5 Minutes to a Bigger, Rounder Butt - Glute and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt


Calorie burn:

35 to 60





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:


Body focus:


Workout Details

Don’t let the title of this routine scare you off; by bigger butt workout, we don’t mean just plain larger or lazier looking, we mean firm, well shaped, and perky.

The glutes are a large muscle that you want to keep strong. Weak glutes make for a butt that is prone to succumb to gravity, making it lie flat down your backside. The lack of strength in those muscles also makes for a vulnerability in your body’s structural integrity and strength that you don’t want working against you.

This video takes up a whopping 5 minutes of your day, but you will certainly feel a burn in your butt and thighs by the time you are done. These 5 short minutes are not for sissies. If you find this routine easy – or if you really want to make your butt look more shapely & round – do the entire thing while holding weights at shoulder height.

Because it’s so short, there are multiple ways that you can use this routine in your own program; here are a few examples:

- As a standalone workout to wakeup your muscles, get your metabolism revved, burn a few extra calories, and boost your mood.
- As a way to really burnout those lower body muscles, you can tack this onto the end of a longer lower body routine, just to make sure that those muscles are going to be sore (in a good way) the next day.
- In conjunction with our other short videos you can design your own full length exercise program for the day exactly the way you want it, 5-10 minutes at a time. For example, you could combine this lower body video with our 8 Minute Quick Sweat Cardio, 5 Minute Fast HIIT to Boost Metabolism, 9 Minute Tank Top Arms, and 7 Minute 100 Rep Abs. Design it any way you want it to reach your own personal goals.

Routine Structure
- 5 Fast paced minutes – no rest at all & very short transition times between exercises (it only takes 5 minutes, make the most of them!)
- No equipment
- No warm up or cool down (though both are recommended)
- 5 Exercises

Printable Routine

1 Minute Lunges + Lifts (left leg forward)
30 Seconds Lunge Pulses (left leg forward)

1 Minute Lunges + Lifts (right leg forward)
30 Seconds Lunge Pulses (right leg forward)

1 Minute Double Dip Squats
30 Second Static Hold
30 Seconds Squat Pulses

How many calories does this burn?
We estimate that this Fitness Blender workout for a bigger buttocks burns 7-12 calories per minute. This is a relatively high expenditure per minute, but because it only lasts 5 minutes, you are looking at burning only 35-60 calories total. That’s nothing to scoff at, but it’s not enough exercise for a whole day in terms of losing weight or keeping it off. That’s why this routine is a good candidate for combining with other short Fitness Blender videos or for using as a supplement to our lengthier workouts.

How often can I do this?
When a muscle group is sore, it’s best to give it 24-48 hours to heal before you work it heavily again. Days where your lower body is sore are an excellent time to focus on challenging your upper body muscles (or vice versa). You can specifically and intensively target the upper and lower body muscles 2-3 x/week each. If doing this routine by itself doesn’t make your muscles sore the next day, combine it with one of our longer lower body workouts on the days that you do it in order to get the most out of those lower body sessions.



04/14/15 12:27pm

OMB oh my butt! My legs hurt like hell. Short one but sharp ehough. Thank you guys!


01/11/15 2:28am

They say to not have a break.. I do anyways.#badass


10/21/14 2:00pm

I dont have a big butt, so I'm working out trying to get it bigger. I'm afraid it will only make it smaller


09/09/14 4:39pm

Nothing has made my thighs and glutes burn like this. I'm hoping the muscle group will be sore tomorrow so I can take a break ;)


08/24/14 9:27am

Thanks for this great info. Tell me please, what do you think about adding maca root powder to my daily diet, along with the excersice - will it make the precess faster?


08/23/14 9:24am

Can I do this everyday even though my legs are sore?


07/23/14 12:43pm

Wow...ouch. I knew this one would hurt.


07/18/14 7:21am

Squats squats and more squats! and when you doing exercise put the booty wow and do lot’s of exercise which is help you to make your booty bigger naturally and face.

rachael c

06/10/14 4:49pm

Sweet mother of quads..


04/29/14 6:14pm

Love these videos...it really motivates me

fitness blender

02/10/14 7:40pm

Kelly and aghitt,

Be sure to check your form. Keep you weight in your heals and sit back a bit more to focus more on your glutes. Whatever you do don't let you heals come off the ground.


02/10/14 2:07pm

I only feel this in my thighs and not my butt. Am I doing something wrong?


02/03/14 1:40am

I feel the burn in my thighs but not in my butt am I doing something wrong?


11/19/13 1:10am

Whoooo the burn! My butt is on fire. Love it


08/13/13 5:44pm

hello, just want to say i love y'all work out vidoes, BUT can you please tell me what kind of asics you have on and where you got them from please. I love them, saw them in some of your work out videos they are cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


07/13/13 10:37pm

Now, I feel this in my legs- really REALLY in my legs- but not in my butt. Am I doing something wrong form-wise?


07/11/13 9:45pm

Definitely felt the burn in my thighs! i love this!


06/27/13 3:19pm

Would this workout make my butt bigger or more round but smaller?


06/15/13 8:40am

whooo! on fire lol


06/06/13 11:24am

Ouch!!! Loved it!

dji dh

05/27/13 2:28pm

i'm afraid it would make it look smaller


04/15/13 12:03am

I dont feel this in my butt, only my thighs. Could I be doing something wrong?


03/23/13 6:00pm

I'm pretty sure it was Kelli who picked the title...


03/18/13 7:01pm

Hi, wasn't sure if this is the right place to ask a question but couldn't find anywhere else! I'm fairly slim (5'6 and about 120 pounds) but have recently quit smoking and put on quite a bit of fat on my tummy, bum and thighs, and started to notice that orange peel look down my bum and legs! I've started to half-heartedly watch what I eat, take the dog for brisk walks (I usually try and jog a bit as well but my lungs aren't great yet!), and have been doing this 5 minute bum routine and the other 5 minute belly fat routine 6 days a week. So my question is... Is this enough to lose the fat and cellulite I've gained? Any help and/or criticism is appreciated!! Thanks, Nancy


12/12/12 5:24am

My thighs are on fire lol :) Nice workout.


09/29/12 2:42pm

Liked this a lot! I like the nonstop. Another barre workout would be great!


09/27/12 11:30pm


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