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Week 2 of Fitness Blender's 30 Day Challenge

Hello, hello! Well, do you think the hardest part is getting started?

You've established the groundwork in Week 1, and now it's time to start the steady climb! Throughout the week you'll notice opportunities where workouts slightly increase in overall time and intensity with varying workout structures. Add the entire challenge to your calendar with one click: 30 Day Challenge: Strength, HIIT, Mobility.

WEEK 2 - This week ups the average duration to 40 minutes/day at an average difficulty of 3.0

Staying consistent with a longer challenge like this can bring up constant tests of your commitment (and that's entirely normal and expected). Continuing to show up as you are is more than enough and will keep you going through each weekly experience. Although the workouts this week offer up new challenges from Week 1, they'll continue to be adaptable to meet the needs of your body.

The first week of any programming can be a shock to your system in several ways — sore muscles, adapting to workout frequency, mentally adjusting, etc. Take any feedback your body is sharing with you and factor it in as you travel through the Week 2 workouts, remembering that if you need an extra rest day, it won't mean you're "off track." Just pick right back up where you left off and be proud of yourself for listening to what you need. It will only fuel your strength and consistency throughout the rest of the challenge! 

Now it's your turn to talk! How are you feeling physically/mentally now that you've got a few workouts under your belt? Do you have any tips, encouragement, or concerns to share with the community? Let's lift one another up in support! 

I look forward to interacting with you below :)