Workout Details

  • Duration: 40 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 199-356
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Equipment: Dumbbell, Mat
  • Training Type: Strength Training
  • Video Player: View on YouTube
Body Focus Total Body

Three-Round Combination Moves Strength Circuit with Plank Finisher

I created this workout as a relatively quick go-to strength routine for days when you want an efficient total body workout without having to focus on multiple circuits. Combination strength moves keep your heart rate elevated, challenge your balance and core strength, and on those days when you need a little extra push to press play on your workout, they keep your mind engaged and dialed in. Your goal is to maintain or increase your weight choices for each exercise during each subsequent round of the circuit while also focusing on improving your form and movement execution as the body fatigues each round. Keep your weight selections nearby and easily accessible as we do switch between your medium and heavy weight options a couple of times during the first few exercises. 

Suggested weight selections: 
Front Squat + Overhead Press = Medium
Deadlift + Low Row = Heavy
Reverse Lunge + Biceps Curl = Medium 
Sumo Squat + Single-Arm High Pulls = 1 Heavy 

The Plank Finisher concludes the workout with three core-centric moves; however, your shoulders will bear the brunt as well because each move is a plank variation. Feel free to take short breaks to relieve tension in the shoulders, but also be mindful of which muscles are engaged throughout the Finisher. Tucking the hips under and focusing on activating the core muscles almost always alleviates most of the fatigue felt in the shoulder muscles. For the first two plank exercises, imagine that you are yet again holding a bowl of ice cream on your lower back but there’s hot fudge involved this time as well. No spilling! Keep your hips squared off to the ground, shoulders away from the ears, joints stacked in a straight line: wrists, elbows, shoulders. 

I note modifications and alternative options throughout the workout, but always know that reducing your weight options and/or range of motion for any move are all options to decrease workout intensity. If you are particularly fatigued or your form starts to falter, feel free to stick with one portion of the combination moves. For example, instead of completing both the Deadlift and a Row, stick with either just the Deadlift or the Row until you regain your composure to combine the moves again. 

Lastly, I make note of this several times in the video, but the swing of your arms should not add a high degree of momentum to your Sit-Ups. Your core muscles do most of the work. Your arms are merely there to assist with increasing your range of motion to complete a full Sit-Up. If this version of the Sit-Up is not for you, stick with crunches, reduce your range of motion, and/or change your feet position (feet flat to the ground, knees to ceiling).  

Have fun! There are no burpees in this workout. But there is a rainbow at the end. 


Warmup: 30 sec on, no rest between moves, 2 rounds (7:00) 
- Squat + OH Press (unweighted) 
- Laterally Traveling Butt Kickers 
- Reverse Lunges + Torso Rotation (alternating) 
- Jumping Jacks 
- Inchworm + Push-up 
- Runner’s Lunges + Down-Dog (alternating) 
- Slow Squat Thrusts 

Strength Circuit: 45 sec on , 15 sec off, 3 rounds (30 sec rest between rounds 1 and 2) 
- Front Squat + Overhead Press 
- Deadlift + Low Row 
- Reverse Lunge + Biceps Curl (alternating lunges) 
- Sumo Squat + Single-Arm High Pulls (alternate pulls) 
- Pushup + Spider-Man Knee Pull-Ins 
- Sit-Ups (butterfly legs) 

***Complete 2 rounds then Water Break*** 

Plank Finisher: 30 sec on, 10 sec off, 3 rounds (no break between rounds) 
- Full Plank: Rainbow Glute Lifts (alternating lifts) 
- Forearm Plank: Gecko Reaches (alternating reaches) 
- Rotating Side Planks + Leg Lifts (alternate planks/lifts) 

Cool-Down: approx. 30 sec per stretch (approx. 5:00)
- Child’s Pose + Reach Under - R 
- Child’s Pose + Reach Under - L  
- Cat-Cow Stretch
- Down-Dog Stretch 
- Rollup to Standing + Shoulder Rolls 
- Quads/Hip Flexors Stretch - R 
- Hamstrings/Hip Hinge - R
- Quads/Hip Flexors Stretch - L 
- Hamstrings/Hip Hinge - L 
- Chest Opener + Tree Hug