Curating my own workout

Hello FB community! I've been trying out videos here and there for the last several weeks, but now would like to put together which videos might go together and in what potential order.

I suffer from chronic pain and chronic fatigue. I usually know when to back off when it comes to the pain so as not to exacerbate it. For the fatigue, it is why the videos I've chosen before are mainly shorter ones. I can add more on if I'm up to it, but if I think I might overdo it I'll just want a cool down and leave it at that for the day.

With that in mind, I would like some assistance with the videos I have collected so far. To know which ones might go together on a day, what order they would be best in, and so on, so that I can figure out day to day which ones I am up for, while also varying it up. Other than the ones that say "warm up" and "cool down", I have no idea on order. I've picked out ones that are generally warmups anyway, in cardio, but am aware there are some that are better done before or after others. Any insight would be lovely.

Trying to think if there is anything else I should add... I do have a few longer videos. Stretches, for my active rest days (Stretching, Yoga, Pilates blend and I'm going to try the three day Flexibility Challenge).

Thank you all in advance for any advice. It might be a struggle to get to a healthier self, but it will be worth it!