New FB Plus Workout - Bored Easily Strength

Good morning FB Family!

How is everyone today? I feel like I'm still reeling from the excitement of sharing Tasha's first free workout - if you haven't taken a moment to "meet" Tasha, be sure and do that today (spoiler alert: she's amazing, don't say I didn't warn you). If you have an active FB Plus account, you might be meeting another FB VIP very soon... 😉

I've just published a new FB Plus workout - I really loved this routine and feel like it might be showing up in my own regular rotation, especially on busy days:

30 Minute Upper Body Workout - Bored Easily Strength Workout

My goal with this video was to build an upper body routine with everything you need for a smart workout in just 30 minutes. It has a quick 5 minute warm up, a 20 minute interval based strength workout, and an efficient 5 minute cool down and stretch. It’s amazing what you can get done in 20 minutes of all out effort - especially when it comes to challenging muscles by lifting weights.

I couldn't believe how much I sweat during this upper body workout! I hope that you enjoy this new routine - let me know what you would like to see next!

Have a great day,