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At Home Cardio Workout For People Who Get Bored Easily - Fun Bodyweight Cardio

24 Min • Lower Body, Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    Our signature “for people who get bored easily” workouts all share the same theme; they are comprehensive, well rounded routines that use a very large range of exercises - no repeat exercises at all, to be exact. Fat burning cardio exercises makeup this fast moving bodyweight routine & we have included low impact modifications in order to make it approachable for a wider range of fitness levels.

    These exercises all utilize balance, range of motion, coordination, agility, and endurance. Treadmill and elliptical workouts only dream of being this functional, versatile and effective! This cardio workout requires only your bodyweight, and it can be done anywhere. Upper body and core are all engaged moderately throughout, and many of these are excellent butt and thigh exercises; you are definitely going to feel it in your lower body! 

    I’ve included low impact options all throughout; feel free to modify and do whatever you need to to challenge yourself.

    Workout Structure
    5 Minute warm up cardio
    Bodyweight cardio; intervals of 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest
    20 different exercises
    Low impact modifications provided
    Cool down not included

    Printable Fat Burning Cardio Workout 
    1 Burpees + 2 Front Kicks 
    2 Side Squat Steps 
    3 Walkdown + Shoulder Taps 
    4 Curtsy squat with Side Leg Raise
    5 Jackknife Get Ups
    6 3 Lateral Jumps + Jumping Jack
    7 Squat Jump Combo
    8  Pendulum Swings + Leg Lifts
    9 3 Shuffle Burpees (stay low)

    Water Break

    10 Squat pops 
    11 3 Split Jumps + Squat Turns 
    12 Knee, Kick, Jumping Jack
    13 Ski to Sumo
    14 Star Jump Lunges
    15 Warrior Lunges
    16 Bird Dog Pulses 
    17 Bicycle crunch 
    18 Side Hip Raises
    19 Side hip raises

    If you're not moving onto another workout, make sure to do a cool down & stretch!

    What kinds of routines can I pair this with?
    Since you've already woken up your lower body muscles, this goes nicely with a short lower body strength workout, though you can certainly work core or upper body as well. If you're having trouble putting together a well rounded routine, we highly recommend checking out our very effective & affordable home workout programs that take out the guesswork for you. With our programs, the only thing you need to focus on is showing up & being ready to work hard.

    I had fun building this workout with the help of our Instagram audience; I asked them to share their favorite Fitness Blender cardio exercises with me, and hundreds of suggestions poured in. It was kind of funny because I asked for mid-range - not HIIT - style exercises, and even then, the comment section was flooded with “burpees” and “star jumps”. You guys are hard workers! Thanks to each of you who played a part in shaping this workout! If you want to take part in voting for new workouts & getting lots of behind the scenes pictures, make sure to follow Fitness Blender on IG.

    Did you like this new cardio workout for busy people? If you have more themes that you want us to try, let us know in the comments below!

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