FB30 - 8 Week Fat Loss For Busy People: Lose Weight, Tone Up, Build Lean Muscle

Plan overview

Fitness Blender's 8 Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People features workouts that are 30 minutes or less, combining fat blasting HIIT with metabolism boosting strength training to bring about incredible results quickly. This challenging home...


Fitness Blender's 8 Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People features workouts that are 30 minutes or less, combining fat blasting HIIT with metabolism boosting strength training to bring about incredible results quickly. This challenging home workout program only requires dumbbells. The detailed, day-by-day plan uses Fitness Blender's free online workout videos to challenge & change your body fast. HIIT, cardio, strength training, circuit training, supersets, plyometrics, Pilates, and yoga come together to create the ideal workout program. Many people who complete these programs see weight loss - often 8-24 lbs in just 2 months - reduced body fat, drastic improvements in body tone, endurance, strength, & flexibility gains. Each day you get a Calorie Burn estimate & we include a clean eating guide to give you the essentials on how to properly nourish yourself during the program (please note, this is a general guide and not a meal plan). 30 Minutes is 1/48th of your day; no more excuses.  These workouts are challenging but the vast majority of fitness levels have been able to partake in these programs as you are encouraged to go at your own pace - we have also included beginner alternatives in the first 2 weeks if the regular workouts are initially too difficult. All you need is dumbbells.

Use #FB30 on social media to track your workout sessions, share your progress, find motivation, and connect with people around the world who are following this program. 

Please Note:

  • Workout programs are available immediately after purchase and can be found on the "My Calendar" page under "My Purchased Programs". To add the program to your online workout calendar: From "My Calendar" page, click on "My Purchased Programs" and select "Add to My Schedule" for the program you would like to add to your calendar. Select the date that you would like to start the program; your calendar will then be populated with your program, with each day's workout video(s) waiting for you on each corresponding calendar date.
  • Find the Fitness Blender Guide to Clean Eating for Faster Results on your calendar under Day 0: "Program Guide, Read Before You Start!"
  • Programs you purchase have no expiration date and can be reused
  • Online calendar programs are 100% unique from our eBook/PDF programs (previous PDF programs do not crossover to the new calendar)
  • If you ever have any questions about accessing a purchased program, we are happy to help, email us at service@fitnessblender.com
Plan length
8 weeks
Body focus
Total Body
Training type(s)
Cardiovascular, HIIT, Strength Training, Toning
Reviews coming soon

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01/24/17 4:18am

My wife and I are looking for a 20-30 minute cardio routine to compliment our rigorous weight lifting schedule. I would love to purchase a program but I do not want to overtrain and compromise our recovery. Which plan do you recommend?

Also thanks for what you do! My wife and I love your free videos and want to support you two!

Fitness Blender Service

01/21/17 4:01pm


Actual workout lengths range between 23-37 minutes, averaging out to 30 minutes a day, five days a week with an optional recovery workout on the 6th day.


01/20/17 6:15am

How many days a week are you working out on this program? I would like more if an idea of the scheduling before I purchase.


01/17/17 2:47pm

I have purchased this program but do not see where the workouts are for it to even add to my calendar I am confused please help me.


01/11/17 7:03pm

I completed this program over the summer (Jul/August 2016) and while the scale changed very little, I lost lots of inches. My clothes fit better and I felt FANTASTIC. At the end of 8 weeks I was much stronger. My endurance, flexibility and overall fitness improved. Soon, after I completed the 8 weeks, my family suddenly had to move. I found I was impressed with my functional fitness. My husband and I packed and loaded up our entire house with no help. I helped him load a freezer, many bed sets including bunk-beds, couches, washer/dryer, dressers, etc.
Sadly, we moved to the country where we had no internet and I was without Fitness Blender for almost 3 months. I did not keep up with my routine. Now I am starting over again, but I know in 8 short weeks I will feel great again. If you are considering this program I will tell you it is FANTASTIC. You can feel good about purchasing it!


01/11/17 8:32am

HI I AM REALLY CONSIDERING TO BUY THIS PROGRAM,I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT can anyone who has completed this program tell me if they have lost weight and how much weight did you lose,please help me

Fitness Blender Service

01/10/17 4:43pm


You will find this program has different videos than the trial.


01/06/17 12:06pm

I purchased and completed the FB30 trial. I want to move up to the FB30 8 week challenge, but I'm not sure if the first 2 weeks will be what I've already done. Is the trial completely different from the 8 week programs, or an excerpt from one?

Fitness Blender Service

01/04/17 11:21am

If you'd like a refund, please send us a message at service@fitnessblender.com, and we can take care of this for you.


12/29/16 8:08am

@cimidye Thank you for the reply. I am gong to carry on!

12/29/16 6:14am

Hi I purchased the plan:
FB30 - 8 Week Fat Loss For Busy poeople: Lose Weight, Tone Up, Build Lean Muscle for
By mistake I also purchased the FB30 - Round 3 - 8 Week Fat Loss Program For Busy People, I don´t want this program for now. How can I cancel the purchase and have a refund?. Also, where do I access the program purchased and the meal plan?


