4 Week Booty Boot Camp: Butt and Thigh Program

Plan overview

This is a booty building, butt lifting, thigh toning plan that will leave you with a killer lower body, as well as reduced body fat, improved cardiovascular endurance, increased lean muscle mass, functional strength, flexibility and...


This is a booty building, butt lifting, thigh toning plan that will leave you with a killer lower body, as well as reduced body fat, improved cardiovascular endurance, increased lean muscle mass, functional strength, flexibility and balance. This 4 week plan uses 3 intense workouts a week to reshape your lower body and bring about quick changes to your overall fitness level. Strength training and HIIT are the main training styles in this program, though Pilates, Barre, yoga, stretching, and plyometrics all make appearances.

Workouts are scheduled three days a week (roughly every other day), and average out to 38 minutes a day. Dumbbells are recommended but not absolutely necessary. As an added bonus, the core (abs, obliques & lower back) is heavily engaged throughout the very dynamic exercises found in these workouts, so you will likely find that you’re seeing rapid changes in your belly fat and the tone of your midsection, as well as in your lower body. Make sure to take "before and after" photos so that you can see the difference in 4 weeks!

We encourage you to use #FBbooty on social media to track your workout sessions, share your progress, find motivation, and connect with people around the world who are following this program. 

Please Note:

  • This is NOT a download: Workout programs are available immediately after purchase and can be found on the "My Calendar" page under "My Purchased Programs". To add the program to your online workout calendar: From "My Calendar" page, click on "My Purchased Programs" and select "Add to My Schedule" for the program you would like to add to your calendar. Select the date that you would like to start the program; your calendar will then be populated with your program, with each day's workout video(s) waiting for you on each corresponding calendar date.
  • Find the Fitness Blender Guide to Clean Eating for Faster Results on your calendar under Day 0: "Program Guide, Read Before You Start!"
  • Programs you purchase have no expiration date and can be reused
  • Online calendar programs are 100% unique from our eBook/PDF programs (previous PDF programs do not crossover to the new calendar)
  • If you ever have any questions about accessing a purchased program, we are happy to help, email us at service@fitnessblender.com
  • Combining this plan with other programs: This program has three scheduled workouts a week, all of which intensively target the lower body. This means that you will not want to do any additional workouts targeting the butt and thighs (extra workouts for these muscle groups may actually hinder your progress). Strength workouts for the upper body and core muscles would be ideal for 2 other training sessions a week, and activities like running, walking, swimming, hiking, biking, yoga, organized sports, low impact cardio, stretching, etc, would also be great options for those 2 free days each week. You can certainly pair this with another Fitness Blender Program, though our more intensive plans with foundations of strength training and HIIT may be overkill in combination with this program, unless they address one of the muscle groups not directly targeted in this lower body plan (ex: upper body or core).
  • Difficulty level: Though we always encourage each person to listen to their own body's messages and move at their own pace through the workouts, the routines in this plan are relatively intense and start out at difficulty levels 3-5 from day 1. This is not a low impact program. Exercisers will need to use their own discretion in manipulating the scheduled workouts to be appropriate for their personal fitness levels & abilities. Exercisers are encouraged to take liberties in manipulating this program to work for their needs.
Plan length
4 weeks
Body focus
Lower Body
Training type(s)
HIIT, Strength Training, Toning
Reviews coming soon

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01/16/17 4:53am

Hi, I would like to know what my dumbbells should weight (so I can buy them-...). Can someone please advise ? Many thanks

Fitness Blender Service

01/04/17 11:14am


Have you tried removing the program and adding it again? Also, have you tried restarting your device? If you're still having troubles, please send us a message at service@fitnesblender.com


01/02/17 5:23am

Hi, i've purchased this programm and added it in my calendar.
But i have problem with 2 workouts.
Workout schedule for 01/06/2017 - main workout is not available. "404 - Page not found" - WARM UP, WORKOUT & COOL DOWN. BURNOUT BUTT & THIGH WORKOUT - STRENGTH AND HIIT WORKOUT FOR LOWER BODY
And Workout schedule for 01/13/2017 - the same problem with main workout. WARM UP, WORKOUT & COOL DOWN
Please help me.


12/15/16 1:17pm

Anitcolor.... Not sure you'll see this, but you can always do the low impact workouts. And I do more strength then cardio. Some of her strength workouts get me breathing and sweating more then jumping around anyway. Hope that helps. Good luck


11/25/16 11:59am

Hi all, I have a question on how to combine this program with the abs program. To my understanding, I am to do do only the 3 days of the core intensive workouts and not do the cardio portions if I am combining the abs program with another program. Is this correct? If so, if i calculated correctly, I will be doing an abs and legs workout on the same days on some days...is this ok to do? Or am I incorrect.


11/15/16 2:40pm

Hope someone will answer, for almost a year i had depression and had a couch potato life thus all my muscles melted away,i'm also pretty thin with no muscles,nu glutes and a lot of cellulites, what type of program should i start for toning- gane muscles but do not want to lose a lot of weight ?? i want to mention that i do 1 time a week yoga and i think i will start running, also i cannot jump in my apartment :))) but i do have dumbbells

Fitness Blender Service

11/10/16 1:45pm


That usually means that you have created more than one account. Please send us a message @ service@fitnessblender.com, and I will look into this for you.


