Meet Amanda, Doctor of Physical Therapy - New FB Plus Workout

We're excited because today we get to introduce you to another expert we’ve recently added to our team; Amanda, a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Amanda also holds certifications in strength and conditioning, as well as mat Pilates. Many of you have already read some of Amanda’s work through her expert articles, and now you can train with her, too. Please take a moment to welcome her to the team and check out her first workout video!

Try the new Plus workout here: Complete Upper-Body Stretching and Mobility Routine

We’ve added these kinds of full length workout videos to our offerings because we believe physical therapy can improve lives by helping manage and reduce pain, enhance athletic power and performance, and help rehabilitate strength and function after injuries, illness and surgery. It’s also an amazing way to help proactively minimize your risk of injury and counteract less than ideal movement patterns we hold throughout the day (think repetitive movements, or hours spent sitting at your work desk or hunched over your phone).

Amanda joins our other Doctor of Physical therapy, Kayla, and Certified Personal Trainer, Tasha, in creating follow along workout videos. In the upcoming weeks and months, you’ll meet additional Plus trainers of various disciplines and specialties. And of course, we’ll be keeping up with our regular free workout video releases (next up: new intense abs workout coming Monday 10/25).

Just like the rest of the Fitness Blender team, Amanda is eager to hear your requests, and will work to create content that you will love. If there's something you would like to see, please share. Your feedback has always shaped Fitness Blender, and it pushes us to keep learning. For now, please help us welcome Amanda to the team.

Thank you for working out with us, and thank you for being a part of Fitness Blender!

Kelli and Daniel