12/28/16 11:42pm

@Ebrown82 when you're working out your muscles gain. muscles are heavier than fat so this is why you didn't lost weight. but i'm sure you're stronger and fitter now than 4 weeks ago.
fitness is not a number on the scale and fitness looks different on every body.
so keep going it's worth it.


12/26/16 9:11pm

@MandysMoving sorry for the big delay but if you ever see this, thanks a lot for your reply. :) Happy new year!


12/18/16 12:19pm

I have been following this programme for 4 weeks now and haven't lost any weight/cm. Can anyone offer some advice? its quite disheartening.


12/14/16 11:36am

Day 43 is a repeat. I was hoping not to see anything twice. 2x they've also programmed workouts from the "5 Day Challenge for Busy People," which I don't mind as much.


12/13/16 10:36am

i just bought this and have made it through the first 5 days. my question is. I dont have time to work out for 1 hr. hense buying for busy people as my son gives me if i am lucky 30 minutes of time! but will i see results like i would if i was doing a full hr workout?

12/09/16 2:42am

i'm confused. I bought this program but what is it exactly? I thought it would say what kind of workout is should do in a day, but i don't see anything? I can only see wich date i should start (''add -> calander'' )

Sorry for my english, but i hope you understand me.

I just realized i just have click on the date and then i can watch the video... oops sorry

12/09/16 2:29am

i'm confused. I bought this program but what is it exactly? I thought it would say what kind of workout is should do in a day, but i don't see anything? I can only see wich date i should start (''add -> calander'' )

Sorry for my english, but i hope you understand me.

Fitness Blender Service

11/30/16 12:05pm

None of our programs are identical in anyway. All of our programs are standalone programs, and you can do them in any order.

We do not have this as an option at this time.


11/28/16 1:09pm

I have just purchased this program, can't wait to start it!
Was just wondering is there any way of integrating the workout calendar with say your google calendar? That way you could set up notifications and set alarms for when you want to do the workout to remind you to do it? Just a thought!! X

11/28/16 12:07pm

Can you tell me if there is a difference between your 3 different FB30 programs? I purchased FB30-Round 3 nearly 8 weeks ago, and I'm almost finished. I would like to buy more programs, but want to make sure the two other FB30 programs aren't identical to the one I purchased. Thank you!


11/26/16 1:37pm

Thanks! :)

Fitness Blender Service

11/24/16 9:23am


Yes, you can start whenever you want. Once you purchase a program, it's yours to reuse as many times as you'd like!


11/24/16 3:52am

Hi guys! Can we start whenever we want and access the program FB30 all the time after purchase? Thanks!


11/18/16 9:37pm

I've been working out in the morning, about an hour after I wake up and before I eat breakfast. Would you recommend eating a little something before I exercise?


11/16/16 3:01am


Yes you can use it on your iPad I do it all the time. You access it via the website. I have a cord that I plug into my iPad and tv so I can view what's on my iPad screen on the bigger tv screen. Hope this helps.


11/16/16 2:59am


11/08/16 12:25am

Can some lovely person please tell me if these programs are easy to access on your iPad? As I am reading you can't access your workout plan through the app which kind of sucks.

Thank you!

Fitness Blender Service

10/27/16 4:44pm

Our workout programs include a guide to clean eating that gives you a general but incredibly effective rundown on how to eat during this program for better health & faster results. You can find it on day 0, which means the day before day 1 on your calendar.

If you were looking for one of our meal plans, here is a link to where to purchase them. http://www.fitnessblender.com/page/meal-plans-and-workout-programs.


10/22/16 3:40am

Hi Fitness Blender. Does the program includes meal suggestion? Thank you


10/16/16 2:21am

Can someone who doesn't want to lose weight still do this program? My goals are to strengthen, tone and become more fit but I am at my goal weight and do not want to lose any more. I should mention that I only eat about 1500 calories a day (I can't afford lots of food) so I am worried I'll lose too much weight.


10/10/16 3:23pm

Is this the same as the round 2 of the 8 week fat loss program for busy people ebook (I have that already) or is this different?

Fitness Blender Service

10/09/16 12:20pm


We have included beginner alternatives in the first 2 weeks if the regular workouts are initially too difficult.

Fitness Blender Service

10/09/16 12:18pm


The free videos found on our site and on YouTube are the same videos used in our programs. The programs are a guide that take you through the best combination of videos for a specific result.

Each program is not only a day by day guide on which videos to do in what combination but also has a basic nutrition guide (as well as other helpful information) to help you get the most out of your workouts.

10/06/16 7:55pm

Hi, how are these calendar based program different from the ebook?


10/06/16 11:13am

Are the video workouts in the programs different than the free videos (for this plan and all other plans)? Or are they made using the free videos?


10/04/16 2:35pm

Hi, I am looking to but this workout but I do not have great knees. I need to be careful and avoid jumping and lunges. Can the workouts be easily modified to be low impact? Thank you.

