the difference? Is the PDF better or what (meaning it has 94 pages)?


04/27/15 8:43pm

I just started this I am on day three and I love it. It is giving me a good idea on what workouts to do from day to day! I can't wait to see the results at the end!


04/21/15 5:56am

Hey there :)
I wanted to buy the program, but the only way to pay is via PayPal. I don´t have PayPal and I don´t want to get an account.
So is there another option to pay the programs? :(


04/17/15 8:50am

I have bought the 8 week fat loss program. But I have a question.

For training I use a polar FT60 and everytime I do a stregth training I can not reach the minimum amount of calories that is shown in the videos.
How can I increase the calories consumption with strength training?. The calories burned are way too low in comparison to the stimate of the videos


04/14/15 7:24am

Guys the explanation on where to find the program you just purchased and the guide for clean eating, can be found on the description of the program.


04/09/15 5:43am

The ''Rounds'' you are referring to are still available in eBook format to buy through Lulu.com http://www.fitnessblender.com/page/meal-plans-and-workout-programs

this one is a brand new one (as if it was Round 6 ) but you buy it directly through fitnessblender.com and it puts the program workouts directly to your calendar.

You can't have the older versions (Round 1 to 5) in calendar form (though you can add the workouts manually yourself from the ebook) and you can't have the new programs like this one in ebook format. Although they are all fb programs, they are in two different formats and you buy them in a different way.


04/03/15 10:01am

There were several rounds of this program! I did round 1 and now I want to do round 2 and I can't find it! Please restore the rounds!


04/03/15 9:45am

I did the first round of this a few months back and I could have sworn that there was levels to the program; round 1, 2 and 3. Are these no longer available would like to do round 2


04/03/15 9:11am


04/03/15 8:15am

just finished the 8 week program. loved it! i never got bored and am so much stronger now. i'll probably just start it all over again, it was that good.

p.s. there used to be several 8-week plans to purchase, what happened to the rest? (round 1, round 2, through round 5) I believe I purchased round 5.


04/02/15 2:32pm

Is there a way to get the program in pdf form? The calendar isn't as user friendly as I'd like. It was easier in the older format. I wish there was a way to view the program without viewing it in the calendar. I add running into the mix and I can't view the workouts for the week as easily as before when it was in a pdf.


03/31/15 8:44am


03/30/15 7:50pm

@pasteman every day uses a different workout; no repeats!


03/30/15 11:16am

Hi guys,

Keen to try this plan after doing insanity a few times. Ive done a fair few workouts on youtube and really enjoy the kettlebell stuff. I just wanted to know how many different workouts are included in this plan, sometimes the exact same workouts for 8 weeks can become a bit boring.



03/27/15 6:19pm

Hi. I purchased the 8 week fat burning plan through LuLu November 2014.
How do I get it to upload into the calendar without having to purchase it again?

Thank you!


03/25/15 11:08am

Hi I am interested in purchasing the 8 week fat loss program but wondering if I can do the 4 week booty program in conjunction??? I totes need help in that dept! Thanks for all your hard work love working out with your vids!


03/25/15 10:50am

Hi I am interested in purchasing the 8 week fat loss program but wondering if I can do the 4 week booty program in conjunction??? I totes need help in that dept! Thanks for all your hard work love working out with your vids!


03/24/15 10:53am

Can someone please help. I purchased this and have noticed there are about 4 videos on each and am confused do I do them all. Thanks


03/23/15 12:58pm

@asimonyan From above: "Find the Fitness Blender Guide to Clean Eating for Faster Results on your calendar under Day 0: "Program Guide, Read Before You Start!""


03/21/15 11:11am

Does anyone know how we access the clean eating guide? I just purchased the 8 week fat loss program and can't find the clean eating guide!


03/20/15 12:58pm

You should have an option where you can choose your rest days for programs like this on the calendar! :)

amy c.

03/17/15 6:29am

Are the various rounds still available for the 8 week fat loss program?


03/07/15 4:28am

Is the FB Fit program different from the Round 5 (8 week program)? And if so, what is the difference?
Any suggestions on which one i should purchase?
I'm excited to buy the program and start :) But I'm a little confused, any help would be much appreciated. :)


02/23/15 7:19am

Trying to debate between purchasing this program or Round 5 of the PDF version. Any suggestions? I have round 1 of the 8 week program but I like the newer videos better. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


02/22/15 2:08pm

Never mind I figured it out!


02/22/15 1:47pm

Hi, how do I access the workout plan after purchasing this program?


02/18/15 10:13am

I am interested in buying this program. So it puts the videos right on your calendar so it takes the guess work out?


02/16/15 11:42am

If you go to the first day of the program and read thru it, then it has the Guide to Clean Eating portion. It's not a meal plan. It's just a guide to read and figure out what to do, etc. with your eating.


02/15/15 2:45pm

Hi - I purchased the plan 2 weeks ago and just want to add it to my calendar starting tomorrow 16Feb but when I go to add it, it starts on 1 Feb. How do I indicate a Start date? Thank you.


02/11/15 9:00am

The guide to clean eating is on day one of the calendar.


02/10/15 1:06pm

I as well bought this program and cannot figure out how to access my meal plan or work out schedule if it comes with one :) help!


02/08/15 12:18pm

Hello I bought the program buy I could not see the meal plan.. How can I get access to it?


02/05/15 2:14pm

Is there a way to see an overview of the 8 weeks? The only way I see now is to open each day on the calendar


02/02/15 2:04am

Same as comment below, just purchased but can't find the food section.


01/30/15 9:16am

Under my account go to my purchased programs and add to calendar, blue dots will appear on the calendar representing each day of the program. To get started click on the first days description and the link will direct you to which video to watch


01/28/15 8:22pm

@dom58327 the new perhaps are not in PDF format, only the older ones are in PDF format.


01/27/15 8:14pm

To everyone looking for PDF e-books... They are still available under the workout tab. It seems like the new format is synchronized with the calendar which is pretty innovative, however the good old PDFs are still there. Thank you Kelli and Daniel, you guys are fantastic!


01/24/15 5:02pm

I just bought the 8 week and I love it so far. However when it put the workouts onto my calender it never asked me about my schedule. So it put the break days in all the wrong places. Is there anyway to adjust that without having to go through each individual day and move it?


01/20/15 5:38am

You are awesome guys


01/20/15 4:27am

Hey guys! Should I buy this one or the ebook version (round 5)?

Is really an average of an hour a day? It's seems too much to me, but the "busy people" less than 30 min a day seems too little...


01/18/15 8:14am

Update: Figured it all out, just had to click on the day before I intened the program to start on My Calender.
That brought me to an extensive breakown of the progam and common questions with detailed answers.

I will resurface in 8 weeks with my results.


01/15/15 5:52pm

Exciting! Can't wait to start this!

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