Daily Check-in: Saturday, February 2nd, & Sunday, February 3rd....We have a Winning Kettlebell Challenge Schedule!


It would appear that Todd was headed out on a snowy adventure a-that-a-way.

It's just Todd, doing Todd stuff, out in deep snow.

Makes it much easier to track haha.

Hello Blenders, and Happy Weekend to you all!

How are you all doing this weekend? Got any fun plans?

I'm gonna go outside and play! It's supposed to be 30 degrees (F) above zero today! That's basically summer, so it's time to go outside haha.

Alright, let's get right to the winning schedule of our Kettlebell Challenge!

And the winner is...

*drumroll please*

...Option #2!

Here's the schedule:

Option #2:

Day 1: 38 Minutes Total

Kettlebell Workout:


Extra Credit:


Day 2: 35 Minutes Total



Day 3: 35 Minutes Total

Warm up:


Kettlebell Workout:


Cool Down:


Day 4: 36 Minutes Total

No Equipment Upper Body Workout:


Day 5: 41 Minutes Total

HIIT and Kettlebell Workout:


Day 6: 31 Minutes Total:

Optional Recovery Stretch:


So plug these workouts into your calendar for next week (starting Monday Feb 4th if that works for you), and we'll get to rockin and rollin with our Kettlebell Challenge!

Thanks so much for voting and making this possible guys!

(And if you'd like more info on what's going on, here's my original post about this challenge, including the different schedule options:

https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/10596/how-bout-an-fb-kettlebell-community-challenge )

Ok, back to this weekend!

Are you guys working out this weekend, or are you resting?

I'm gonna be resting so I'm ready to go for our challenge on Monday!

And what about some good food goin on?

It's gonna be soup tonight, and then pizza tomorrow for Super Bowl Sunday! (Is it bad that I wish both teams could lose? haha. Both are rivals to my Seahawks, so ya know. #GoHawks)

What about you Blenders? What's on the menu for the weekend?

Make sure to check-in with Erse if you're following along with her Healthy Eating Challenge too!


Ok guys, I'm gonna go out and see if I can find where Todd adventured off too! haha

I hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Take care, stay safe, and have fun guys!