Fitness Blender Service

10/04/16 12:15pm


First, let us thank you for purchasing one of our new calendar based workout programs. Because these new programs are integrated into our website, there is no “document” like a pdf with which to view and access the program workouts. The old eBook programs and the new calendar based programs are completely different from one another in how they work and are used.

We highly suggest utilizing the new format as we will be launching new features in the near future that unlock a vast array of ways to track progress and get analytics on your fitness, time spent working out, calories burned, etc.

If you have purchased a new calendar program and have not added the program to your calendar yet then follow these instructions:

go to www.fitnessblender.com
login to your account (the account you purchased the program(s) with)
Click on “My Calendar” if you are not already on the “Calendar Dashboard” page
Click on “My Purchased Programs” in the menu to the right of the calendar itself

Once you find your program you can choose a day to start your program; be sure to carefully select the day you want to start the program as you currently can not move items added to your calendar (we are working on adding these functions and they will be available asap).

Thank you again for supporting Fitness Blender by purchasing a new calendar program.


10/03/16 11:43am

I purchased the 8 week for busy people, but am unable to load the ebook or anything in a PDF format. I can only load this to my Calendar, which is SUPER inconvenient. Did I do something wrong, or is that just how it is?


09/28/16 9:07am

Hi!!! I was wondering how many workout sessions does this program have per week? is it an every-day workout program?


09/24/16 9:07am

I have a question: I usually view my videos on Apple TV. If I buy the 8 week program - then do I choose the specific video off YouTube? Thanks! I'm confused!! :)


09/14/16 9:13am

I have been doing this program for about a month, after a long time of being TOTALLY out of shape & overweight... It is great for starting since the workouts are only 30 min long, and I started using a lot of the modified moves but after only 2 wks I am finding myself already using less and less of them. I felt like I had so much more energy after only a couple weeks and I, for the first time EVER, really enjoy working out. They are comprehensive and you don't need to add anything to them to see results, but as soon as you feel how much more energy you have you'll be so much more active anyway. I am walking the dogs 2 miles several times a week in addition just because I feel so good. I have been repeating the first 2wks until I feel like I'm able to move onto the rest that don't have modifications. I am getting out and hiking again & riding my bike. It also motivates you to eat better since your working so hard. So glad I found Fitness Blender!!!


08/27/16 8:15am

I'm starting this program on Monday, for the people that have done it, did you see results with doing the program alone or did you have to add something extra?

08/17/16 8:01am

Hello there!
Do you reccomend this one for a starter?

Love you all thanks a lot!

08/15/16 11:10am

08/13/16 3:46am

At the end of this program I got on a Tanita scale only to see that I had gained 5lbs of fat! I know better than to be discouraged by the scale, but I was surprised because I was feeling great and fitting into my clothes so much better. My PFT showed incredible improvements after the program and my before and after photos show a world of difference- all of this from 30 min a day and no special diet :) Lessons learned: 1) I do not need a gym membership 2) I just need fitness blender 3) scales are garbage. Thank you!


08/12/16 12:29am

I was just wondering if this is a good program to lose that stubborn belly fat?


07/28/16 1:53pm

Is 30 minutes enough every day? I struggle to fit any longer in, but worry it isn't enough time every day to lose significant weight etc. Great website by the way, so glad I found your site.

Fitness Blender Service

07/26/16 1:37pm

@naomi.deleon.940 All of our programs are viewed online through your calendar at Fitnessblender.com.


07/20/16 8:26pm

Is this all on line? I have limited internet and no wifi.so I am wondering if I can still print off the schedule? Or what can I do?

Fitness Blender Service

06/29/16 4:07pm

@Will1melissa You can find the guide to clean eating on day 0, which is the day before day 1 on your calendar. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at service@fitnessblender.com


06/28/16 9:19am

How do I view the clean eating guide that it says it includes? I can't find it anywhere.


06/22/16 2:20pm

I absolutely love FitnessBlender. I love the workouts because they are challenging and fun. I never get bored and the time flies. I also adore working out with Kelli and Daniel because they are so "real" and fun. This is the first program I have purchased after using the free workouts for about 6 months. I knew I would love this program because I loved the free 5 day busy people challenge. The only suggestion I have (and its not a big deal at all) is to not start the program with the fit test. I feel like day 0 might be a better place for this so it can be more of an optional workout. Just a thought. Love you guys and your workouts :)


06/15/16 8:57am

jtvmaked- quick question: have you lost any inches? The reason I ask is because when we start weight training or increase our exercise/weight training amounts, our bodies retain massive amounts of water and glycogen. It can take about 4 weeks before our bodies release that and we start to see movement on the scale. During that water retention time, you're still gaining benefits, burning fat, etc. from working out- but the scale won't budge!

