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All Strength Upper Body Workout - Upper Body Muscle Building Workout

21 Min • Upper Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Bench, Dumbbell
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    If you're looking for a  great upper body strength workout that will challenge multiple areas of your upper body then this is the video you want. This video is effective but it's also fun because of the way it's built; there are no repeat exercises in this routine, so it will help keep you from getting bored unlike many strength routines. For more workouts that use this structure, check out our list of signature "workouts for people who get bored easily".

    When we built this routine we initially wanted to target multiple upper body muscle groups and hit them each in multiple ways. To do this we focused on 6 of the major muscle groups in the upper body, the Pectorals (chest), Rhomboids (upper back), Deltoids (outer shoulder), Latissimus Dorsi (back), Triceps (back of upper arm) and Biceps (front of upper arm). For each of these muscle groups we chose two exercises that focused on that particular muscle in two different ways using slightly different ranges of motion. For example for the chest press we used a flat Chest Press to hit the center of the chest, and a Decline Chest Press, to target the underside or lower portion the chest. This allows us to challenge the chest in different ways but still get the benefit of multiple sets on that particular muscle to get a good amount of fatigue and muscle tear to build strength.

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    We have done this with all 6 areas of focus so not only does this upper body workout video effectively build strength it does it in a way that keeps you from repeating the same thing over and over, so you don’t get bored. Also because we use super sets (moving back and forth between two muscle groups) we can move much more quickly than a typical strength routine and still get impressive gains in power but also in endurance.

    As with all muscle building workouts you need to be sure you are challenging yourself by picking a weight that is difficult for you to finish all repetitions with clean form. Also because this routine does not repeat exercises you will want to have a large range of weight to choose from to appropriately challenge yourself with each movement. Also keep in mind that your main focus should always be form over how much you lift. Lifting weight that is too heavy for you to control reduces the exercises effectiveness and increases your chances for injury.

    - 12 Different Exercises
    - 10 Reps Each
    - 3 Groups of 4 Exercises Each

    - Dumbbells
    - Weight Bench (optional)

    Warm Up/Cool Down:
    - Not Included


    Group One
    Chest Press
    Bent Over Row
    Decline Chest Press
    Incline Row

    Group Two
    Overhead Press
    Dumbbell Pullover
    Lateral Raise
    Side Dumbbell Pullover (L&R)

    - Water Break -

    Group Three
    Overhead Tricep Extension
    Hammer Curl
    Tricep Kickback
    Bicep Curl

    Calorie Expenditure:
    The amount of weight you lift drastically changes the number of calories you will burn so this is difficult to approximate but with that said, the fast majority of people will fall in a range of 5 - 14 calories per minute if done at the same pace as the video. You can expect a total calorie burn of 120-280 not including the extra calorie burn from the metabolic disturbance strength training provides for the next 24-48 hours.