New FB Plus Workouts...with a NEW Trainer: Meet Tasha

Hello Fitness Blender Family!

As you may already know, we’ve been searching for new Certified Personal Trainers (and as of today, also Fitness Professionals!) to be able to offer even more content to keep your workouts fresh and engaging. Our new trainers will be hosted on FB Plus (learn why), and will bring their own styles, techniques, and personalities to Fitness Blender - we’ve wanted to do this for a long time and we’re grateful to be able to expand our Team, and the content we’re able to offer. Thanks to your support of FB Plus, this is finally possible.

Today, we are very excited to introduce you to our new Teammate and Trainer, Tasha Adams. Tasha has 7 years of experience as a Certified Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor/Health Coach, and a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health. We are thrilled to add her experience, expertise, and fantastic personality to our Team, and we know you’re going to love her too.

Apart from already publishing several fitness articles over the past few weeks, Tasha has been hard at work learning how to design, film, and edit workout videos. Just like us, Tasha will be creating every single piece of her videos, from start to finish. She has done a great job on her first videos, all while learning the process of filming and editing. Even though these initial videos were training and test videos, the workouts are too good to not share! We’re still working on getting her final filming space set up, and you’ll be seeing that very soon.

We want you to be a part of Tasha’s journey as a new team member from day one, so we’ve launched two of her videos today. If you don’t have an active Plus membership, remember that FB Plus comes with a free 1 week trial.

Tasha's new workout videos (with FB Plus):
38 Minute Full Body Strength Complex with Bodyweight Core Finisher

14 Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout - Total Body Cardio Tabata

Tasha's articles so far:
Plus: Strength Training or Cardio First? How Should I Start My Workout? 

Training Styles and Techniques to Increase Running Speed and Distance

Transforming a New Fitness or Nutrition Routine Into a Long-Lasting Habit

Please join us in giving Tasha a warm welcome to the FB Family.

While you're here, swing by and meet the rest of our team on our new Team page.

Thank you all for being an important part of this new chapter for Fitness Blender - none of it would be possible without you.

Kelli and Daniel