If you are *just* using the scale as a measure of success, you're setting yourself up for confusion and heartbreak- probably also zapping yourself of motivation. Using things like body measurements and the PFT, *combined* with the scale- all of that gives you a much fuller picture. I hope you haven't given up! There may be nothing wrong at all- you may be exactly where you should be! You can get back on the horse if you've lost you way!

Btw, if you have not lost inches OR weight- Yes look at your diet. But if your clothes feel looser, but the scale hasn't budged, you're probably on track!


06/04/16 9:28am

Best $15 ive spent all year. These two really deserve it as they have been providing so many free videos in youtube for so long. I just completed the 1st week and i feel great. I am almost weeks post partum and am just starting to feel comfortable in my skin again. My goal is to just feel as comfortable in my summer clothes by the end of week 8 on this program. Thanks daniel and Kelly you guys are seriously awesome!


05/30/16 6:49am

@jtvmaked It could be that you're actually not eating enough. 1800-2000 is definitely not a lot, especially if you're following a program with excercises five times a week!

Maybe this could be interesting for you: https://www.fitnessblender.com/articles/why-you-arent-losing-weight-when-cutting-calories-and-exercising-is-not-working

Good luck and stay positive :)


05/25/16 8:54am


I have purchased this programm and I'm currently at the 4th week. I don't really see results... What can I change? I want to burn fat especially on my belly area. I eat rather much, around 1800-2000 calories, since I'm hungry often. But I avoid drastically processed food. Do I have to eat smaller portion? Please help me :) I want a summer body and I've been workout out for 5 months...


05/23/16 5:52am

I just finished FB30 and I can highly recommend purchasing this program!

Working out five days a week is something I had never done in my life so that was definitely a challenge for me but eventually I got the hang of it. I had to restart twice due to getting sick in the middle but in the end I completed it.

A few months ago I wasn't able to keep up with any kind of HIIT workout and today I started FBbooty, which was quite intense, but totally manageable for me. So I can tell you that it works. It really really improved my stamina and strength!

Thank you Daniel, Kelli and the awesome FB-community!

05/04/16 8:42pm

I have just purchased this program and am very excited! I have been doing the free YouTube video excersizes for the last 6 months but the good thing about this program is that I don't need to search for suitable videos anymore, plus no more watching ads! And it is the same price as one week of gym membership here in Australia. I am very busy with work and kids and 30 mins is just perfect. I don't know if I am able to do this 7 days/week but my personal aim is to do excersize as a regular part of my daily routine, and loose some body fat along the way. I really love your work, keep it up!!


05/01/16 11:36am

@lemira931: Thanks for your comment. I will have a look at those videos. But to be honest, I feel sick if I eat more than 1200 Calories a day. I agree with you that it's not enough though. I have to make a proper plan. Thanks to you again and God bless you ;)


04/30/16 11:40am

@Adonis. You may not be eating enough. 1200 calories is really small amount to eat for the level of activity you are doing. I'm not an expert, but I would recommend varying your cardio, adding strength training and not counting calories. I would look at portion sizes of the clean foods you eat and balance carbs, fats and protein. I am finding that the hand/fist/thumb method of portion sizing works for me: portion of protein is equal to the size of the palm of the hand. Carb portions are equal to your clenched fist, and fat portion is equal to the size and thickness of your thumb. Of course, you can vary this based on your hunger and level of activity. Things like greens, onions, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. (lower calorie glycemic index veggies) can be eaten in any quantity. That's what I have done, and combined with FB workouts, it has worked very well. I do allow for occasional indulgences without fear or guilt. I hope you found this somewhat helpful. I would also take a look at some of the videos Kelli and Daniel have posted on the topics of body image, clean eating and exercise. I have found them eye opening and helpful on my journey of health and wellness. God bless!


04/30/16 8:22am

Purchased program on Monday but not able to start until Sat, how do you change the start date of the program... can someone help me??? Please....


04/30/16 7:23am

I've been using your exercise for over 3 years now. I don't like to be on diet but since I had been on diet for almost most days of my life, I cannot eat more than 1200 Cal/day! I go for run 30-40 minutes x 3 times a week and usually do abs exercise (either one of 8-10 minutes of FB) after my runs. I do yoga/pilates exercise on weekend too. But my body fat doesn't go away :( I'm not saying not at all but not that much improving! my abs muscles are building up very slowly! do you have any suggestion for me? consider this that I've been through all the medical tests, nothing is wrong with me. and I eat only good and healthy food, no junk food, no soft sweet drinks, and for alcohol not more than a beer or two /week!


04/24/16 10:18am



03/28/16 9:34pm

i purchased this program and i guess i wasn't logged in and it processed but i don't have the program in my purchased programs. my mom purchased this program for me and i dont to charge her extra money because i screwed up. can anyone help me????


