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Fitness Blender's Workouts for People Who Get Bored Easily - Fun Workout Videos

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Fitness Blender's "workouts for people who get bored easily" all have one thing in common; all throughout the entire full length workout video, there is not a single repeat exercise; you'll be doing something different for every active interval. 

These fun workouts are a great way to con yourself into exercise on days when you might otherwise not be feeling highly motivated. Because they are such a mixed bag of exercises, the workouts end up flying right by, and before you know it you're staring at a satisfying "Workout Complete" screen.

Not only are these relatively fun & easy to talk yourself into doing, they're also incredibly effective. The workouts have been meticulously designed to be smart, comprehensive, dynamic routines that thoroughly engage the muscles targeted - at least as well as traditionally structured workout formats. The only difference is that instead of doing 3-4 sets of an exercise that targets the quadriceps, glutes, triceps, abdominals, etc, you get to do several completely different exercises that all target those muscles in a slightly different way. The end result is a workout that keeps your muscles and your brain engaged and in the game - something that cannot be underestimated, as adherence is one of the most important things you can possibly consider when choosing an exercise routine.

We've heard from you guys that you love these signature Fitness Blender "for people who get bored easily" workouts, so we've created a number of them that target different muscles and also utilize a wide variety of training styles. As always, we are more than open to your feedback, so if there's another version of these workouts that you would love to see, by all means, let us know in the comments below. We do our best to deliver!

Check out these fun workouts that use the same theme that lends itself to such a wildly variant structure:

Which one is your favorite so far? What else would you like to see in this style?