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30 Day Challenge Week 2: Check in With Your Coaches

Low Impact Beginner Cardio Workout — Feel Good Recovery Cardio

26 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    My goal with this routine was to create a feel-good workout for beginners, though even exercise veterans may enjoy this workout on recovery days. The moves are all low impact and easily modified to be easier or more difficult. This is a great beginner workout because it uses exercises that build range of motion, cardio endurance, coordination, control of your own body, and flexibility. 

    I think the most common mistake that I see beginners make is that they tend to start off with workouts that are way too difficult for their fitness level. This usually results in the individual either injuring themselves, or making themselves quickly hate exercise. Both make it risky that a person abandons their exercise routine for a prolonged period of time, or giving up all together. 

    Honestly, this makes me really sad. We have too many fitness “gurus” and trainers who unfortunately receive a great deal of exposure or tv time who are essentially, in short, a risk to the people who they are training. They teach people that unless you’re on the verge of vomiting, you’re not doing a “real” workout. They don’t teach people how to listen to their bodies & instead end up jeering them through totally inappropriate workouts using tactics of humiliation and shame. People deserve better, and they deserve to know that exercise should not feel terrible and shouldn't be something that you dread. Quite the opposite, in fact!

    Think of it this way — you should be exercising through your entire life. Your. Entire. Life. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Be willing to pace yourself. Have enough faith and investment in your health that you allow yourself the time and patience that you need and deserve. This is not to say that you shouldn’t work hard. You should. And honestly, with some time, you will highly likely learn to love it. But in order to get there, you have to train smart. You absolutely have to build that solid base platform so that you don’t charge right out of the gate and immediately end up sidelining yourself. 

    I was pleased that I broke a sweat while I was doing this workout! I know for certain that I will be turning to this routine on days where I want to move a little, but I am not feeling up to a HIIT or strength routine. 

    What did you guys think of this workout? We are not able to reply to all of your comments, but you can bet that we read them. Your feedback enormously influences Fitness Blender. 

    If you know a person who is just getting started into an exercise routine, please share this article and workout video with them. If you yourself are just getting started, welcome to the workout world. Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, I promise you that every ounce of effort you put into your fitness goals is entirely worth it. Stick with it. You can and will do this!

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    Workout Structure

    • Low impact beginner cardio intervals
    • Warm up & cool down included
    • No equipment
    • 45 Seconds on, 10 seconds rest

    Printable Workout
    1 March in Place - Bring alternate knees up as high as you are comfortable in order to march

    2 Butt Kicker Rows - Bend at the knee to pull one foot up to your glutes as if you were trying to kick yourself in the butt, while pulling your arms in towards your chest

    3 Torso Twist + Side Reach + Arms & Knee Up - Twist at the torso while opening up your arms for a chest stretch. Come back to your starting position and lift arms overhead whil raising one knee

    4 Arm Swing Steps - Step side to side, arms out & back at small increments, moving arms up until overhead & back down (1 arm movement per step)

    5 Pulldowns & Reverse Steps - Pull down to squeeze shoulder blades together while stepping backwards - go down into a deeper lunge to make it harder

    6 Bow & Arrow Twists - Extend arms straight out to sides. Twist at the torso to cross one arm over to the other, then pull back like you would if you were using a bow & arrow. Reach back to that hand & return to the center to repeat on opposite side

    7 2 High Knee Pulls + Kick - Complete 2 high knee marches - pulling knees up to elbows - then do a high kick

    8 2 Side Jacks + 2 Reverse Lifts - Do a jumpless jumping jack to each side, then lift each foot back behind your body

    9 Walkdown + Knee Down - Walk hands down incrementally until you’re in a tall plank; lower knees to ground & return to starting position

    10 Side Step Knees - Step to the side, bring knee to elbow, step back out to side; repeat on opposite side

    Water Break 

    11 Squat + Side Leg Lift - Back flat, weight in heels; squat, squeeze glutes to stand, then do a side leg lift

    12 Forward Step & Press - Push forward & then pull back arms, parallel to the ground, while stepping or lunging forward (depending on desired difficulty) 

    13 Side Lunge Slide + Calf Raise - Slide foot to the side; do a squat, come back to center for a calf raise

    14 Marching Jack Touchdowns - March in place with jumping jack arms, then reach down towards toes

    15 Toe Tap + Squat - Reach diagonally to one toe, come back up & complete a squat

    16 Push Up Leg Lift + Child’s Pose - Do a single leg push up, then press back into a child’s pose stretch

    17 Bridge + Leg Lift - With weight in heels & shoulder blades, complete one rep of a bridge; then lower to the ground to complete one single leg lift

    18 Cat Cow Bird Dog - Arch back up, then stretch the opposite direction before completing an extension of opposite arm and leg

    19 Crunch + Toe Taps - Crunch up towards knees, then raise & lower one foot one at a time over hip joint

    20 Plank + Arm Hold - While holding a plank, alternate one hand behind the back for a hold of 3-4 seconds.

    Thanks for working out with me!