03/19/16 7:14am

I was really hesitant to purchase this program because all of the videos are on YouTube for free, but eventually I decided I wanted to support these two for all of the hard work and effort that they have put in and made available for free.
I am not disappointed!! If you are considering whether or not this is worth the money, it is. The thoughtful and motivating guide that you are given at the beginning is worth the money in itself. It is so much better and motivating to work out when you don't have to wonder what workout will be best for you/when. I also seriously needed something that was 30 minutes or less, so instead of sifting through the 30 minute videos and trying to decide which one I should do today, I can access a calendar that allows me to click on each day. I have the site bookmarked on my computer so it shows up as soon as I open my browser.
These two are educated, inspiring, and understand the importance of taking care of your body - not seeking a quick fix or pushing yourself to dangerous places just to lose weight.

Thank you guys for your hard work! I begin my first workout (Day 2) today! Looking forward to it.


02/29/16 3:44pm

Hi.I am from India.I want to purchase this program. Plz help me.


02/27/16 5:58am

I purchased this program after five months of piecing together my own program each morning by a search on YouTube.
When I first saw that there was a charge for it, I was put off by it, but decided 14.99 was worth a try. I have NEVER regretted purchasing it, and just finished the first 8 week program, and bought round 2!
I have been working out every weekday morning for three and half years. I wasn't as challenged by the first couple of week workouts, but I added what I felt like I needed, and did all of the offered extra workouts. After those first two weeks though, I felt VERY challenged, and had periods of soreness, where I looked forward to the Saturday optional stretch routines.
I lost about 15 pounds from start to finish of the program. During the program I also did the 24 day Challenge by Advocare and continued eating as clean as possible and tracking my macros on My Fitness Pal.
I highly recommend this program, it is well worth the money!


02/26/16 2:27pm

I really want to purchase this but is there a meal plan that I can also use to go along with the program?


02/25/16 12:33pm

I have been reading comments on the calendar start...I agree u need to be able to adjust if u start on different day or skip a day..is their a way to do this? I think I like the pdf way better....


02/25/16 12:31pm

I have been reading comments on the calendar start...I agree u need to be able to adjust if u start on different day or skip a day..is their a way to do this?

li ping

02/16/16 10:50pm

I bought this as my goal is to exercise consistently (along with reducing a bit of body fat and getting leaner). These 30 minute workouts helps me to achieve this. Due to my work schedule, sometimes I'm unable to workout 5 days in a row and I use lighter dumbbells. Despite this I am becoming leaner. I skipped the physical fitness test because I'm not bothered how many more reps I can do, I just want to exercise and sweat. Another benefit I notice is that I feel more energetic. And I love that the program is varied with strength training, HIIT, yoga and pilates. Very happy with purchasing this program. Keep up the good work.


02/16/16 6:06am

How many days a week is this?

02/05/16 7:06pm

Hey cutediana, the dumbbells Kelli and Daniel use in the videos are PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells (available at Dick's Sporting Goods if you're in the U.S. and on Amazon). However, any type of dumbbells will work for these workouts - you just need a few that range from light to heavier (e.g., 5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb). The actual weights you need will depend on your current strength level, but the range above would be a good start. PowerBlocks are nice because you only have to deal with one set of dumbbells, but they are on the expensive side ($159 US for 24lbs and $299 US for 50lbs).


02/03/16 11:23am

I have done this once through, but it was over the christmas period. So even though I loved the variety of workouts, my diet wasn't brilliant. Started again this week. Best thing about this programme is the fact that you have to complete workouts for body parts you normally avoid (for me it's arms) and the variety means you don't get bored. I sometimes add on a shorted fb video if I have more than the half hour available. Would definitely recommend this programme


02/01/16 6:38pm

Can someone please help me? It says I need dumbbells and I want t get the equipment before I purchase this program, can someone tell me which kind of dumbbells I need? and how many? Is it the 5kg ones, or smaller? Bigger? Thank you!


01/11/16 2:08pm

@emilypemerly, no it honestly does not matter. I would do round 1 after round 2 if you like or even do your purchased one all over again. :)


01/11/16 2:07pm

@ayofan No, you do not have to purchase it again, I bought one of the 8 week programs and it saves it to your purchased workouts so you can add it to your calendar unlimited amounts of time. Also, sometimes I couldn't always workout on a Monday or do Mon-Fri so I just kept track with what day I was on and would complete them in order sometimes even finishing on a Sunday. As long as you do 5 per week:)


01/03/16 5:22pm


I purchased a 4 wk and 8wk program for busy people about 1 year ago. Does this particular program contain updated videos?


12/29/15 5:28am

ayofan- Once you buy a program, you own it so you can repeat the program -or individual workouts inside the program- whenever you want. You get to pick your start date. You can also do any day's workout, you just click the calendar date (it doesn't have to be today's date; you can literally choose any date box on the calendar). I've purchased a 4-week program and because of life haven't completed it yet... but I have "reset" my calendar and restarted the program a few times :)


12/27/15 4:01pm

Hello - I just purchased the FB30 round two - i thought i was purchasing round 1, will that matter? I should I be doing round 1 first?
Thank you


12/27/15 5:02am

I have some questions:
After 8 weeks do I buy it again if I want to do it again?
Once I buy it, can I select a date where I start?
What happens if I miss a day or two in a row- can I adjust the schedule?


