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NEW 4-Week Upper Body Program FB Flex 2 + 5-Day Faster with Tasha

New FBSWEAT is now available!

New FBSWEAT is now available!

Our new 4 Week FBSweat Program is now available!

This program is different from our others in that each day, you actually get to choose and customize the length of your workout. The workouts we provide each day allow you to choose either a 30 minute workout (like FB30) or a 50 minute workout (like FBfit), meaning that you can alter this program to fit your energy and time needs each day.

Like other programs, this one uses a smart combination of strength training, HIIT, functional training, cardio, Pilates, yoga, and more. This program is built to make you feel like an athlete, with improvements in strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, speed, range of motion, and more. It's great for burning fat, losing weight, building muscle, and toning up allover.

The sales of our workout programs is what allows us to keep our 500+ (and counting!) workout videos free. Thank you to everyone who has ever told a friend or family member about Fitness Blender & thank you to everyone who has ever supported us with a program purchase. We literally could not do any of this without you.

We have a ton of fun and brutal new workouts coming out in 2017, starting tomorrow morning! Make sure to Subscribe to Fitness Blender on YouTube so that you're the first one to know when new workouts go live.

Happy New Year!

Kelli & Daniel