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Quick Total Body Cardio Warm Up

6 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Warm Up/Cool Down
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    Not all of our workouts come with a warm up included because many of you like to double up on our videos to get a longer routine in and don't want to have to wade through another warm up when you are coming from just finishing a different video. For that reason, we build independent warm up videos like this one for those of you who like to mix and match to create your own unique combination of videos. This particular workout can be easily used to get ready for an upper, lower or total body routine as it touches on every aspect from wrists, elbows and shoulders to toes, ankles and knees.

    The importance of a good combination of exercises to adequately prepare your body for a hard routine can not be overstated. It is an absolute must for anyone, to avoid injury due to stiff muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. On top of avoiding injury, preparing your body for a workout by first using a prep workout actually allows your body to function more efficiently from the very first repetition which can actually increase your overall calorie burn as you are able to put more overall effort into the beginning of the routine. Though the increase may be small, if you are trying to lose weight or keep it off, every single burnt calorie counts.

    Though by nature the video is short and low intensity that does not mean that you don't get a calorie burn from it. Every single burnt calorie counts, so why shouldn't the calories burnt from this video count also. On average you can expect to burn 4 calories per minute on the low end and up to 9 calories per minute on the high end giving you a surprising 24-54 total calories burnt in just 6 minutes of a prep workout. Do this video 2-3 times through and you have yourself a great beginner low impact workout.

    The following are the exercises and the order of those exercises used in this video. Each exercise is done for 30 seconds from start to finish not including the time it takes to move from one exercise to the next. Remember to move slowly, especially at first then you can start to increase speed gradually as your joints and muscles start to limber up. Also you may want to restrict your range of motion for the first 2-3 repetitions before gradually working into your maximum comfortable range.

    Quick Total Body Cardio Warm Up:

    - March In Place
    - Squat + Knee Pull
    - Walk Down Plank
    - Flutter Kicks
    - Crunch Jack
    - Push Up + Child's Pose
    - Windmill Turns
    - Downward Facing Dog + Back Bow Extensions
    - Arm Cross Swings
    - Front Jacks