11/30/15 12:44pm

Highly recommended. Don't kid yourself though, the 30 mintes you will spend working out are going to be tough!! It's perfect for busy people that want to get a really good workout in.

This was my first Fitness Blender program I completed after working out with them for 3 years, making up my routines daily. Having this plan already mapped out helped me push myself harder. I saw some nice results too.

Thank you Fitness Blender!


11/24/15 7:44am

Reemus, go to "My Calendar", then in the right side "My Purchased Programs" and then "Add to my schedule". Add to that day, when you want to start doing it. Good luck! :)


11/24/15 2:16am

I have purchased
But it's not seeing


11/23/15 7:15am

Tgilbert, are you talking about first day of this programm? If so, then after warm up is that fitness test, there is a link to it. If you don't want to do that test, just choose one of FB videos you like. I did that when I started 2nd round of this programm.


11/09/15 2:01am

Hey Daniel and Kelli, I bought the FB30 8 weeks fat loss for busy people Round 2 program and am in second week following it. I love it! I want to buy this program too but first I have a question. Does it contain any older videos where you guys do two or even three rounds of exercises? I prefer the newer ABAB format, which is why I bought the FB30 Round 2 first.

Other than that, I've been following you guys along for more than a year and absolutely love your workouts, but I don't know how to pace myself so I got various minor injuries. With this new program, I actually feel like I'm not overtaxing myself. And I feel great! Thank you Daniel and Kelli!


10/28/15 6:53am

This program was fun! I really liked it. Now I will take one week off (with some yoga stretching) and than i will do it again.
Well there was 2 days when warm up wasn't added, but that wasn't a problem. I did my own warm up. Thank you, FB team!

Fitness Blender Service

10/26/15 7:08pm

@jess0290 The program will be located under "my purchased programs" If you still are unable to find your purchase, please send us an email @ service@fitnessblender.com and we will get this fixed!


10/02/15 10:46am

I love the FB30 program. It's the right amount of time to fit into my day and make it a habit. I am on my second round of FB30 and the program is not boring at all the second time around. I am down around 10 pounds since starting on 6/8/2015.

I am looking forward to purchasing FB30 round 2.

I would also be interested in other programs in the 30 minute format.


09/29/15 4:09pm

Does anybody know if there is a difference between this version and "Round Two"? I don't know which one I should purchase.


09/28/15 1:13am

Oh, I forgot to mention that this program also costs like 10x less than T25, but it's 10x better! =) A mega win-win situation.


09/28/15 1:07am

This stuff is SO much better than T25. It's way more balanced and not repetitive at all. The overall feeling during/after these workouts is also a lot better. Thanks.


09/23/15 8:46am

@jahardin Yes, this program offers "Extra Credit Challenges" all throughout the program. @niparcelas Contact service@fitnessblender.com for one on one help.


09/21/15 6:26pm

Do these daily workouts typically include "Extra Credit" workout options for days when you would like to go longer than 30 minutes?


08/30/15 9:41am

Hey Guys, I've just gone through this program twice in a row for a total of 16 weeks and over the last few weeks my hips have started to hurt. Not the good soreness you feel the day after a brutal workout but a I-think-I'm-doing-something-wrong soreness in my hip flexors. I'm guessing it's the squats as doing an air squat even after two days rest is giving me issues. I've been checking my technic in the mirror and looking online for solutions. I don't want to stop my exercise momentum with further rest but also don't want to irritate the issue further. Do you have any tips on how to get past this? Thanks!


08/23/15 6:18pm

I just completed three weeks. I'm down 4 pounds and 2 inches...good bye baby fat! Thank you for this great program.


07/31/15 5:34am

7/31/2015 Ending PFT after 1 round of FB30 8 Week
Mile: 12min
Squats 75
Plank 75 (intial plank was 35)
Reach -2 inches
Weight 237
Male age 52


07/31/15 5:33am

6/8/2015 Start PFT
Mile: 15min
Squats 40
Plank 75
Reach -5 inches
Weight 242
Male age 52


07/31/15 5:31am

Program FB30 8 Week Fat loss for busy people
Date 6/8//2015 7/31/2015
Mile 15 12
Squats 40 75
Plank 35 1:05
Reach (inches) -5 -2
Weight (lbs) 242 237
Age 52 52


07/21/15 10:41am

Day 22 of the program and I really love it. Do you guys have plans to transfer the FB30 Round 2 from the PDF to the online calendar? I really love this program, thank you!! I can feel a difference in my body and my energy level already. I am hooked on these workouts. I haven't missed any.

06/20/15 8:28am

hii kelli and daniel i am from INDIA and i am not able to purchase your 8 week fatloss programme.. plzz help !!


06/07/15 10:18pm

How many days a week are the workouts and how many calories are burned each day from these workouts?


06/02/15 12:47pm

I'm buying this right now, can't wait to start tomorrow. Kelli and Daniel thank you for your hard work.