11/08/16 3:58am

I purchased this program in 2015. Now when I go to add it to my calendar there is nothing under my 'purchased plans'. I was under the assumption that plans purchased wouldn't expire

Fitness Blender Service

10/27/16 4:37pm

@hebasaad Please send me an email at service@fitnessblender.com and I will look into this for you.


10/20/16 3:44pm

@fitnessblender.com I've bought it and now when I try to access it they tell me buy now what should I do ?


10/20/16 3:28pm

I've bought it and now when I try to access it they tell me buy now what should I do ?


10/06/16 10:59pm

How do people outside of US buy it?

Fitness Blender Service

10/04/16 12:09pm


Follow these instructions:

1. Go to www.fitnessblender.com
2. Login to your account (the account you purchased the program(s) with)
3. Click on “My Calendar” if you are not already on the “Calendar Dashboard” page
4. Click on “My Purchased Programs” in the menu to the right of the calendar itself
5. Click on the program that you want to add to your calendar (this will take you to an “Add Program" version of the calendar)
6. Scroll down the page to the calendar and Click on one of the “Add” buttons corresponding to the day you want your program to begin

Once you select a day you will be taken back to your calendar with the program populated. Notice that there is an extra day before your selected start day that explains how to use the program along with extra helpful information.

7. Click on one of the days (or blue popup box) and it will take you to a detailed view of that day with links to each video page.
8. Click on the link next to the video picture to be taken to that videos description page where you can watch the video.

If you still can't access your program, please send us an email at service@fitnessblender.com


09/27/16 7:13pm

I've tried 2 other popular "mainstream" exercise programs and do minimal results. This one right here helped me to lose 11 pounds. I'm trying to stick with the mindset of doing it to be healthy and not trying to impress others. I've noticed when I do that I'm more motivated, placing more focus on me and less what other people think about me. I know my body will NEVER be perfect, but as long as I love it, love who I am and what God is doing in me that's all that matters. My spirit is way more important. I used to place so much pressure on myself and compare my body to others. But I'm learning that working out makes me feel so good. It's not just about outward appearance, b/c no matter what I'm going to get older and things will change. I want this to be a health goal more than anything. I went on vacation, hadn't worked out for a few weeks so back in the game now. Thanks FB, I started the 3rd round of this program on Monday, I'm a little sore, but I feel good getting back on track. There are some days I want to quit so bad...but will stay with it


09/20/16 1:32pm

I cannot access my video I purchase yesterday 4 week booty boot camp butt and thigh


08/07/16 5:51am

If I would have read the description better I see they're about 38 minutes long. :)


08/05/16 12:17pm

I've purchased the 4 week programs and while the Upper body one is great for me the Lower body one has too much cardio. I lose weight very easily and I'm a few pounds underweight so don't want to lose anymore. I also have a problem with keeping my back straight with a lot of exercises, it just rounds out which means I'm not engaging my glutes much. I'm not sure if it's my back, hips or hamstrings. If I do deadlifts my back is rounding just before my hands reach my knees, also when doing the cobra stretch my thighs come off the floor, I barely have any flexion in my back. I don't know what to do to help this as I can't get into the poses to stretch anything out! Any ideas?


07/12/16 4:29pm

07/02/16 7:31am

Wow, I did day one yesterday, and my legs are so sore today!! I have paired this with the arms workout (FBFlex?). I originally wanted to do FBAbs but i might already exert my lower body too much so arms it is. I wish I had painkillers in my medicine cabinet right now haha. But seriously, sore muscles mean happy pain and down the road, the result will be so worth it. Love you, Kelli and Daniel!


06/03/16 6:53pm

Hello I would like
Start this program next week to reach my goal in the next three months. I already have a big bum and big thighs. I'm looking to lean my legs and tone up my bum(making it bigger wouldn't hurt haha) I am starting to work out again so I know I will need to push myself. Would this program help with my desired goal? (Also thinking of combining this with fb flex to slim my waist.) please help!


05/04/16 7:52am

Hands down the best program I have ever done and I have done A LOT! I'm 27, had a c-seaction a year and a half ago and have been slowly gaining back strength and trying to tone up. Not only have I lost a 2 pounds and 4 inches in the last two weeks but I can lift my son with ease and feel so much stronger. I have 5 more workout days before I complete this program but I just wanted to say thank you to Daniel and Kelli. I'm starting to look and feel like my old self but above that, my eyes have been opened to the fact I had been doing over kill by working out 6 days a week for 1-2 hours with no results. I am looking forward to doing round 2 and than all of their other programs!


04/12/16 12:16pm

so i have a big behind and thick thighs with overdeveloped quads. i want to slim this all out not make them bigger. can this help?


