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Low Impact Beginner Cardio - No Jumping Quiet Cardio Workout

10 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Warm Up/Cool Down
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    This low impact workout is beginner friendly and it also makes for a great warm up. Without any jumping at all, it burns off extra calories, engages all of the major muscle groups - upper body, lower body, and core - and improves range of motion, coordination, and control over your own body.

    Even being someone who favors a brutal high intensity interval training routine, and/or strength training, I love this workout! So even if you're a more advanced or experienced exerciser, don't think that you wont benefit from this low impact workout. These are the kinds of exercises I will do in front of the television to warm myself up for a light yoga or stretching routine. The movements feel fantastic on stiff, sore muscles, which is why this is also an ideal routine for people who spend all day at a computer; take a break from your work day and put yourself through this workout and you're going to feel refreshed and better able to focus. 

    If you need to stick to low impact routines for your workouts, you may want to consider our 4 Week FB Low Impact Program or FB Low Impact Round 2, each of which are challenging and very effective, but also beginner friendly. FB Plus also has some great options for beginners, including Challenges, Custom Workout, and exclusive content.

    Workout Structure
    40 Seconds on, 10 seconds off, twice through in an ABAB format
    Cool down not included
    No equipment

    Printable Workout
    March in Place + Extensions - March in place while extended one arm overhead, then the other, then both together. Repeat, this time leading with the opposite arms.

    Slow Butt Kicker + Press - Kick one foot at a time up towards your glutes, while pressing forward with the opposite hand; do this three times - on the third time, do a double count of the butt kick and the forward press. 

    Lateral Steps + Rows - Step from side to side (as wide of a distance and as much depth as you can control) while pulling your outstretched arms in towards your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

    High Knee Pulls - Stand up tall and bring one knee up as high as you can, while bringing your elbows down towards that knee. Extend your arms out above your head again before repeating on the opposite leg.

    Step Throughs - Step forward while pressing your hands forward at chest level, then step back (stopping in the middle if your balance is shaky) while lowering arms, hinging at the elbow and extending your arms out behind you.

    Push Up + Extension - Complete a push up, then lift opposite arm and leg in an extension. If you balance is shaky, stick to lifting just one limb at a time.

    What did you think of this routine? How do you use it - as a warm up, a light cardio break during the day, or do you do a few rounds through for a good 30 minute beginner workout? If you're brand new to exercise, is there a particular part of the workout that was more difficult than others? Your feedback is helpful as we're always striving to improve. Thank you for working out with us!