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Total Body Cooldown - Compound Movements for a Total Body Stretch

7 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Warm Up/Cool Down
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    Whether you are using this to finish up your workout for the day or you just want a good stand-alone total body stretch this video will do the job well.  In this workout we have incorporated complex movements (utilizing multiple muscle groups and body parts simultaneously) to not only quickly stretch the entire body but to also challenge your ability to control your own body in space.

    Each one of our compound stretches and movements not only targets multiple areas of the body but it also forces your brain to work hard to coordinate each movement which has huge benefits. We are not trying to only exercise the body but the brain as well. This extra effort your brain has to put into these stretches helps improve/stimulate brain plasticity which improves overall brain health and function.

    When done properly, stretching can help to improve overall body coordination, as well as improve your body/brain’s ability to learn new physical tasks more quickly. These simple tasks can have huge benefits to long term quality of life from maintaining or improving coordination as we said before but also improving or maintaining flexibility and range of motion which can lower the chance of injury.

    Just remember that even if you are in a hurry your cooldown is an integral part of your overall fitness regimen and does more for your fitness then you may initially realise.

    Cool Down Structure (30 Second Each)

    Boxer Shuffle
    Over Head Tricep Stretch w/ Inside Thigh Stretch (L)
    Over Head Tricep Stretch w/ Inside Thigh Stretch (R)
    Torso Twist w/ Arm Cross Stretch (L)
    Torso Twist w/ Arm Cross Stretch (R)
    Toe Touch w/ Overhead Shoulder Stretch
    Standing Quad Stretch w/ Chest Stretch(L)
    Standing Quad Stretch w/ Chest Stretch(R)
    Neck Stretch w/ Wrist Stretch (L)
    Neck Stretch w/ Wrist Stretch (R)
    Deep Glute Stretch (L)
    Deep Glute Stretch (R)
    ​​​​​​​Shell Stretch