04/12/16 3:42am

Does this program consist of a lot of high impact exercises? I used to love cardio / HIIT, but after knee surgery, I can not do any high impact. I need strength training, low impact for my knees. I can not do any burpees or anything like that anymore. Help! I am losing my leg muscles. I need a knee replacement, but am still too young for it. Is this a good program choice for me? Thank you!


04/09/16 10:43am

This program is great! Definitely changed the shape of my booty and got me excited for exercising again :D For 2 other days of weeks I've been doing either abs or upper body workouts and I feel great. Just started doing FBabs and then I will purchase FBbooty part 2! Thank you Kelli and Daniel :):*


04/05/16 11:34am

Is it one or different workout for 3 days?

04/03/16 1:30pm

Does this program help you lose weight in your legs as well as toning them?


04/02/16 10:13am

@mprice they already have :D I'm combining this program with FBflex check it out :)


03/04/16 7:41am

Loved it! I could definitely see results especially after I did the program twice. Would love to see something like this for upper body!

02/22/16 1:18pm

Hi guys
I was wondering if this program helps you lose fat as well. I need to loose fat from my innrer thighs and butt and before i purchase it i wanted to know if it helps you lose weight too.
Any reply will be much appreciated :)


02/16/16 7:34am

@elise__ward Once you've purchased a program you're free to remove, add and re-add that program as many times as you like. If you're still having trouble, make sure to write service@fitnessblender.com and you will get one on one help.


01/28/16 9:53pm

Nice Program Thank you for Sharing

12/29/15 12:31pm

Hi Keli and Daniel. Can I combinated butt 4 week with 4 week core? I have just finished 4 week low impact fat loose, but I decided to go through this programe again.After that I need to improve my legs and core.The reason of that I m going on snowboarding in March. Do you think I can do them together?


12/27/15 10:11pm

I love love love this workout program. I've done it once and can't wait to start it up again! Will you be creating another booty boot camp? Please say yes!!


12/01/15 10:46am

Love this program!! I've done it 6 times through & seen a HUGE difference in my body & overall fitness! Thank you Fitness Blender!! Can we get a round 2?


11/30/15 9:36am

This program is the very first once I used from Fitness Blender and one of the best! This program is tough but manageable, and it's relatively easy to adjust to your fitness level. I was a complete beginner (5 years of a desk job) but I was able to make my way through this program.

I definitely saw significant results with the back of my legs (and backside) looking smoother in just 4 weeks! I've continued with other FB programs, including this one again, and I've lost weight and I'm in the best shape of my life!!! If you're on the fence and not sure if you should get it, I encourage you to do it!


11/26/15 9:12am

after doig this workout i thought this should be part of round 2 of booty bootcamp loved it


11/17/15 9:02pm

I´ve finished this program twice! Would love an FB Booty 2!


11/05/15 2:37pm

Hello every one , i just deeply want to buy this program but i can not becouse IRAQ is not under the purchese!!!!
I need it , aby help ?


10/26/15 11:36am

Done with the first round of the program. While it didn't really change the shape of the booty that much, I noticed a drastic change in my abs and legs. This is a great program, and I'm excited to hopefully see more of a change in round two.

I'm a really tall, skinny guy and no matter what I do I can't seem to get a butt. Hopefully this second round will help more!


10/24/15 11:49am

I love this program! I hope you will be doing round 2 of the FB Booty program x


10/18/15 6:13am

How many times in a row can I complete the booty boot camp?
I'm done with my second month, should I proceed to a third month or should I find something else?
I feel that the workouts vary a lot which is a good thing, however, would I hit a platue and stop seeing any change at this point?
Thanks =)


09/21/15 8:54am

Mabuhay from the Philippines! I am on my Month 2 - Day 1 of this program. At first, I was not convinced when I tried this program for the first two weeks. But it really does work! That's why I wanted some more. Just make sure you don't forget to exercise your other body parts too, okay? Thank you Fitness Blender! By the way Fitness Blender friends, feel free to add me up on IG (lapinayski)! Enjoy working out and stay healthy!

09/18/15 11:13am

Hey FB friends!

I just finished my first round of this lower body program and I absolutely love it (like everybody else who tied it before it seems :D)! I had high expectations already in the beginning because of all the positive reactions in the comments but they (my expectations) where nothing compared to the actual program! The workouts were hard for me, especially in the beginning and I was really sore, but after two weeks or so it got "easier" in therms of soreness and now at the end of my first round I never really feel anything the next day (not sure if this is good or if i'm doing something wrong). I don't see a lot of changes in therms of the size of my thighs or my butt when I look at my before and after pictures but I guess I just need another 4 weeks and I'm already excited for it! When I look in the mirror however I definitely see changes in my skin (it got smoother and I have less cellulite) and they look more "compact" (don't know if you can say that), maybe tight fits better?

The biggest development actually happened in my head I would say, because before I started FB my goal was to lose weight and I did, about 15 kg but I still didn't look like I wanted to and there were parts of my body like my legs I still hated because they were big and in my opinion unshaped so I lost my motivation and over Christmas I stopped doing sports completely. Then some weeks later after eating cookies and chocolate occasionally I was heavier again. What a surprise! So I kicked myself in the butt and started doing workouts once more but I could never feel the motivation and joy from before.

