New to Plus: Doctor of Physical Therapy-led workout videos

Hello Fitness Blender Family!

As you know, we’ve been building a small team of very talented people to help us expand the content we offer. Hopefully you’ve all “met” Tasha @ Fitness Blender - she has a number of Plus releases now and we just released her first free workout video this week. Today we’re excited to introduce you to another person that we feel incredibly lucky to work with: an amazing Doctor of Physical Therapy, Kayla @ Fitness Blender.

If the name looks familiar, that’s because she has been writing Expert Articles for us over the past 8 months. We even collaborated on this workout video for FB Plus: Stiff Neck Stretches and Exercises to Fight Off Tech Neck.

The response to Kayla’s articles has been so positive, and we’re so proud (and excited!) to bring you meaningful content that addresses common physical concerns like aches, pains, and stiffness as it relates to your body and the activities that you like to do. We asked you to tell us what kinds of future collaboration videos you’d like to see, and you gave us so many great ideas. We took these ideas and feedback on articles, and today we have our first-ever Doctor of Physical Therapy-led workout video.

Circuit Routine for Diastasis Recti (DR) Recovery

Diastasis Recti is something you’ve been asking us to address more deeply over the years, so we’re very happy that this is the topic of Kayla’s first video. We really hope that it is helpful to those of you who may be going through DR recovery.

The full length workout video, and accompanying write-up, is actually part 3 of our pregnancy mini-series, which includes:

Pregnancy (Part 1): Everything You Need To Know About Exercising While Pregnant (free)
Pregnancy (Part 2): 5 Things You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Do When Exercising After Birth (free)

You've been asking for workout videos for some of the physical therapy and movement-based articles we've been writing, so here we give you both. We'll start out with some basic information on diastasis recti (DR), which is paired with a workout video where we share specific exercises aimed to correct diastasis recti. Let us know what you think of this new content, and be sure to drop in and give a warm Fitness Blender welcome to Kayla. Let her know what topics you’d like her to address going forward, either in written or video form!

Thank you all for being a huge part of shaping Fitness Blender. Your feedback keeps our jobs exciting and pushes us to keep learning and growing. Thank you for working out with us!

Kelli and Daniel