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Relaxing Stretching Workout for Stiff Muscles & Stress Relief - Easy Stretches to Do at Work

5 Min • Upper Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Warm Up/Cool Down, Stretching/Flexibility
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    This quick stretching workout has been designed with the work place in mind; all of the exercises are standing, you don't need any equipment at all, and it takes just 6 minutes of your time. 

    One would think that owning a workout website would mean getting plenty of exercise, but the truth is that Fitness Blender often has us working very long hours, and 99% of it has us sitting in front of the computer. One of the ways we keep our health, sanity, and marriage intact through the more chaotic times is by cutting out even just a few minutes at a time for exercise throughout the day. The moves in this stretching workout video are ones that have been particularly helpful to me on days when I've been staring at the computer screen all day, and they're great for loosening stiff neck, back, and shoulder muscles after you've held the same position for an unnatural amount of time thanks to work.

    Whether you have a predominately sedentary or labor intensive occupation, muscles and joints tend to quickly get stiff and achy if they aren't taken care of properly; none of us are ever really excused from the need to mindfully care for our bodies, and your body will let you know if you start to neglect it. Don't let it get to that point. Instead, decide that you are going to proactively care for your health. 

    Throwing some stretches and activity into your work day can make a huge difference in the way that you feel physically and even your productivity, mood, and creativity. Try these easy stretches to do at work - give it just 6 minutes of your time - and we bet you will feel significantly different by the time you get to the Workout Complete screen.

    Workout Structure
    25 Seconds Each
    No equipment

    Note: Listen to your body for all of these stretches. Never stretch to the point where you feel any pain. Don't use bouncing motions to get more range of motion, and move smoothly and slowly through each exercise, practicing control over your own body. If one of the exercises causes you pain, stop immediately and talk to a medical professional. 

    Stretches to Do at Work
    1 Look L & R
    2 Lean head from side to side
    3 Neck rolls (forward only)
    4 Shoulder rolls forward & back
    5 Arm swings
    6 Torso Twists
    7 Toe Touch Circles
    8 Ventral swing wrist stretch
    9 Slow butt kicker pulls
    10 Chest & rhomboid stretch 
    11 Side lean torso stretch
    12 Overhead stretch + floor sweep