06/01/15 9:37am

@alexandra Each workout video for the day is titled for it's place in the schedule, i.e. "Warm Up Cardio", "HIIT Cardio", "Total Body Strength", "Cool Down Stretches", "Beginner Alternative", etc. Make sure to note that some of the workouts on each page (on days where a really tough level 5 HIIT like you mentioned is scheduled) there is an alternative listed under "Beginner Alternative" or "Intermediate Alternative". It's important to read each page of the program, as there's a ton of helpful information all the way through the program and it will also help you navigate each day's workout. Whatever you do, do not give up! These programs are challenging so it's important that you go at your own pace and adjust the workouts to work for your fitness level.


05/29/15 4:43am

Before purchasing this workout plan, I made sure to read over the description thoroughly. While reading I read and I quote "we have also included beginner alternatives in the first 2 weeks if the regular workouts are initially too difficult. All you need is dumbbells". I'm now on day #4 and I'm extremely confused because the plan just throws you in there. Day #3 consisted of a level 5 workout?!? That a beginners level? I'm going to stick with it even though I find myself struggling to keep up which is extremely discouraging but I really need to and want to lose some necessary belly fat before the summer really kicks in. I really want to give up through :-/.


05/18/15 12:10pm

Amazing results! I had previously been working out with Fitness Blender for about a month but after purchasing this program, began using it consistently. The fact that there were different workouts every day kept me engaged and motivated. I loved having the structure of the program and not guessing what videos to do next. I lost eight pounds in the eight weeks and my ending Physical fitness test results were an amazing improvement over my first ones. If you are debating purchasing this program, stop debating and start working out!


05/13/15 5:56pm

@marcela @val.rocha1 from above: "Workout programs are available immediately after purchase and can be found on the "My Calendar" page under "My Purchased Programs". To add the program to your online workout calendar: From "My Calendar" page, click on "My Purchased Programs" and select "Add to My Schedule" for the program you would like to add to your calendar. Select the date that you would like to start the program; your calendar will then be populated with your program, with each day's workout video(s) waiting for you on each corresponding calendar date." Also - "If you ever have any questions about accessing a purchased program, we are happy to help, email us at service@fitnessblender.com" Email them with questions and they will help.


05/12/15 5:17pm

How can i see the videos do they emailed to us or how this work I just bought the program but didn't revive an email like telling me how to use de program can someone help me TIA !!:))


05/01/15 8:57pm

I purchased this program on may 1st at around 1am Indian standard time. But it shows three days of schedule on may 1st. Please adjust this timeline starting from may 1st.


05/01/15 11:20am

I found day 0. I started on the first day of the month so I couldn't see day 0 until I went to previous month.


05/01/15 8:31am

I have added this program to my calendar but it starts with day 1. There is no Day 0 so I can not find the "read before you start" information or the eating guide.


04/24/15 3:19am

All you have to do to see your program is to go "My Calendar", then select "My purchased programs" where you will find all of your programs that you can add to your schedule. Once you added the program, you will see the said program laid day by day in the calendar.


04/21/15 9:08pm

I just ordered this program as well. But I can't make sense of how to get started. It would be valuable if you guys could create a video introduction of how to execute the program. I'm totally lost here. Will I get an email with a link for the programa I bought. I see countless single exercise workout videos, am I suppose to pick and choose out those single videos.... Sorry, I'm lost. Please help!


04/19/15 10:44am

is there a way of following this program on the app? i want to do it each day in the gym where there are mirrors to check my form, thicker mats and dumbbells. but i was hoping to follow the program from my phone, not my laptop!


04/18/15 6:08pm

How do I change my 'Day One' to another date??


04/18/15 3:41am

@asee12 and @pitchine.chaparro: I own the ebooks for the 8 week fat loss for Busy people 1 and 2 as well as this FB30. They are all different. FB30 is updated with more recent videos. HHTH.


04/16/15 3:44pm

@mar.letona from above: "Programs you purchase have no expiration date and can be reused" @julia.crane.56 from above: "Find the Fitness Blender Guide to Clean Eating for Faster Results on your calendar under Day 0: "Program Guide, Read Before You Start!""


04/11/15 3:06am

Hi, loving the workouts but how do I move the rest day to another day?



04/07/15 12:05pm


04/02/15 11:59am

when my schedule is finished, can i reprogram the program or i need to buy it once again?
I'm very anxious because i will finish in a couple of days :)
And thank you so much Daniel and Kelli this program is very effective


03/19/15 12:22pm

Need help moving the day of rest, it is set on a Thursday and I'd like it on the Sunday's !? Also I can't seem to find the healthy eating part to this 8 week program? I have puchased it. Thank you love love love everything about this!


03/17/15 6:19pm

i would also like to know if this is the same as the 8 week program for busy people (round 1 or round 2). Thanks!


