New Plus Workout: Resistance Band Upper Body Workout (Bored Easily)

Good morning!

I've got a new workout for you this morning, by request:

33 Minute Resistance Band Upper Body Workout (Bored Easily Style)

This is a no-repeat upper body strength workout that uses only a resistance band. Resistance bands are a great option for home workouts because they're so versatile, inexpensive, and take up so little space. They also open up a whole new set of great exercises that target the muscles in a way that dumbbells don't quite facilitate.

In this routine we'll be doing a single set of a wide variety of strength moves. While we're only doing each exercise once, muscles will be targeted with multiple sets, using different ranges of motion. It's a nice way to get in a varied workout in minimal time, and it helps if you tend to get bored with repetitive sets during a workout - though those come with their own unique set of benefits, of course - that's why we do both!

Warm up and cool down are included, so all you need to focus on is getting yourself into a good headspace for a workout, and showing up to hit that play button.

Let me know what you think of this workout, and if you would like to see more upper body resistance bands.

On a side note, this is our 81st FB Plus workout! Yesterday, we published Tasha's new strength workout, which was our 614th (!!) free workout video. I am always so excited to see our library grow.

Have a great day and if you have more requests of what you would like me or our team to cover, don't hesitate to share!


PS - Can you believe it's almost October already? We'll be launching our new Plus Challenge this Friday (see all 21 unique Plus Challenges here)! The theme is purely stretching - a nice, relaxing, restorative 2 week plan to follow along with that focuses on range of motion, flexibility, healthy movement patterns and pain free movement. It will feature Tasha's first stretching workout with FB, as well as content from Kayla, Daniel, and myself. If you're a Plus member, it will be waiting for you under "My Programs" on Friday, don't miss it!