That was the time when I found FB! I already knew them and tried some of their workouts before but I didn't really thought of the programs for myself and after I decided to try it out my motivation came back stronger than ever! I'm now eating healthy again, enjoying my salad and veggies and having fun doing sports which I never had, not even a year ago when I first started! I set myself the task to tell all my friend about the website and workouts because I love it so much and really, why bother with dieting and training while hating it, if it can be so easy and fun! I now accepte that the number on my scale is not important as well as the curve of my thighs, but to be healthy, live a healthy life and to love yourself for who you are!

I trained 7 month for something I could never achieve, because I could never change the bone structure in my legs even if I wanted and so can't every other woman in my family because we are born with more "dominant" legs, but that's okay because I feel good and that's more important than every jeans size in the world!

Thank you very much for these workouts and program!
They influenced my life and way of thinking like nothing before and even if it's "just" one month, I learned a lot about myself and my abilities and it motivates me to challenge myself every day to get stronger, healthier and just feel amazing!

Love Lea
(Sorry for my grammar and vocabulary mistakes! I tried my best! ;D )


09/16/15 9:19pm

I just bought the 4 week booty bootcamp program but now it wants me to rebuy it :(

09/16/15 8:45am

I am on the last week of this program and it has definitely made a difference! I feel stronger and my weights used during exercise have increased. The workouts don't get easier but you never lose motivation because not a single workout is repeated. I do notice a small change in my definition and about a 2 pound difference on the scale. Next week I will begin a combination of FBBooty and FBAbs. So stoked!!!


09/15/15 8:33am

I got this nice 4 Week Butt and Thigh Program, thanks for that! Also I have read your manual attentively, but still have a question. I do running every morning approximately 5 km. Can i continue to run daily? Or can i do running 4 free days a week only?


09/09/15 7:33am

@moniquelinebarger@yahoo.com @Michele - Make sure to follow these instructions, and if you need more help, just send an email to service@fitnessblender.com : Workout programs are available immediately after purchase and can be found on the "My Calendar" page under "My Purchased Programs". To add the program to your online workout calendar: From "My Calendar" page, click on "My Purchased Programs" and select "Add to My Schedule" for the program you would like to add to your calendar. Select the date that you would like to start the program; your calendar will then be populated with your program, with each day's workout video(s) waiting for you on each corresponding calendar date.


09/08/15 1:56pm

I've already bought the 4 wk booty bootcamp and now it wants me to rebuy it


09/08/15 4:52am

we just bought the 4 wk butt and thigh workout, now how do we access it?


09/03/15 10:22am

My daughter and I have been exercising with FitnessBlender a few weeks now and love it. Questions:
1. After purchasing do you have to add them to your calendar it watch them or can you watch them when you want?

2. Daughter, a college student living at home, and I have been watching your free videos for a few weeks and would both like to use the same account. Could she watch those she wants without having to use the same ones I am watching that I have put on the calendar?

2. If you have them in your calendar and miss a day or go on vacation can you move them all forward?


08/31/15 12:16pm

Finished this the second time and there is a slight tone to my butt and thighs but definitely no super shaping of the thighs or butt. I ate healthy throughout and coupled this with the Abs program on off days.

I got more results from the Abs program than this one. After two rounds I only lost half an inch on my thighs and didn't gain anything in the butt measurements. Nor is it more lifted.

For those of us skinny fat folks it may take longer for better results. Don't expect the moon. This is a great workout program for the lower body but it's not magic.


08/30/15 6:00am

I did 2 rounds of FB BOOTY. The first time through, I noticed small differences, so I decided to do it again.

I noticed an increase in my metabolism (bigger appetite), muscle tone in parts of my legs that never had tone (I'm looking at you, inner thighs), and it lifted my butt (Plastic surgery couldn't do a better job). The program didn't give me a bigger butt, but a better shaped butt, more muscle tone, and a lot of strength.

My entire lower body has always been a problem area for me. Big lumpy butt, thick jiggly thighs, cellulite. I purchased FB BOOTY to help. My legs are still thick and a little jiggly but there's nicer tone in there now, my butt is rounder and better looking (and my pants fit great!). I was in between sizes when I started the program and now I am in the smaller of the 2 sizes. I am actually comfortable wearing shorts now.

FB BOOTY is a convenient 3 days a week at about 45 minutes a day (if you do the extra credit videos). It makes it easy for someone to train the abs and the upper body on off booty days. It also leaves a day for stretching and a day of rest. I never felt like I over-trained my body during this program. I felt like I worked hard and I was VERY sore after some days. (The static cooldown stretches will save your life. Don't skip them!)

On the off-booty days, I trained my abs or upper body with a low impact workout or a toning video OR I did a good long yoga practice that was strengthening and stretching. I also rode my bike more. I noticed that my abs got a bit more toned as well! My lower back looks really toned after this program also.