03/16/15 3:35pm

Just finished this 8 week program and I can't thank you guys enough! I was really anxious to see how much better I did on my final fitness test and I'm happy to say my 8 week results blew my 1st week results out of the water. I feel so much healthier and stronger and I'm so proud of my accomplishments so far. You guys are just awesome! Can't wait to start your other 8 week fat loss program this week. You guys are the best!!!


03/10/15 2:24am

I just started this 8-week program and I'm looking forward to seeing the results on my body.

I completed two free 5-day programs before and I really enjoyed them. You guys are fun to watch and listen to - very down to earth and not promising unbelievable and impossible successes :-)

I like that the program does not get boring and there are a lot of different exercises. With other workouts I found it tiresome to repeat the same exercises day after day.

There is only one thing that could be improved: it would be nice if the schedule in the calendar could be changed more easily. For instance, if I miss a workout on a day where it is scheduled, it's difficult to move the whole program.

Other than that - keep up the good work, I love your workouts and will stay motivated. As a thank you I donated a few dollars to you since I find it amazing that almost all of your exercises are free.


03/08/15 1:23pm

Ihow many days a week is this for


03/07/15 5:01am

Is this the same as the 8 week program for busy people(either round 1 or 2)?? I want to buy it but am confused..
Any suggestions would be helpful :)


02/17/15 4:57am

I love not having to switch from iBooks to my browser and overall I really like this new format.

I agree with others that it would be really nice if the calendar were more customizable with the purchased programs. For instance, being able to change a start date or skip day of the week, having the program automatically adjust itself if you don't do a day (ie, move the remaining days workouts to fill the calendar.) I can already tell that my workouts will rarely match the calendar days.

In doing all that, it would also make the fitness test optional. I just did it at the end of the last 8 week program and don't want to do it again yet!

Thanks for all you do. I regularly recommend FB to my o
Patients, all of whom are low income.


02/15/15 11:45am

Hey I have a few quick questions about these workouts.

1. Is there a workout everyday of the week?

2. Is it all different workouts or are some of the workouts repeated? If repeated, how many different workouts are used?

3. Does it include the 5 free workouts posted for busy people?


02/14/15 11:21am

Is this program the same as the e-book "8 Week Fat Loss For Busy People" or are the workouts different?


02/01/15 12:10pm

When I try to Add my Workout for Busy People to my calendar, it fills in the calendar from January, but I bought it toward the end of January and actually started the new program Jan 30th. Is there anyway to get the workouts to correspond with when I began the works?

I think your programmer might still have some bugs to work out. But thats ok.

I do agree with Ambber1. I liked the PDF file, but I'll work with this, as I'm sure you're in the midst of receiving comments and will improve the programming relating to the calendar.

I am able to get the workouts completed to correspond to the actual calendar date when I did the workout. Just not "Add to Schedule" which seems to add all the workouts starting Jan 2nd for some reason.

THANKS DANIEL AND KELLI! What you've done with Fitness Blender is completely awesome. I tell friends all the time my current favorite workout program. You both are so dedicated, consistent, knowledgeable, personable and I love your new digs on the lake.

Happy New Year and here's wishing to much prosperity in 2015 and beyond.



Wild Web West, LLC
Grangeville, ID

Dawn Rock

01/30/15 4:39pm

Just bought this program to start tomorrow. After I paid for it, it took me to a page that asked how I wanted to proceed. I clicked "schedule a program" and then clicked on today on my calendar. It loaded a "Before you start guide" for today, with the actual workouts starting tomorrow. So, if you want to start a program, buy it before you intend to start and click the day prior to wanting to schedule the first workout. It should load up just fine. Thanks Kelli and Daniel - I love working out with y'all!!


01/23/15 8:15am

Thanks for your amazing work I have been using your workouts for over a year now and love the programmes instead of just doing a workout that takes my fancy!
I have just purchased this and can not wait to start. I love the fact it now goes on the calendar instead of having access to it on one PC and having to copy hyperlinks. Is there any way I can set out different days? I workout Friday-Monday and then rest Tuesday-Thursday due to work although am active at work. It would be great if I could set the workouts over the 4 days to make it easy to follow.


01/20/15 12:24pm

Hi Kellie and Daniel- firstly, thank you so much for all your hardwork with creating fitness blender. I have been woking out behind the scenes (i.e. this if my first comment) for 8 months now and have been spreading the word amongst friends and family in australia on how awesome all your content is! I really admire your fitness philosophy- that information on good health should not be a matter or how much time or money you have! Its amazing to see through comments how much fitness blender has had a positive impact upon peoples lives all around the world.

Ok..heres my question! I purchased the 8 week fat loss program- round 5 (and loved it!). Is this one different?

Also secondly the new website layout is really fantastic so well done! Just a quick suggestion with the calendar...is it possible to add in a 'add your own workout button' so I can add to my fb calendar when I have been for a 6k run or a 3 hour hike so I can track all my exercise? That would be great!

All the best to you both- keep up the great work! H :)


01/18/15 9:10am

Just started this program this weekend :) I love your video's! Hope this program will give me a bit more of a planned thing.

Just one question: where do I find the tracker and forum?

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