Anyone interested in a Spring Ahead Workout Challenge next week?

Hey all!

Sadly, I've been lacking motivation in working out, so I've decided to create a challenge to work out next week! We'll call it the Spring Ahead Challenge- let's spring ahead of those motivation blues!

If you're interested in following, please leave a like and a comment. Each day, starting on Monday, I'll post a thread so that we can keep each other accountable! For now, here are the workouts I have listed for next week:

Monday: Cardio + Lowerbody


Tuesday: Upperbody


Wednesday: Recovery


Thursday: Lowerbody


Friday: Upperbody + Cardio + Abs

Upperbody + Cardio: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/fat-burning-tank-top-arms-workout-cardio-intervals-upper-body-strength-training

Abs: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/5-minute-abs-and-obliques-workout-abs-exercises-for-a-strong-toned-core

Saturday: Recovery + Pilates


Of course, you didn't have to follow these workouts! This is just what I have planned. Again, if you're interested, just comment or like so I can see if there's enough people interested :)