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Bodyweight Cardio Interval Kickboxing

37 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Strength Training, Kickboxing
    • Equipment Mat


    This quick-paced 37-minute cardio interval kickboxing workout packs a punch! And some kicks. And possibly a burpee. Each of the three circuits contains a short kickboxing combo followed by kickboxing-inspired cardio and strength exercises. The kickboxing combo jumpstarts the heart, the cardio exercise sends it into overdrive, and the strength move provides an active recovery. 

    You get the full effect of interval training with this workout: high intensity efforts alternated with recovery intervals that force the cardiovascular system to quickly adapt to fluctuating demands in energy production. Interval training is a great way to make efficient use of your time – training at intense levels means that you do not necessarily need to set aside large chunks of time for a comprehensive workout.

    Kickboxing is a great way to both challenge and improve your core strength. After all, without strong muscles in your abdominals, lower back, and glutes, throwing powerful punches and kicks with proper form is extremely difficult. Thus, although the muscles of the arms and legs are primary movers for kicking and boxing, your core muscles act as stabilizers throughout the entire workout to ensure that you are not uncontrollably flailing your limbs.

    A few notes and tips: 

    • Making a Fist: No hitchhiker thumbs! Make sure to fold your four fingers to the palms of your hands and rest your thumbs across these fingers. Avoid over-clenching your fists, but keep your fingers and thumbs securely folded to aid in the proper execution of your punches.  
    • Punches: Remember that the lower body is just as instrumental as the upper body when you throw your punches. Pivot lightly on the balls of your feet to engage the core, glutes, and hips in all your punches. Apart from the uppercut, your palms should face the floor for all other punches involved in this workout. Keep your punches at approximately 95% full extension of the elbows and shoulders to protect these joints from overextension and injury. 
    • Kicks: Draw your knee towards your body before extending your legs during your front and sidekicks. The height of your kicks is less important than the quality of your form! Try to keep your foot as close to parallel as possible during your sidekicks. Your foot can remain in a gentle flexed position for your front kicks as we are not coming into contact with anything. 
    • Up the Intensity: Feel free to maintain a boxer’s shuffle during the recovery intervals to keep your heart rate elevated throughout the workout. 

    Enjoy the workout and don’t forget to laugh at yourself a little if you fumble through the combos. There’s always an element of fun while learning something new!  

    Printable Workout

    Warm-Up: 30 sec each, no rest, 7:00 total 
    - Boxer’s Shuffle 
    - Squat + Knee Drives (alternating) 
    - Jump Rope + Fast Feet 
    - Traveling Inchworm 
    - Spider-Man Mountain Climbers (slow) 
    - Jab-Cross – R 
    - Hook-Uppercut – R
    - Front Kick-Sidekick – R
    - Zombie March Kicks 
    - Jab-Cross – L
    - Hook-Uppercut – L 
    - Front Kick-Sidekick – L 
    - Traveling Bob-and-Weave 
    - Double Clap Jacks 

    Kickboxing Circuits (Circuit Format: 45 sec on, 15 sec off, 2 rounds* – no rest between rounds) 
    - Move 1 = Combo
    - Move 2 = Cardio
    - Move 3 = Strength 
    *Note: Leading side will start on the Right for each combo. Switch to a Left lead for the second round.  

    Circuit #1: 
    - Double-Jab + 1 Cross + Duck/Squat + Sidekick (front leg) 
    - Squat Thrust + Knee Drive and Front Kick (alternating) 
    - Low + High Sidekick (Stabilization-keep leg lifted between kicks) 

    0:30 Recovery  

    Circuit #2: 
    - Hook + Elbow Strike (strike behind) + Uppercut + 2 Jacks (back to set position) 
    - Plank Jacks + Elbow Strikes (strike when feet jump apart) 
    - Reverse + Curtsy Lunge Pivot 

    ---Water Break---

    Circuit #3: 
    - Horse Stance: 2 Jabs + 2 Crosses + Lateral Shuffle in between punches 
    - Jabs + Travel Jacks (alternating jabs, jacks travel forward and back) 
    - Reverse Lunge + Knee Raise / Reverse Lunge + Front Kick (alternating)  

    Finisher: 1:00 challenge 
    - Horse Stance: 4 Alternating Uppercuts + 1 Burpee 

    Cool-Down: 30 sec each, no rest (all standing), 7:30 
    - Quads Stretch – R
    - Hamstrings Stretch – R 
    - Figure 4 Stretch – R 
    - Lateral Lunge Inner Thigh/Glutes Stretch – Step out R
    - Quads Stretch – L
    - Hamstrings Stretch – L 
    - Figure 4 Stretch – L
    - Lateral Lunge Inner Thigh/Glutes Stretch – Step out L
    - Crossbody Shoulder Stretch – R 
    - Overhead Triceps Stretch – R
    - Crossbody Shoulder Stretch – L
    - Overhead Triceps Stretch – L 
    - Hands Overhead: Obliques/Lats Stretch - R
    - Hands Overhead: Obliques/Lats Stretch – L
    - Alternating Tree Hug/Chest Opener