New: Work Out With Me! Upper Body Workout + Low Impact Program Now Included with FB Plus

Good morning!

I've got a new Plus workout for you that I hope you're going to enjoy.

NEW: Work Out With Me! 52 Minute Freestyle Upper Body Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily

I enjoy this format so much. Just like the “Workout with Me!” Lower Body Strength & HIIT, I made this workout up as I went along. What I mean is that I approached the workout session like I would one of my own off camera workouts, in that I moved fluidly from one thing to the next. It allowed me to make decisions about how the routine unfolded, based on how we feel after what we’ve already done, in real time. Not having to worry about timers, or choosing just one format of routine gives me more room for creativity, spontaneity and flexibility in the different types of trainings utilized. So far only 2/433 of my workouts are like this but it has been a lot of fun the couple of times that I've done it.

In other news, after reading a Community post regarding the helpful daily guides of our Low Impact Programs, I have added the 4 Week Low Impact Round 2 Program, to be included with FB Plus. I think that it was really helpful to hear how some of you thought that the guide made a helpful difference for beginners, and I definitely want Plus to be a maximally helpful, entirely beginner friendly place to start - as well as a place for advanced exercisers to become stronger. Thank you for the helpful feedback - now anyone who has FB Plus also has instant access to the Low Impact Round 2 Program. I added Round 2 specifically because I wrote that round when I was a total beginner again myself. Both are great places to start, but I like that I had a different perspective on what being a "beginner" can feel like, that helped me write the second program. 

How are my FB Strong workout buddies doing? I hope you're enjoying the workouts, treating yourselves kindly and feeling good. I also hope you're using that reschedule button with confidence and as an assist to help you better meet your own needs as you make your way through the workouts. I hope you're having fun, too 😊

So far I've only needed to reschedule once (which is almost certainly a record for me) but I'm hoping to film today so we'll see how that might impact my progress through the program. I had just finished the Full Fusion Challenge before starting this and now ~9 days into Strong, I'm starting to notice that I'm recovering faster and becoming less sore after intense workouts. I'm starting to physically feel the results of the effort I'm putting into becoming stronger, with different physical tasks feeling like less of an ask, and muscles & joints feeling more willing to work smoothly and in unison. That's exciting stuff.

Tomorrow is an exciting day because we're launching our first meditations, led by Doctoral Level Mental Health Professionals, on FB Plus. Don't miss it! This content will live under Wellness Videos - don't forget that now - just like with articles and recipes - you can actually schedule these videos to your calendar, mark them complete & even see stats on how many you've done, under your stats and trackers. You can also favorite them, and use the dash on each page to save notes or categorize using your own custom tags.

I hope that you enjoy this new workout, let me know what you would like to see next!