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FB Kettlebell Blend: 2-Week Kettlebell Challenge for Functional Strength

FB Kettlebell Blend: 2-Week Kettlebell Challenge for Functional Strength

37 Min/Day • 2 Weeks
  • Daily Duration Avg. 37 Minutes
  • Min. 22 Minutes
  • Max. 53 Minutes
  • Body Focus Total Body
  • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Kettlebell, Low Impact, Strength Training
  • Equipment Kettlebell, Mat


Welcome to Fitness Blender’s Kettlebell Blend Program! 

This 2-week challenge is designed for those who want to utilize kettlebells in a more structured approach. There are many benefits to kettlebell training, including:

  • Increased power and athleticism
  • Improved functional strength and coordination
  • Increase in lean muscle
  • Efficiency — targets many muscle groups at once
  • And more!

By the end of your 2 weeks, you should notice marked improvements in all of these areas.

Who is this program for?
This challenge is ideal for those who have some experience with kettlebells and/or a good base of strength before starting. Many of the movements in kettlebell training involve explosive movement patterns and can be considered pretty challenging. If you suffer from chronic back pain, this may not be the challenge for you.

Methodology and difficulty
With many of our kettlebell workouts being a level 4 or 5 out of 5, we’ve designed this challenge with 3 “required” kettlebell workouts per week and 2 “optional” workouts per week that will be of a recovery nature. This way, you can be sure your body can maximize each workout, while effectively recovering between them. You’ll also find a couple days where you get to choose between 2 workouts based on how you’re feeling that day. Feel free to rework your calendar in any way you need to accomplish this challenge. 

Equipment needed
For this challenge, you’ll need one main thing: kettlebells! Most of the workouts require using just one kettlebell at a time, but we recommend having a few weight options available, if possible. While we encourage kettlebell use, we know this may not be accessible to everyone. Dumbbells make a good substitute for most exercises.

Additionally, you’ll come across a workout using a jump rope. If you don’t have one, you can repeat the same motions without a jump rope.

Meet Your Trainers
FB Kettlebell Blend features a mix of FB Plus and Free videos from Daniel, Kelli, Tasha, and Nicole.