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I followed one of our own 8 Week Programs. Here's what happened.

I followed one of our own 8 Week Programs. Here's what happened.

Around December, our own workload had become so heavy that my workouts began to suffer. How ironic and aggravating to own and operate a fitness company and find myself saying “I just don’t have enough time”. It happens to all of us. No big deal; the trick is to not let it go on too long. 

Since I had just finished writing the second round of our 8 Week FBFit Program, I decided to tackle it and go through it “with” our audience. I had intended on doing it exactly as laid out; roughly 50 minutes a day of training (anything from HIIT, strength, Pilates, functional movement based cardio, & yoga), 5 days a week with an optional sixth recovery day of yoga. But life happened, and I didn't plow right through it at the pace I had planned.

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I just officially & finally finished 8 Week #FBFit - it took me around 13 weeks to finish it! Even though my crazy life & work schedule limited me to an average of 3 workouts a week, I was still blown away when I reached the end of the program & took my second PFT yesterday. 

Check out my PFT results from FBfit
Mile run: I ran my mile 45 seconds faster than I did 13 weeks ago - the crazy thing is that I did absolutely zerorunning or jogging over the last few months; the only cardio I did was the HIIT cardio in the plan
Plank: I held my plank 50 seconds longer than I did the first time 
Squats: in my second PFT, I did 10 additional reps, while holding onto a weight that was 4 lbs heavier 
Flexibility: I gained an extra 3.75 inches of range of motion in my toe touch stretch
Push ups: I did 2 additional "full" push-ups in my second PFT. 

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I am so thrilled!! I didn't expect to see such big changes, especially since I moved through it so lackadaisically. It just goes to show you that doing something - even a little something - is ALWAYS better than doing nothing. It's a reminder that even if you're not moving along perfectly as planned, progress is still progress and the work that you do end up putting in still adds up and pays off. 

I didn't weigh or measure myself; I didn't want to focus on those things. I feel like I enjoyed it more because I kept my focus on what my body can do, instead of how it looks. I feel like when I'm doing well in my workouts - even sticking to the smallest amount of exercise - I feel better, I focus better, and I'm just able to handle stress a lot better.

Now I'm starting 8 Week #FB30 Round 1 with some of my best girlfriends & my sister; we are all far apart, in different cities, so I'm really excited to be doing it together. I think working out more frequently & in shorter duration is more doable for me right now; I'm going to try and follow this program more closely. I'm also going to follow 4 Week #FBflex as well, since upper body strength saw the least improvement last time. 

Despite taking forever, I'm happy to say I did it! I took my own advice and reminded myself it didn't need to be perfect, I just needed to get it done. Thanks to all who cheered me on along the way!

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EDIT: After reading the comments below; the ability to pause your progression through the program on the calendar is something we've been working on behind the scenes; coming soon!