New Free Workout Tomorrow! A Bit of an Introduction First

Hi there Fitness Blender family! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I am so excited for my first free workout to go live tomorrow! Before I get the chance to “meet” even more of you, I just wanted to give the FB family a bit of an introduction to me.

I got my start in the fitness industry on a whim. 15 years ago, on what seemed like a typical Wednesday afternoon, I attended one of my favorite yoga classes at my college’s recreational center. Unbeknownst to me that day the substitute instructor was the assistant wellness director (and my future boss). After class ended, she encouraged me to audition for a group fitness instructor position. I thought she was crazy; however, two weeks later I found myself gleefully squatting and clapping for my audition to The Power Station’s “Some Like It Hot.” Yes, I purposefully chose this song. The beats were easy to count, and it was a childhood favorite. I was offered a group fitness instructor position and my love for the world of fitness exploded.

In the years following that audition, I went to grad school for counseling, coordinated training teams for a sports commission, and even worked in admin for local county government. Regardless of what job I held, fitness and wellness were always my passion and primary method of helping people change their lives for the better. I bookended my days with teaching classes, personal training, health coaching, and mix-mastering playlists for my fitness classes. When I finally decided to pursue fitness full-time a few years ago, I never imagined that I would find a team like Fitness Blender that perfectly mirrors my own zeal for providing quality, genuine, down-to-earth fitness/wellness education and guidance to such a welcoming community of supportive followers. After just one conversation with my future coworkers I thought: “These are my people.”

And my people have supported me with countless opportunities for continued learning and growth. In addition to getting to use my creativity and experience to develop my own workouts, I have gotten to learn the ins and outs of film setup, video editing, and the many technical behind-the-scenes processes that I secretly Google after team meetings. To say that this is my dream job is an understatement. I’m so happy that I get to share my excitement for fitness with all of you! I hope you enjoy this first free workout (on Monday) and the many more to come!