New Upper Body Workout for the 2 Week Challenge

Hello FB Family,

Are you all working out today?

Remember how much a good workout can help with stress! And, remember that sometimes when we're up against a lot of stress, rest, or a very gentle workout can also be exactly what we need (like maybe this, or this, or this? Or if you have FB Plus, maybe this, this or this?). Listen to your body ❤️

We just published a new workout as part of the 2 Week Bored Easily Challenge:

Dynamic No Repeat Strength Workout for the Upper Body

This was a fun one to film and I'm looking forward to it on Day 4 (don't worry, the other not-live workouts in the Challenge will also be published before you need them 😃).

Loki napped on "his" mat the whole way through this workout. He's not a lot of help but he is good company! He also snored his way through my Day 2 workout from the Bored Easily Challenge (I've check in below). 2/2 Days so far, I'm going strong! Glad to be following a challenge so that I can just hit play and jump in.

I hope you all have a good day and enjoy the new workout.


PS there is a new free workout going live this Sunday, don't miss it!