FB Plus Bored Easily - Dynamic Training for People Who Get Bored Easily
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Challenge Details

  • Length: 2 Weeks
  • Avg. Duration: 38 Minutes (31-42)
  • Days per Week: 5 + 1 Optional
  • Difficulty: 3-4
  • Body Focus: Total Body
  • Equipment: Dumbbell
  • Training Type: Balance/Agility, Cardiovascular, HIIT, Pilates, Strength Training, Toning
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FB Plus Bored Easily - Dynamic Training for People Who Get Bored Easily


This Bored Easily 2 Week Challenge offers up an ever changing, dynamic twist on every day's training style so that both your muscles and your mind are being challenged. Each workout has a no-repeat rule, so that you'll never have to do the same exercise twice in a day.

The workouts in this 2 Week Challenge are a true mixed bag and include strength training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), Pilates, cardio, functional movements, flexibility, balance work, and more. All you need is dumbbells.

Each day includes your warm up, workout, and cool down. This includes 4 new workout videos designed specifically for this Challenge. Add it to your calendar and get ready to mark another Challenge complete!

Features of All FB Plus Workout Challenges

  • Are exclusive workout challenges for FB Plus members.
  • Can be reused anytime and have no expiration date during the period of FB Plus membership.
  • Immediately available after becoming an FB Plus member.
  • Tracks the progress of the workouts you complete.
  • Expertly-curated combination of our free workout videos.

Additional Notes

  • FB Plus Workout Challenges are available free-of-charge to all FB Plus members.
  • This is not a download: Workout Challenges are available through the online calendar.
  • Like Workout Programs, these great Workout Challenges help take all of the guesswork out of planning your routines and picking your workouts.
  • If you ever have any questions about accessing a Workout Challenge, we are happy to help. Fill out our Contact Us form or email us at service@fitnessblender.com.