I ate healthy, but I definitely indulged (way more than I should have) and went out to eat quite a few times. My diet is not perfect, my body is not perfect, but there were changes and results. Change happens slowly. Get excited and if you're struggling about whether you should buy this program or not, BUY IT.


08/27/15 9:36am

I resolved the issue! It was my fault because I didn't follow the instructions right! lol.


08/27/15 9:21am

@kls yeah I am, it is under my purchased programs but when I click on it I can't open it. Then when I try to search it on the search bar and click on it I get an option to buy it again. I will contact them to see what's going on :) Thank you for the response btw!


08/26/15 10:22am

@marrrweezzyy are you looking under "My Purchased Programs"? If you need any help at all, write service@fitnessblender.com


08/26/15 8:55am

So I bought the program but when I click on it to view it I get the option to buy it again. How do I fix this?


08/23/15 8:44pm



08/22/15 9:42am

I want to share my experience with this program and with FB in general.

I am a girl with a petite body but have good legs and butt. Because I don't have much boobs I've always focused on having a good lower body, so when I discover FB it was because if me looking for butt workouts on Youtube.

I immediately fell in love with FB videos and did lower body ones almost every day. After a month I did see a change in the back of my legs, and lower part of my butt, also the celullite I had was less visible and my legs were more toned, but my goal was to make my bottom bigger. So I decided to buy this program as to have a more structured workout plan.
I've just finished my first month I loved this program, and taught me I was overworking my lower body and not in a proper way. I understood that you need to do different tipes of exercises to target fat burning and toning and that both of them are really important; that you don't have to work every day one part of your body 'cause it's counterproductive.
At the end of this month my butt has lifted and has a nice shape and my legs are curvy, toned and my celullite almost gone, but my butt didn't grew much.
I don't have weights but I'm a creative person so I made ones with empty laundry detergent 10 lt bottles and old disc breaks. I know I can lift heavier but don't have the equipment, even so the results are really stafistying. I'm starting second round next week paired with my forth week of FB abs and then will do a round of FBfit.

I honestly think the job Kelly and Dan's have mad it's really amazing. They give you not just workout videos but teach you about being fit and healthy, and making that part of your daily life without it being a sacrifice. It's totally worth it.

*sorry for my bad english*


08/21/15 9:55am

Ahm.. I don´t know your name, but thanks a lot!!!

08/21/15 12:55am

This is long but I'm just going to share my experience in the hope that it helps someone else get great results like I have :)

When I first started this program 4 months ago I already had a big butt and thighs, but they needed shape and the back of my legs had quite a bit of cellulite. I did this program and saw a definite difference after finishing - my butt was more lifted and the back of my legs looked smoother, even though I hadn't changed my eating or lost any weight. My butt didn't get bigger, but it did start looking a lot better! I don't think this program necessarily builds a booty as much as it gives it a great shape. Maybe if you had no butt it would make it bigger, but I didn't gain any inches in the booty even though that was kind of my goal in the beginning. In fact I actually lost an inch, but everything just kinda looked better so I was happy.

I went on to do their FBfit program (8 week weight loss program) and lost about 8 pounds. That's when I really started noticing a huge difference in the back of my legs and butt. I think the extra weight was hiding some of my gains.

Next I did FBadventure and saw even more changes. I am so much stronger, more flexible and agile than I was just a few months ago. The backs of my legs are almost completely smooth now and everything looks firm and lifted, but everything still feels soft (in a good way). It's crazy because I've heard so many people say you can never really get rid of the appearance of cellulite but FB programs actually did for me!

Now I'm doing FBbooty again, except I'm also adding an upper body/ab day plus a short jog on two of my days off, for a total of 5 days a week.

My body looks completely different in just 4 months! I actually feel confident in a bikini :) The Fitness Blender programs definitely work if you stick with them! I like that they add muscle so you're burning extra calories all the time, even when you're just standing around. I can definitely eat more than before without gaining weight.

However, you have to stick with it! And to get the best results you have to work on eating healthy too! In their videos they tell you that the best food is "real food" like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, eggs, nuts, etc. I didn't start seeing huge gains until I addressed my eating in addition to working out regularly. You need to remember that fitness and health are lifelong goals. You only have one body for the rest of your life, so you have to take care of it!

If you're motivated, these programs will work for you, and they'll take a lot less time (and money) compared to going to the gym! Kelli and Daniel are experts and they will teach you how to get the biggest gains in the least amount of time. They'll have you do exercises that actually make your body look good, compared to something like long distance running or using the elliptical, which make your backside look droopy if that's all you do! If you commit to any of their programs you will look and feel great!

If you're not sure which program to start with, I think this one is the best choice! Personally I am glad I started with the booty program compared to the others. I think it's easier to get started with if you're completely out of shape like I was. If you haven't been working out regularly than the 3 days a week for this program is plenty! The other programs are more days a week and the FBfit weight loss program is particularly brutal. Even though you will lose weight I'm glad I didn't start with it! This program eases you into working out and gets your lungs in better shape so you can amp it up to a harder program if you want. Or you can just start over and repeat this program again!

