New Recipes and Open Positions!

Did you see that we’re hiring additional Professional Recipe Developers?

We want to be able to provide even more great, easy-to-use Healthy Recipes, but more than that, we are also going to be developing a wide variety of recipe-based Meal Plans and meal planning resources together with Licensed, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (LDN, RDN).

We’re very excited about this new project, and need to grow our team to be able to do this. Check out openings for Professional Recipe Developer and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist on our Careers page.

Speaking of recipes, we have two new recipes on offer this week:

✦ Free: Simple, Delicious Mediterranean Tuna Toast

We absolutely adore this super simple tuna toast recipe. Some fresh and vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean together on an open-faced sandwich…delicious.

✦ FB Plus: Mini Black Bean Burger Wraps

These delicious and clever wraps are a lunch-time delight—a healthier, veggie-filled, alternative to fast food or takeout beef burgers.

Happy eating, everyone!