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Burnout Butt & Thigh Workout - Strength and HIIT Workout for Lower Body

36 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Plyometric, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell
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    This is a muscle & cardiovascular burnout workout; a combination of the best strength exercises for the butt and thighs weaved in with high intensity interval training that also targets the lower body. Your lungs and core will also be working hard throughout this lean muscle building, endurance boosting, fat burning workout.

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    I’ve built this workout for everyone who really enjoys a challenge - a challenge that leaves you with shaky muscles, covered in sweat. This is a tough workout; you can step up the difficulty by lifting a weight that challenges you and pushing yourself hard during the HIIT cardio. You can also make it easier by sticking to the low impact modifications (provided throughout the video) and either going very light with the weight you lift or even using no weights at all - even with no equipment at all, you will still get in a great workout. 

    Note: As you can see in this video, I really struggled with this workout. There were some intervals where I had to modify or take extra breaks or move on from the advance version to the easy version. My legs were shaking like mad, my balance was diminished and I needed that extra breather here and there. There is no shame in this; I am not embarrassed and when you need to switch things up to make it work for you, you shouldn’t be either. Fitness is all about finding what works for you - not just in general but from day to day. Always be willing to listen to your body.

    Workout Structure
    HIIT & Strength combined
    Equipment: optional dumbbells
    Advanced & low impact modifications provided
    Warm up & cool down included

    Warm Up Cardio - 25 Seconds each
    Boxer Shuffle
    Toe Touch + Overhead Stretch
    Chest Stretch + Lateral Steps 
    Knee + Kick
    Good Morning
    Reverse Leg Lifts
    Other Side
    Bridge (twice)
    Butt Kickers

    HIIT - 20 On, 10 off x 3 each
    1 Kickout + Leg Lift
    2 Double Pulse Squat + Star Jump

    Strength Training for Lower Body - 45 Seconds on, 15 seconds rest
    1 Deadlifts
    2 Squat to Lunge
    3 Thrusts

    HIIT Cardio
    1 Jump Squats
    2 Lateral Jumps

    1 Bulgarian Split Lunge: 1 Regular, 1 Jumping
    2 Squats
    3 Curtsy Lunge + Side Raise

    Water Break

    1 Burpee Squat Hold
    2 3 Squat Pulses + Jump

    1 Reverse Lunges
    2 Clean and Press
    3 Other Side

    1 Knee + Kick + Touchdown
    2 Plank Jack + Taps

    Cool Down & Stretch

    How often can I do this workout?
    Because strength and HIIT are both intense training styles that require rest in order to let the body heal between session, you wont want to do this workout more than 3 times a week (every other day, at most, assuming muscles are no longer sore). 

    What can I do on days where I am healing from this workout?
    The healing periods in between lower body workouts are a great time to focus on upper body workouts. If you need help building a safe, effective plan to follow, consider checking out our home workout programs or free 5 Day Challenges.

    What did you guys think of this workout? Did you end up swearing at me much? Do you think you'll be sore tomorrow? Sign in and let me know how you did in the comment section below