If you're not sure, do it!


08/20/15 6:35pm

I really need a programme or workouts that will help me burn fat, shape and lift my butt, but it's not my goal increase its size. Is this programme suitable for me?
Thank you in advance


08/20/15 3:33pm

This was my first program and I Loved it so much I did it twice. The 3 days a week make it really easy to stick to and I liked having every other day off so I could do some yoga and stretching in between. I am looking forward to getting FB mass to keep increasing my overall strength!


08/16/15 6:27pm

I am about to buy a program but not sure which one :(
I dont need bigger tight and butt I want to reduce their size
Does this booty program help you to loose weight around butt an tight?


08/08/15 6:51pm

Does this program only have 3 days of workouts every week? It's not like the other ones where you have 5-6 days a week planned out?


08/04/15 8:26pm

AndyBG she uses different weights for different exercises like 9, 12, 15, 24 lbs per hand.


07/30/15 2:11pm

Just finished the program and it was HARD but it was amazing, you will definitely see results within the first 2-3 and my legs are stronger and I'm looking more fit and healthy than I was before!!! Thanks Kelli and Daniel!


07/24/15 12:49am

Just finishing my 2nd round of the programme. Its amazing how visible changes you can see in your body in just a month. My butt is visibly lifted and my legs are stronger. Highly recommended. You guys are super and the proof that you can have a beautiful healthy body by consistent exercise and clean eating . You are very inspiring. Thank you very much.


07/23/15 12:12am

Hi there, is there anyone who combines this program with the 4 weeks abs or/and 4 weeks mass building? Is this working or just too much? Thanks!


07/20/15 10:41am

If somebody has done it, can you tell me the weight of the dumbells Kelly uses, or how much weight do you used for this program?


07/20/15 5:57am

Syrah Fox.. I think you just go to My Calendar at the top, then on the right side you have a "My Purchased Programs" link. Click that then choose whichever program you want, then it will take you to the calendar, and pick any day, click ADD and bam!!! Should be good to go =)

syrah fox

07/19/15 10:32pm

I've just finished Round 1 of this programmed and wish to repeat it but can't work out how to get it back in the calendar for the current month? Any tips?


07/18/15 10:40am

I'm with Britanii, please make us a program for arms/shoulders!


07/13/15 12:21pm

I already have a big enough butt/thighs, I just need to tone them. can I still use this program? I don't want my butt to get any bigger. Thanks!!


07/13/15 5:02am

Looks good, I want to get more toned for my wedding in September.
What weight of dumbells do you recommend? I will need to buy weights.


07/12/15 6:05pm

This program has great results. The videos are all already available but they lay them out for you in a format that specifically targets your booty and thighs. Ive been doing the program for about 3 weeks now, 3x a week and I have noticed changes already. Not as much cellulite when I flex my booty, plus it is more round and lifted. These videos are hard and will leave you sore! I love this site and will continue to use it! I was wondering if there will ever be a program for arms as well? Great price for a great program, thanks FB!



07/10/15 9:53am

so I am completely this program for the second time today! yep 8weeks! my husband cant stop commenting on my legs and hiney. he said "now thats a butt!" i have never had a butt before. the magic really happened around week 6. still not losing inches on the old waist but overall much more tone and muscle. i gave up caring about calories and eat what i want. i do believe i have a hormonal imbalance and am starting to deal with that. will check back again and let you know how it goes! thanks for the advice everyone.


07/05/15 7:31pm

Hi there. Good day! I am a beginner here and everytime I do the Standing abs workout mixed with butt and thigh toner workout, I feel like to vomit and feeling dizzy.
But your workouts are the best of all. I tried zumba manytimes but I dont feel like Its challenging unlike yours. Thank you for keeping people in shape by your workouts. More power and God bless. You surely deserved the 2M subscriber on youtube.


07/05/15 7:31pm

Hi there. Good day! I am a beginner here and everytime I do the Standing abs workout mixed with butt and thigh toner workout, I feel like to vomit and feeling dizzy.
But your workouts are the best of all. I tried zumba manytimes but I dont feel like Its challenging unlike yours. Thank you for keeping people in shape by your workouts. More power and God bless. You surely deserved the 2M subscriber on youtube.


07/04/15 5:57pm

I have been working out with Fitness Blender for 5 years and this is only the second program I've done. I've always just built my own plans from my favourite workouts, but I decided to give this a try. I am starting week 2 and I am loving it so far! It enables me to continue my yoga classes and to incorporate upper body work in between leg days. Thank you Kelli and Daniel for all your hard work! One BIG suggestion and wish that I have is that you create a 4 week upper body (arms/chest/back) program so that we can go back and forth between the plans. It's easy enough to pick our own videos to fill in the blanks, but it's nice to have it laid out for us with cardio and strength training included.


07/02/15 10:44am

I am starting this program tomorrow along with doing an upper body strength with abs every 3rd day as well. Should I also add a low impact cardio workout to the schedule? I am closely following a clean eating diet and am hoping to lose weight and gain muscle.


07/01/15 1:58am

@arimeu Thank you so much!


06/30/15 8:15am

@Switzerland21 It will be yours forever, and you can do it as many times as you want


06/29/15 12:43pm

I'm a beginner with the "4 Week Booty Boot Camp": can someone tells me if the program stills available indefinitly in your account after the all workout is completed in 4 weeks or will I be forced to rebuy the program?


06/29/15 3:55am

Hi there, just a quick information: I'm running 2/3 times by week, and I'm searching something to tonigh by butt especcially... Do u think this course it could be shaped for me? And I don' t have the Dumbbell, i can change it with other stuff?
many thanks


06/28/15 3:25pm

@jgreitzu Sounds like you're not eating enough!


06/27/15 6:41am

@jgreifzu Maybe you've reached a plateau, try adding some running to your regimen. That should knock of the rest of the weight.


06/20/15 7:08pm

@jgreifzu Sounds like you are leading a very healthy lifestyle in both diet and exercise. If you still aren't losing the "extra inches", my guess is that you are already at your body's natural healthy state! Just live to feel healthy, and the "extra inches" shouldn't matter :)


06/08/15 7:50pm

advice needed everyone. i have been doing FB workouts for about a yr now. since my third child was about 11-12 wks. i lost all my weight and inches about 9 months ago. i am still 10 lbs heavier than normal but considering all the strength training i dont care about the weight. my issue is the 2 extra inches on my belly. i eat very clean and have for over 6 yrs. i make everything at home from scratch. i eat little to no sugar. the dairy i do eat is raw and usually fermented. no veggies oil or soy period. i eat all grass fed/ pastured products and lots of organic veg. i have two days left on this particular program and see no real difference. i work HARD and lift as heavy as i can which is usually around what kelli is lifting. i tried limiting my calories to net 1600 (i am also still breastfeeding) and saw no changes either. what gives? i usually rotate 2 days each of upper, lower, and core work aiming for 300-600 cal a workout mixing strength and cardio.


06/04/15 7:56am

Hi. After day 2 on this program I realize I'm feeling more sore on my right side. I know this is my stronger side but I don't want to favour the side during workouts... does anyone have any suggestions on how to balance myself better?


05/29/15 1:11pm

I am on the last days of the FB booty boot camp. I' m doing this bootcamp with de FB Abs program. But I am not completly sure if it was the best combination. Both of the programs are Great. Don't get me wrong. And I will for sure go for another round. But my confusion started when in the abs program you get to do a lot of /intensive squats/ lower body workouts (for as far as I understand this is because squats are great for a nice core) and remembering that you have to give your lower body some rest I sometimes had the feeling that I was overworking my muscles. Like you guys discribe it is best to do a core workout the 2 days left if you are doing the fb booty boot camp. So my question is, is it better to do these program's separately and fill the other 2 days with the full-length workout videos? Sorry for my walkie talkie inglish. Hope you can understand :D greats from Holland ! :)


05/28/15 9:29am

Id like to do this program can you sugest another to add to it for core and strength? Thanks btw you guys rock!!


05/28/15 7:47am

Any reviews about this program? I'm thinking of buying it


05/18/15 5:31pm

How long are the workouts in this program?


05/14/15 7:12am

Half way through this program and it is great! I really believe it is making a difference in the target areas it was meant for, but more importantly I feel much stronger and active!


05/12/15 4:18pm

I bught the 4 week booty bootcamp and then my previous account would not let me log in. If someone could help me find the password to my old account so I dont have to pay for this again? :(


04/23/15 7:43pm

@angela @dapate if you have any questions at all, email service@fitnessblender.com otherwise, this should help, from above: "This is NOT a download: Workout programs are available immediately after purchase and can be found on the "My Calendar" page under "My Purchased Programs". To add the program to your online workout calendar: From "My Calendar" page, click on "My Purchased Programs" and select "Add to My Schedule" for the program you would like to add to your calendar. Select the date that you would like to start the program; your calendar will then be populated with your program, with each day's workout video(s) waiting for you on each corresponding calendar date."


04/21/15 4:48am

I ordered two programs and I added it to my calender and it wont open any vid just the description of the program. HELP


04/20/15 5:00pm

I just ordered this, it says order complete- where is it?!


04/20/15 4:44pm

Can I still run while doing this program? Will my results be affected? I run once a week for 5K.


04/20/15 1:42pm

I am working through this program for the second time and am really enjoying it. My lower body is definately stronger. I have bad knees and even doing the low impact versions is a great work out. Thanks for what you do.


04/18/15 3:13am

I added to my calendar and it seems as though there's duplicates of both videos unless you are sup posed to do the same ones twice in the same day?


04/10/15 4:11pm

I'm almost done with this 4 week program. Can I do it again to make it 8 weeks? Or is there another program to follow this one?


04/07/15 8:18am

Seriously awesome program. Just finished it. Some days were super, other days I found myself yelling at the screen - lol ;) Especially the last day of the program - dear G-d that was an insane workout. But feeling so great from it all!

I definitely see a change, and my lower body feels much stronger and more "put together" so to speak. Going to start the program again this week, in conjuction with continuing the 8 week program for busy people. The days actually kind of coordinate well together!

Thanks for all you do K and D! :)


04/07/15 5:53am


Does anyone know how to change the days of the workouts on your calendar. I just purchased the 4 week butt and thigh work out and they fall on days that I am not going to be able to do them for example on weekends. How can you move them to days that suit without having to add them individually?



04/06/15 6:22pm

Hi, guys
I just payed the program,added it to my calender ( I'm having 2 accounts - FB and normal. Don't know where it went) unfortunately I don't see it in any of my calendars. What did I do wrong?


04/06/15 2:06pm

@littled I use Chromecast on my phone by using the YouTube app. It's a bit more time consuming, but it works. I go into the Fitness Blender website, fined my workouts according to my plan, then find them in YouTube and put them in the queue. Hope this helps!


04/06/15 2:01pm

Hey Daniel and Kelly,
I noticed you will be making an application, awesome by the way. I was wondering if we can use the application through chromecast?
I would also really love to purchase this 4 week butt program, however I only want it, if I can put it on my tv through chrome cast. Do you know if it will work?
Thanks for all you guys do!


04/04/15 4:31pm

okay so I got the explanation when i wen on youtube by fitness blender:
"That's the way that all of our programs have always been built. The programs methodically organize all of our workout videos into a professionally built program that lays out exactly what workouts to do for 4-8 weeks. Depending on which program you purchase, it costs between $0.16- $0.25 a day, as opposed to the $50-$150+/an hour for a person trainer. The proceeds from program sales go towards helping us to continue to offer our (incredibly costly & time consuming to produce) full length workout videos for free. If you have any more questions about your purchase, feel free to reach out: using the "Contact Us" button on our site."

Thanks very much for explaining, now it's time to get working!


03/30/15 3:27pm

I added this program to my calender and it only scheduled me for 3 workouts. How do i access the workout videos after day 3?

Anusha celly

03/30/15 2:34am

Please make a program for upper body as well!

03/25/15 2:56pm

Hey guys,

I bought this program yesterday but unfortunately it isn't available on "My Purchased Programs" yet. The payment has been confirmed by Paypal. If you could please check what happened, that would be great. Thanks in advance.


03/25/15 1:37pm

How intense is this booty program? I like intense, so I am wondering if it is worth the purchase. I did enjoy the last lower body video that Kelli uploaded. The burn was AWESOME!!!


03/24/15 2:38pm

I would love to see a 4 week program targeting the tummy/abs/back.


03/21/15 7:34pm

To all those people having trouble accessing the videos: You must add the purchased program to your calendar. You choose your start date and then the videos will automatically appear 3 days of the week with rest days between.

To Daniel and Keli, I used your program to train before going on a 9 day ski trip, and thanks to you, I skied 8 of 9 days, had a blast, and my thighs feel grea!! You are the best!!!


03/20/15 2:29am

I am half way this program and I am feeling stronger allready. I have done a 52 minute workout today and before I started I did not think I would be able to finish it, but I did. Feeling very proud of myself. Thanks you! I really feel a difference in my body.


03/17/15 11:29am

In the Booty Bootcamp, are the workouts new or are they ones from your workout videos?


03/16/15 5:56pm

@radigan you need to go to "My Calender" when you log into your account. The workouts are in there when you click on the days with the blue dots.


03/14/15 8:40am

Very great idea! Now all I need, is an 4 Week Ab Program :)


03/12/15 10:21am

@radigan Fitness Blender cannot help you from a comment on this page; email service@fitnessblender.com and you will get one on one help.

Anusha celly

03/10/15 11:11pm

Please tell me if this will reduce the size of the thighs or just tone them?


03/10/15 5:58am


03/09/15 11:33pm

I just bought this program and tomorrow is my last day of the FB 8 week program does anybody know if I add it to my calendar I won't start the workouts until the third day because the 8 week program you add it and you are supposed to read the first day and then you have to do a test do you have to do a test in this program?


03/09/15 8:27pm

just purchased this program and noticed that in those 3 workouts a week there is always a second one for the same days. is the second one optional,or should we just choose which one to do??or are both recommended? cant wait to start!!! thanks for all u do!!!


03/09/15 7:29am

Can you please let me know if the 3 workouts a week in this program are brand new workouts that are not included in the main workout page?


03/09/15 2:41am

just purchased and added to my calendar, starting soon after I'll finish the other one I'm doing, that is the Mass building program, which is working great!!! thank you forever :)


03/09/15 1:35am

This is the second program I've purchased from Fitness Blender. Can't wait to start as soon as I'm finished with the 8 Week Fat Loss program. I love the FB Calendar and how you have a program to follow each day. Thank you Kelli and Daniel for making fitness so accessible and fun. Greetings all the way from Bulgaria :)


03/08/15 4:35pm

Can you recommend a workout to do on the off days for core or upper body?

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